Time sale to be off 40% or more at a restaurant once a week! There is almost half price plan of Hilton Tokyo popular sweets buffet too

Popular dinner and buffet at restaurant reservation of Ikkyu.comTime sale that is off more than 40%11 Mon 16 days up to 10 days are underway!

Save on Hilton Tokyo's popular buffet "Marble Lounge"

"Alice in Christmas Magic" Dessert & Dinner Buffet

For example, at Hilton Tokyo's popular buffet "Marble Lounge""Alice in Christmas Magic" Dessert & Dinner BuffetIs XNUM %% off 34 yen (per person tax included).

Enjoy Chinese cuisine 'Dynasty' dim sum and dessert buffet 'Weekday XNUM X: X NUM X ~ Special Price Popular Dim Sum × “Alice in Christmas Magic” Dessert Buffet"What is 3,000 yen (47% OFF) (tax included) and super deals!

How about enjoying the popular buffet on this occasion?

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