Girly Christmas dessert buffet is being held at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba! # Hilton Suites

I love sweets, it is a Tokyo walk!
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Seascape Terrace Dining from 2018 month 11 day (Thursday) to 1 month 12 day (Friday)"Girls Coffret" ~ Christmas Dessert Buffet ~ "Is being held.
Since I have been interviewing a girly dessert buffet, I will tell you immediately!

"Girls Coffret" ~ Christmas Dessert Buffet ~

In this "Girls Coffret"-Christmas Dessert Buffet-"there are a lot of pink full color jewelry boxes like Christmas Coffret!

Sweets such as Christmas presents such as Santa Claus and snowman become buffet of all you can eat XNUM X kinds how!

Whole cake

Load Santa with Chocolate Bush Donel

Load Santa with Chocolate Bush Donel

Christmas classic, Bush Donoel is a cute chocolate Bush Donoel with Santa Claus dressed in strawberries!

Melting vanilla cream strawberry cake

Melting vanilla cream strawberry cake

"Simmering vanilla cream strawberry cake" is a classic short cake (^ ^)

It is so much that you can eat many kinds of hole cake at once! It's fun just looking at any of the Hilton's sweets buffets!


Pink pearl cupcakes that make me stand out

Pink pearl cupcakes that make me stand out

Cupcakes are impressive one by one. "Pink pearl cupcakes that make me stand out" is a product that looks like pearl, a kind of hail that is eaten in Kagawa prefecture.


Edible Jewelry Sucrose

Edible Jewelry Sucrose

Others such as jelly-like jelly and lollipop etc!

"Apple Tempura" is cooked live in the live kitchen

In the live kitchen corner, you can see the chef cooking "tempura cinnamon flavor of apple"!

Such freshly fried "apple tempura cinnamon flavor" tastes like apple pie if eaten with a cream sauce.

"My favorite thing No. XNUM" jewelry "Yogurt panna cotta jelly" and cupcakes (^ ^)

A special drink with fluffy cotton candy is provided as you wear pink and ribbon.

As you wear pink and ribbon during the period, a strawberry-flavored special drink with fluffy cotton candy will come on you!

Hilton also has savory snacks!

I also have finger sandwiches and curry, so I am full of stomachs this time!

Seascape View from Terrace Dining

From the Seascape Terrace Dining, Rainbow Bridge is in front of you!

Of this time"Girls Sweets Coffret" ~ Christmas Dessert Buffetは15時から16時30分まで(90分間)と16時45分から17時30分まで(45分間)の2部制で開催されます。

As for the 2 part, the rate is also reasonable and reasonable! It's a popular sweet buffet every time, so when going there, we recommend booking!

The reservation site of "Girls Coffret" ~ Christmas dessert buffet ~ is here

"Girls Sweets Coffret" ~ Christmas Dessert Buffet

Venue: Seascape Terrace Dining (2 floor)
Period: 2018 year 11 month 1 day (Thursday) to 12 month 28 day (Friday)
時間:1部:15:00~16:30(90分) 2部:16:45~17:30 (エクスプレスブッフェ 45 分)
Fees: XNUM part: weekdays per person 1 / children 3,500 yen Saturdays, Sundays and holidays a person 2,100 / children 3,900
XNUM part: weekdays one person 2 yen / child 2,400 yen Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays a person 1,440 yen / child 2,800 yen
※ Taxes and service charge separately ※ Child is 6 age-11 age

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