[Chofu airfield] While watching the plane at the propeller cafe, put on the "Limited Propeller DX Burger" 【PR】 # The attraction dispatch project of Tama # Tamahatsu # chofu

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

Tokyo'sAttractive transmission project of TamaWe cover Chofu City and Mitaka City as part of
I told you last timeChofu Airport TerminalFrom the foot of 7 minutes "Propeller CafeYou can eat while watching the plane.

This article is a project requested by "reviews".

To Propeller Cafe

Here is the spacious shop of Propeller Cafe. It's like an American diner.

From the back window,

There is Chofu Airfield where you can eat while watching the aircraft takeoffs and landings.

You can see the Ajinomoto Stadium in the back!

There is a flight simulator inside the store, and it can be used every month on the working day. (5 minutes 500 yen)

Propeller Cafe Menu

First of all, order. Menu of Propeller Cafe is here! (Tap to enlarge)

There are burgundy omelet rice, spaghetti, etc., and a royal menu of the cafe. There were also recommended plates and “Propeller Kids Plate (600)” for children.

You can see the plane in the hangar close up!

Actually, this "Propeller Cafe" is attached to the hangar of an airplane.

You can watch Cessna aircraft, helicopters, etc. up close through glass!

In addition, you can enter some areas in the hangar from the contact point.

Here is a retired Cessna machine coming up!

I could not touch it, but I could also watch the cockpit in close proximity.

It would be fun if you could maneuver! cool!

Limited quantity "propeller DX burger" (1400 yen)

Limited number "propeller DX burger" (1400 yen) and Tamaranya ...

Stuck in the size of "Propeller DX Burger" ~ ~ surprised

This time, I ordered the limited number of "propeller DX burger"!

This is the volume MAX! !

Limited quantity "propeller DX burger"

It's a rich BLT burger with X Patties filled with 2 pieces, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and thick bacon.

Limited number of propeller cafe "Propeller DX Burger"

As it was lunch time, drinks can be attached for free.

After all cola goes in hamburger, isn't it?

You will receive "Propeller DX Burger"!

Not only the thick patties but also bacon from bacon! ! The onion roasted with good salted plum was catching it, and it was a very balanced hamburger ~ I want to eat regularly (^ ^)

Plenty of french fries will have plenty of ketchup and mustard!

Loco Moco (XNUM X yen)

Loco Moco (XNUM X yen)

The bride ordered "Loco Moco (XNUM yen)".

This is also plenty of vegetables, hamburgers, fried eggs and high satisfaction!

We can eat while looking at plane taking off and landing

Cessna aircraft landing at Chofu Airfield

Cessna aircraft landing at Chofu Airfield

From the seat by the window of Propeller Cafe, I was able to eat while watching the airplane taking off and landing at Chofu Airport. I was very satisfied with the CNUMA aircraft as it appeared on the 3 aircraft even around the time of the day when we ate lunch!

Well, next time I will go to the neighboring city of Mitaka!

Propeller Cafe

Location: Nishimachi, Chofu City, Tokyo 290-3
Business Hours: 3 month to 11 month 10: 00 to 18: 30 (LO17: 45)
12 month to 2 month 10: 00 to 17: 30 (LO16: 45)
Closed: Open all year round
Phone: 0956-56-2311
How to get there: From Chuo-do "Chofu Inter" exit, turn right at the "上 Ishihara" intersection, and left at the "Airfield entrance" intersection, about 10 minutes
Take a bus for Chofu Airport from Chofu Station North Exit. About 7 minutes walk from Chofu Airport
Parking: Yes
※ Because of airport facility, when entering the site, entry of "airport land entry card" is necessary
Official site:http://malibu.jp/

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