Report on Tourism EXPO Japan 2018! You can interact with everyone in the world! Experience-based content such as VR, 4DX is also enriched

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

World's largest travel event "Tourism EXPO Japan 2018”Will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for 2018 days from 9 month 20 day (Thursday) to 9 month 23 day (Sunday / holiday)!
As we have been covering Business Day this year, we will report on the situation!

This year is full of experience-based content such as VR and 4DX!

One of the world's largest "travel" events where 1,440 exhibitors exceed last year.

This year we saw a lot of experience-based content such as VR and 4DX.

At the booth of ANA, we displayed "ANA Avatar" which helps sightseeing by remote control.

It seems that this system has already been introduced in Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa!

At the Hawai'i booth, I was able to experience 4 DX as if I was actually sightseeing in Hawaii, and it was quite popular.

This year there were quite a few places that exhibited content that can be viewed locally with VR!

Here, at the booth in Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is said to have "the best starry sky of Japan", "360 Earth Experience was able to experience the beautiful starry sky of the same village within the attraction" Dome Planet ".

There is also a booth where you can experience Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido!

I drew a fortune and I also received a hot water bath and facial pack from Noboribetsu Onsen (^^)

On the other hand, at the booth in Okinawa, a big budai from Churaumi Aquarium!

I also exhibited the genuine smoke of Elab sea snake!

At the booth in Fukui Prefecture, where I interviewed this year, there are doctoral dinosaurs!

We also display dinosaur fossil models that can not usually be shot!

[Fukui Prefecture, Kubota's Water Sheep Can] We have been touring the water yokan factory which is made by hand one by one!

The luncheon is held every year at the Tokyo Dome in 1 month, the "National all over Japan location competition" qualifying event is held.

Both the pickled pickled halami mushrooms in Kyoto and the red cows in Kumamoto were delicious!

The latest model for corporate use is on display at the offline translator "ili" booth.

You can get a novelty konjac!

World's first wearable speech translation device "ili (Ily)" product launch

Tourism EXPO Japan last yearIn the booth of AYANA RESORT in Bali, Indonesia where I traveled this year, I am carrying out a campaign for winning accommodation tickets this year too!

Please stop by by all means!

【Conclusion article】 I have been to Bali Indonesia! #Bali Sanpo

At the booth in Tokyo, there will be a large number of Tama and Island introductions and Tokyo's special products.

Since the recommended spots of the trip that we interviewed before are printed and distributed, please take a look at it for yourself!

[Ome Sanpo XNUM X day] Visit to Sake brewery-day trip hot spring, we visited tourist spots that can be enjoyed even on rainy days [PR]

You can interact with everyone in the world!

One of the attractions of Tourism EXPO is the ability to interact with people from all over the world.

They wore folk costumes and also took pictures freely.

Even though I was in Tokyo, I could enjoy the feeling of traveling abroad a bit (^^)

After all, the best part of traveling is the interaction with local people!

2019 will be held in Osaka! Even in Okinawa in 2020

Such tourism EXPO will be held in Osaka in 2019 and in Okinawa in 2020.

Shall we go next year?

  • 会期日程:2019年10月24日(水)〜10月27日(日) (業界プレスデー:10/24、10/25 一般デー:10/26、10/27)
  • Venue: Intex Osaka and surroundings

“Tourism EXPO Japan 2018”, an astronaut and pilot, is held at Tokyo Big Sight from 2018 month 9 day (Thursday) to 20 month 9 day (Sunday / Holiday)! (Admission fee: Adult: 23 on the day, Student: 1,300 on the day)

I want to read it together

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