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Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

Tokyo'sAttractive transmission project of Tama"Okutama is reported as part of".
Previous rental cycleThe destination we headed to is "Hihara Cave". We will explore the cave inside this time!

This article is a project requested by "reviews".

Natural monument "Hihara cave cave" of Tokyo

Hihara に in Okutama is a designated natural monument cave in Tokyo, located along Ogawadani, a tributary of the Hihara River.

A clear stream flows down the valley and there is an entrance across the bridge.

First, pay the tour fee in the building in front.

Tour fee for the Hihara cave

Tour fee for the Hihara cave

The tour fee for the Hihara cave is here!

This time, using the entrance discount ticket I got at the rental bicycle store, I entered the place of general 700 yen with 100 yen off 600 yen.

When you cross the bridge, the clear stream flowing from the deep mountain valley is in front of you.

There is no way ahead of here, so it is the very deepest part of Tokyo.

I am healed as well.

I'm also healing "Tamaran Nya ~" in the serenity of the clear stream (^ ^)

Depart for exploring the caves!

Finally, at the entrance to the cave!

Cold air was blowing from inside. Wear a windbreaker, now! I'm leaving to explore the cave.

When you get inside, oh ~ ~ samui! ! It is XNUM X ° C throughout the year in the cave.

Even in summer, XNUM X ° C is cold, isn't it? When going, it is better to have one thing.

By the way, winter seems to feel warm on the contrary!

The ceiling is low near the entrance, so keep an eye on your head and proceed.

Guide map of Hihara cave

Guide map of Hihara cave

There was a "Guide map of the Hihara cave cave" in the place where it entered.

Hihara's cave is a cave that boasts east-west 200m, height 30m and the largest scale in Kanto.

It is a place that has prospered as a sacred place of mountain faith during the Edo period, and each place has various names that represent its features.

Inside the cave is the letter 8. It is divided into courses that go around the old cave and the new cave found in Showa 37.

Let's start from the old cave first.

There are lights in some places in the cave, but the feet are slightly darker.

Please be aware that ground water drops often fall from overhead.

Stairs like the dungeons of Dolaque are everywhere.

I really feel like an adventure.

As we go down a little,

Kobo Daishi University School

There was a hollow called "Kodo Daishi Academic Center", which is said to have been used by Koko Daisho.

Water Caves of Hihara Cave

There is a "water cave" opposite of it.

You will hear a strange sound dripping from the bottle as you clear your ear.

When you go downstairs with a steep staircase named "Hell Valley",

What lies beyond that is the "Three Rivers".

That moment as the distance to the country of Yellowish is getting closer,

A fantastic light up underground space appears!

Mystical Sunlight Caves Light Up

It has appeared in a huge underground space!

It is called "Amida no Hara" and lights up in seven colors with LED light up!

Mystical Sunlight Caves Light Up

I breathed involuntarily to the mysterious beauty of nature.

At the back of the space is a stairway that leads to the mountain of the dead.

The connection Kannon of the Hihara cave

As you climb the stairs, there is an altar like a stone masonry next to the “Aji no Kawahara”, where a “Kannon” is enshrined.

Mystical Sunlight Caves Light Up

LED light up changes to various colors.

The huge space seen from "Kannon" was dynamic and sometimes showed a mysterious appearance.

Exploration of the Hihara cave is still half! Next time we will explore Shindong!

The continuation is here!

Hihara Cave

Location: Oitama Town, Tokyo, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Business period: Every day except New Year (12 / 30 to 1 / 3)
Business hours: 4 / 1 to 11 / 30 8: 00 to 17: 00
12 / 1 to 3 / 31 8: 30 to 16: 30
Entrance fee: Adult: XNUM X yen Junior high school student: X NUM X yen Primary school student: X NUM X yen Infant: Free (with group discount)
Official site:http://www.nippara.com/

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