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Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

This time in TokyoAttractive transmission project of TamaWe have been interviewing Okutama as part of
Where did you go by bicycle with a spectacular view of Okutama?

This article is a project requested by "reviews".

Okutama Station on foot from 1 bicycle rental shop "Treckling"

This time, I visited "Treckling", a bicycle rental shop located 1 minutes walk from JR Okutama Station.

In fact, 5 years ago we ran from Okutama to Ome here.

The article at that time is here!

Challenge the Hihara Caves Cave Course!

This time, we will challenge the “Hihara Caves Cave Course” (one-way about 1 km) boasting the largest scale in Kanto, where you can go on a bike cycle in about 11 hours!

First of all, you will receive a lecture from the staff about the features and precautions of the Hihara Kamoku Cave course, the highlights and gourmet spots in the course!

We received an original map full of the attraction of the course, and an admission discount ticket (XNUM yen discount) for the Hihara cave.

When the lecture is over, you will receive a description of the bicycle to rent this time!

There are 50 cross bikes, MTBs and electric bikes available at this store.

This time, we rented a cross bike with electric assist called Panasonic's "Harya" (XNUM daily charge 1 yen / 3,700 units).

Listen to the staff's advice and adjust the saddle.

The saddle is in the best position where the toes of both feet are attached.

Ready to wear a helmet!

This time, the mascot character "Tamarannya ~" of "Tama's Charm Dispatch Project" will also travel together!

Depart in Okutama cycling!

The Hihara Cave Cave is located higher than the altitude 650m and the height of Mt. Takao (599m), and the Hihara Highway leading to the Hihara Cave Cave is characterized by being uphill all the time.

Cross bike with electric assist is 7 gear.

As the Assist also has "Automatic", "Power Mode" and "Eco Mode" in 3 mode, let's change it according to the situation!

Trekling Okutama

Climb runs mainly in the "automatic" mode! Even if you sit down without getting heavy on the pedal, it will go on and on!

You can feel the fresh wind when you run through the green and it feels good (^ ^)

Here Oku Tama area has limestone quarries.

A loud noise was heard, "Gorogo Rogoro", so when I looked up, a trolley was operating on the railway bridge rail.

As you climb up the knukene road, you discover the mountain surface that has been scraped off!

A quarry of limestone over there?

Hihara Tunnel is worth watching

The most difficult part of the Hihara Kamakura Cave Course is the "Hihara Tunnel", which is 1107m long.

Normally, bicycles are light vehicles, so you have to drive along the road, but in this tunnel there is a sign "normal bicycle sidewalk allowed", and if there is a pedestrian, you can travel along the sidewalk if you go slowly You

Since there is a possibility that the tunnel may come in contact with a car returning and returning, we used the sidewalk to give priority to safety.

Of course you can also drive on the road, but buses and lorries were coming and going, so be careful!

The inside of the tunnel is cool at a stretch compared to the outside (^ ^)

When I went through the tunnel, I came to a place where I could see the valley of the mountain that I climbed.

You can also look at the amazing scenery so much ~ (^ ^)

It is the biggest advantage of bicycles that you can see these amazing views slowly!

Well, it's just a few more days to arrive at the Hihara Caves!

Hihara 鍾 洞 shop

1 time 30 minutes to run while taking a picture or taking a break.

We have arrived at the "Hihara Cum Squid Shop" in front of the Hibari Cum Squid Cave!

Let's take a break!

The shop is an old meal spot for tourists who came to the cave.

Not to mention standard meals such as curry rice (700 yen), ramen (600 yen), Yamana soba, udon (each 600 yen), there was also a dish of salt grilled trout (with Miso soup when ordering 400 yen and rice).

On this day, I will take a break for a while and receive Misota Raku (XNUM X yen).

Sweet and spicy miso rice bowl is a nostalgic taste!

Well, let's take a breather next time and explore the inside of the Hihara cave!

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Trek ring

Location: Oitama Town Hikawa XNUM X, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Reception hours: 9: 00 to 17: 00
Phone number: 0428-74-9091 / 080-1024-4617
Official site:http://trekkling.jp/index.html

The cycling course of this day is here!

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