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Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

XNUM X Year XNUM X Month Opened on X NUM XteamLab Planets TOKYO DMM.com(Team Lab Planets Tokyo DMM.com) We will tell you about the appearance when you visited 7 in late month!

Team Lab Planets TOKYO located in front of Yurikamome Shin Toyosu Station

A short distance from Yurikamome Shin Toyosu StationteamLab Planets TOKYO DMM.com (hereinafter referred to as "Team Lab Planets")Is a facility where you can enjoy the super-massive immersive group of team labs opened for a limited number of 2020 years until the fall of 2.

Odaiba I told you the other dayTeam Lab BorderlessAlong with "This summer, it became a hot spot.

Entrance fee for Team Labplanes

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at the entrance of the facility, but it is recommended that you purchase them from the TeamLabs Planets special site in advance.


[Official Sales] Toyosu “Team Lab Planets TOKYO” admission ticket here >>

Regular ticketPriority lane ticketNight ticket
Adult (18 or older)3,200 yen6,000 yen2,700 yen
Chinese (12 to 17)2,700 yen5,100 yen2,000 yen
Dwarfs (4 to 11)2,000 yen3,800 yen800 yen
Senior (65 or older)2,700 yen5,100 yen2,000 yen
Disabled person discount regular ticket1,600 yen3,100 yen1,600 yen

It was heat stroke measures, but at this time mineral water was distributed to the visitors XNUM X people XNUM X free.

I am glad this worry (^ ^)

If you purchase in advance, you can select the entrance time in 30 minutes. This time, we entered at the 13 hour 13 minutes 30 minutes of admission.

The temperature was high on this day, and a tent was provided in the entrance queue, and the fan turned fully, but I was immediately guided to the entrance with almost no waiting.

It is waterproof case to put smartphone in when we lined up in entrance waiting line.

This is thankful! I thought, but "iPhone X NUM X Plus" that I have was too large screen and chuck did not close. If you have a slightly larger smartphone, you may want to bring another waterproof case.

By the way, shooting in the hall is not prohibited. Let's shoot so as not to bother other customers!

On this day, purchase tickets on the special site in advance, read the QR code at the entrance gate and enter.

Barefoot in the hall! Baggage to locker

After entering, it will line up in this area. Monitor notes flow in monitor, but the fact of shock is here!

It will be "barefoot" inside the Team Lab Planets.

Take off your shoes and socks in this area and you will be in the locker. I was carrying a camera and backpack, but I was instructed to put luggage such as backpack in the locker. (The camera was brought in as it is)

In addition, because many of the floor in the hall became a mirror and reflected, I also rented shorts for women free of charge (there is a changing booth). It is better to use a pair of pants that people in long pants can also roll around because they will be immersed in the water down to about the knee.

↑ There are quite a few free lockers. The size of the locker is width x NUM x cm x depth x NUM x cm x height x NUM x cm.

Keep the key firmly on your arm.

Start from the water slope

The sound of water comes as you approach the entrance from the locker room. This is the area called "Light Falls on a Hill".

As you climb the slope where the water flows, you can see the sparkling waterfall. Just the water running through my feet relieved the heat at once.

Your feet get wet, but don't worry, the staff will pass a towel to wipe out your feet at the exit of this area! Sit on the bench and blow your feet, then go to the next area.

Here is an area where "soft black holes-your body is space, and space is the body of others."

The very soft fluffy material is laid on the floor, so it takes quite a while.

As there are "sofas to make people useless" to say the whole of the room, the people who got their feet around the room were still as they were (^ ^)

The passage that connects the room with the room that bends and kunekune, and the wall are also fluffy.

The corridors where only the legs are illuminated are also different spaces.

Space of light like space

It's a dazzling world that you see when you walk through the dark channel.

The Infinite Crystal Universe

This is the area called "The Infinite Crystal Universe".

There are innumerable sticks in which LEDs are embedded, and the light moves freely in all directions to create various scenes.

The Infinite Crystal Universe

There was a similar area in "Team Lab Borderless" in Odaiba, but the production was a little different, and as its name suggests, it was attacked as if I had thrown myself into "Space".

Don't miss the moment when the point of light moves at high speed, especially like the Wars scene in Star Wars.

The floor, the ceiling and the wall are mirrors, and it feels like they are floating in the air.

↑ I felt like a heart mark by chance of light ♡

お す す め We also recommend an area where you can take a silhouette against the light. A photo of the movie "La La Land" was taken (^ ^)

This area has been for quite a long time, but never gets tired (^^) As long as time allows, you can take your favorite photo and enjoy yourself!

A light bulb walks on the swimming surface

Water surface drawing drawn by a coco dancing with man-Infinity

This area, named “Infinity,” drawn from the space of light, “Water surface drawn by a dancing rabbit with a person,” is flooded to under the knees of an adult, and a projection is projected on it.

This area where colorful light is reflected diffusely on the water surface.

When a whale hits a leg, it runs away, as if it is really swimming there.

This area was also a mysterious space that could last forever.

However, be careful because it will surely be a bitch if you overthrow and fall over.

Space filled with balloons

Transforming space, expanding three-dimensional existence-free floating, 3 colors and new 9 colors

Finally the second half of the game.

The next room is a room filled with balloons that seem to overflow outside. "Transforming space, expanding three-dimensional existence-free floating, 3 color and new 9 color".

Sometimes I hit my head (of course not hurt) and I split the balloon, and this is an area where children and adults can enjoy it.

Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers

At the end of the area, "Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers", the projection mapping of flowers projected on a dome-shaped screen is impressive.

Here too, the floor is a mirror, as if floating in the air. Everyone was enjoying lying down.

Looking at the giant flowers, I felt as if I was a small creature.

Team Lab Planets are one way! The time required can be viewed in about 1 hours

I told you about the design of "Team Lab Planets" that opened in front of Shin Toyosu Station.

"Team Lab Borderless" in Odaiba, which I mentioned last time, has no regular route, and I could travel around the same place many times, but this facility had a regular route and was basically one-way display because it was one-way I can not go back to

Therefore, I felt that I could watch it in about 1 time, even if I went around slowly.

The feature of “Team Lab Planets” is the display that uses a lot of water. We were able to experience the space where water, the earth, and innumerable stars exist, in a sense that we have never experienced before!

[Official Sales] Toyosu “Team Lab Planets TOKYO” admission ticket here >>

teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM.com

Location: Toyosu Koto-ku, Tokyo 6-1-16 teamLab Planets TOKYO
Opening hours: weekdays, Sundays and holidays 9: 00-23: 00 (final entry 22: 00)
Friday Sat Bodiary Day 9: 00-24: 00 (final entry 23: 00)
Access: From Shin Toyosu Station on foot 1 (Yurikamome Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Rinkai Line)
From Toyosu Station on foot 10 (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
※ There is no dedicated parking lot for the venue
Official site:https://planets.teamlab.art/tokyo/jp/

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