[Hanshin Umeda Main Store Snack Park] I've been enjoying Osaka gourmet eaten with almost one coin

I love the delicious and cheap stuff, it's a Tokyo stroller!
Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store located in front of JR Osaka Station is reopened in 2018 and 6 months!
This time, the gourmet food court on the underground 1 floorSnack park"I went to.
Eat enough here!

What is a snack park?

The Snack Park, located on the basement XNUM floor of Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store, is a stand-type food court that has been popular since the opening of 1. It closed once in 1957, but it will be back in 2015 for the first time this year's renewal! Many customers visit every day.

The famous 13 stores in Kansai line up

The reborn “Snackpark” is lined with Kansai's famous 13 stores (+ event stores 2 stores).

【Store in Snack Park】

  • Tamagomaru (omelet rice curry)
  • Kadoya Shokudo (Chinese Soba)
  • Beef grilled with beef (beef grilled with sauce)
  • Toten Udon Tombo (Udon)
  • Hot pot (rotary grill)
  • Mt. Tempura (tengu)
  • Ukama noodles (ramen)
  • Hanshin specialty squid grilled (Ikayaki)
  • Standing blue fish Fujiya (seafood and local sake)
  • Dotonbori Akoni (Okonomiyaki)
  • Ancestor Choboyaki Honpo (Choboyaki Takoyaki)
  • ROMA-KEN (baked spaghetti and wine)
  • Sushi Fish Sushi Japan's Best (Sushi)

There are a lot of tables that can stand and stand around the shop, and everyone brought food and drink bought at each shop and ate it.

So when I went on a business trip to Osaka this time, I actually ate several stores over several days!

Hanshin specialty squid grilled

Hanshin specialty squid grilled

First of all, the snack park super specialty "Hanshin specialty squid grilledTo the "store".

It seems that the procession is always great here. Also this day of the weekday was lined up about 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Here is a menu of Hanshin specialties squid grilled!

The specialty "Ikayaki (XNUM X pieces X NUM X yen)" is one of the very famous Osaka Soul Foods, so that people in Osaka who can sell X NUM X X NUM X pieces will not know the name.

"Ikayaki" and "Delavan"

On this day, I order "Ikayaki" and "Delavan (XNUM X yen including tax)"!

Squid is a simple taste baked with Meriken powder which melted cut squid. "Delavan" is a okonomiyaki-like atmosphere that is baked with egg and egg. Because both are small size, it is the best for snacks (^ ^)

Kadoya dining room

Kadoya dining room

Next is the main entrance to the snack park.Kadoya dining roomMr.

It is a popular Chinese soba restaurant with a main office in Nishinagahori. This is also a popular store that can not withstand the procession.

Kadoya Shokudo "Chinese Soba" XNUM X Yen

This famous "Chinese buckwheat noodles" is how 500 yen including tax! cheap!

Noodles are thin noodles made from raw noodles developed for snack parks.

I'll get it smooth!

Traditional Chinese soba noodles with pork, seaweed and sinachik.

It is good to eat it with one coin.

Beef omelet

Beef omelet

Next is "Beef omeletMr.

The specialty here is beef grilled and sauce grilled chicken!

Definitely delicious (^ ^)

Beef grilled mixed meat bowl (Nakamori 650 yen including tax)

A high ball is set by + 650 yen in a set (^ ^) to "mix rice bowl (Nakamori 330 yen including tax)" where you can enjoy sauce grilled meat and hormone grilled meat simultaneously.

Tranquil to juicy grilled meat and hormone grilled. It is accented with persimmon cabbage and kimchi.

When the rice which the sauce mixed with the fat has stained is stained and poured into the stomach with a highball

Involuntarily puh!

Sushi Fish dishes Japan's best

Sushi Fish dishes Japan's best

Here you can enjoy standing eating sushiSushi Fish dishes Japan's bestMr.

At the counter, you can enjoy single sushi items.

There was also a special menu that you could bring to the food court with the snack set (XNUM x 貫 x x x x tax included) and the spilled sushi (tax included).

I received a crack and a rice bowl and sardines (^ ^)

It is good that you can order according to your stomach condition even with a small number of penetrations.

A snack park where you can enjoy Osaka gourmet with almost one coin

A famous gourmet food court on the basement 1 floor of Hanshin Umeda Main StoreSnack parkHow about the pattern of "! There were quite a lot of customers in the evening time zone and it was a lively atmosphere.

The price range of Osaka gourmet that can be eaten here is mostly around 500 yen, so it should be enjoyed with almost one coin.

As it is close to JR Osaka Station (Umeda Station), how about going on a business trip in Osaka?

Hanshin Umeda Main Store Snack Park

Business hours: 10: 00 to 22: 00 (LO21: 30)

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