[Rocketbook for university notebook 500 volume] Smart notebook which can be erased with wet tissue and used XNUM times

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

We are introducing this time in the US crowdfunding that we have acquired 4.8 billion yen total amount of support (office supplies category) total in historyRocketbook Everlast (Rocketbook Everlast)It is a note.

The monitor product was provided by Xcountry Co., Ltd., a distributor in Japan.

Rocketbook Everlast (Rocketbook Everlast)

Immediately, opened.

In the packaging, Rocketbook Everlast (Rocketbook Everlast: Rocketbook), friction ballpoint pen, microfiber towel, instruction manual in English, notes written in Japanese, how to work with the application described later Contains written paper.

Rocketbook (notebook type) has 36 pages in all. It is quite thin as a note, but there is a big trick in this note.

It can be erased with wet tissue and can be used more than XNUM times!

The biggest feature is the note made of composite polyester, the letters and illustrations written with friction ballpoint pen can be erased immediately by wiping with wet tissue or wet towel. By the way, friction ballpoint pen can be used regardless of the color if it is commercially available.

It seems that it can be used repeatedly about 1000 times. When converted to university notes, it actually becomes more than 500 books!

When I moistened the attached microfiber towel and wiped it out, I was able to put out "Po" cleanly.

Transfer to cloud service with Rocketbook dedicated app

The data written in the note is in the Rocket BookDedicated applicationEasy to scan using.

It can be transferred to various cloud services.

From Rocketbook official

From Rocketbook official site

If you start the app like this and hold your smartphone over your notebook, scanning will be completed easily in just PACKPACK and 1 XNUM X seconds. This is a lactin (^^)

イ ラ ス ト also the illustration of the cat that the bride wrote,

Scan complete in an instant!

We can send automatically to various cloud services

Scan data can be converted to PDF or JPEG and transferred to various cloud services such as GoogleDrive, EVERNOTE, DropBox, slack, iCloud. Of course, you can save the image in the smartphone, you can also send to LINE, Facebook, Twitter.

Also, when "BUNDLE SCAN" is turned on, multiple images will be sent together as XNUM X PDFs. Furthermore, when "AUTO SEND" is turned on, it will be automatically transferred to various cloud services when scanned!

Rocketbook with notebook size and notebook size

Rocketbook has the size of XNUM type of notebook size (photograph right, 15 cm x XNUM X cm page) and notebook size close to AXNUM X size (photograph left, XNUM X cm x X NUM X cm page) which we introduced this time. There are red and sky blue on the.

Paper made of composite polyester feels smooth, so is it hard to write for a moment? I thought, but when I actually write, I could stop the friction ballpoint firmly, so it was easier to write than I thought.

As soon as you write it, it's convenient to capture notes in the app and erase them immediately!

The only way to raise a weak point is that you can only write with a friction ballpoint pen. Be sure to set Rocketbook and friction ballpoint pens as other ballpoint pens can not erase the characters!

So we introduced "Rocketbook Everlast" which can be used over and over again!

Pilot Erasable ballpoint pen Friction ball knock 0.5 10 color LFBK-230EF-10C

Pilot Erasable ballpoint pen Friction ball knock 0.5 10 color LFBK-230EF-10C

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