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All-you-can-eat sea urchin and salmon roe

I love sushi! It is a Tokyo stroller!

Unlimited high-end material! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat"is held. (The reservation has already ended)

This time,NetafulMr. Kogre invited me to take part in the pre-event tasting event! All-you-can-eat sea urchin and salmon roe!

With "high-class news item unlimited! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat" (reservation completed)

Unlimited high-end material! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat

"Unlimited high-end material! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat"The other day, the Oiso group announced as soon as possible, it is an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat XNUM minute of all the 72 kinds of the finest sushi that became very hot topic.

According to the hearing, it is surprising that the number of appointments (for 30 people) has been filled with reservations after 1,000 hours from the reception start!

To Tsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae store

Tsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae store

It's a short walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Gyotoku Station, which will be the venue forTsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae store"I came to!"

Tsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae branch Sushi counter

In addition to sushi counter seat, this shop located on this building 2 floor and 3 floor,

Tsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae Store Ozashiki

It is a large XNUM X seat store including a spacious dugout seat and private room, and a large banquet room!

Broadly ~ ~!

Check the rules for all-you-can-eat sushi

Unlimited premium news items! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat rules

As soon as I got a seat, this timeAll-you-can-eat sushi rulescheck.

The fee is male 3,980 (excluding tax), female 3,480 (excluding tax), primary school student 1,980 (excluding tax), and preschool children are free.

The all-you-can-eat time is 90 minutes (the all-you-can-eat starts after the first sushi arrives), and the last order is finished XNUM minutes before the end, the seat usage time is up to 20 hours.

Also, as a point of caution,The leftovers will pay the selling price (if you leave only Shari, 1 through 50, takeaway is also a separate sale fee)So, when ordering, consult your stomach and order the amount you can eat out!

Fill in the order form

Fill in your order for sushi on this order table for each table and give it to the staff.

Drink menu Tsukiji Japan Sea

This is an extra charge, but the drink menu.

We have draft beer and highballs, as well as wine, whiskey, sake (XNUM X and other varieties of XNUM) and soft drinks!

First of all toast!


So toast out the best all-you-can-eat performance today, toast with oolong tea.

Oji journeyAll members are same! Raw odds, raw odds!

First of all, tempura and chawanmushi, daimushi soup appeared

First of all, tempura and chawanmushi, daimyo soup

In front of the appearance of sushi, tempura, steamed chawanmushi, and 3 products of daimyo soup will appear.

As I pulled out the lunch for all-you-can-eat on this day, you are already hungry!

Daimyo soup

Daimyo soup is also delicious, where fish and shellfish such as shrimp and white fish stain the stains!

Oops not. It is a strategy that can satisfy a little belly! (I almost finished eating when I thought)

Soon sushi will come!

All-you-can-eat start from warship winding of sea urchin and salmon roe!

Warship winding of sea urchin and salmon roe

The first group of sushi ordered first arrives! The all-you-can-eat time starts here!

Sea urchin and salmon roe ~ ~ ~! ! !

My favorite sushi material XNUM X tops appear side by side!

The fresh sea of ​​salmon roe spreads, and the mountain range of the sea urchin that is connected to the rear! This picture can not be imagined Katsushika Hokusai too (^ ^)

Lonesome sea urchin

It is a lonely sea urchin.

The sea urchin that I imagined is full on the warship. Regular price is consistently 500 yen (tax not included) Top class best sushi among "Tsukiji Japan Sea"!

Salmon roe (usually consistent 300 yen tax excluding)

Ikura (usually consistent 300 yen tax excluding) is the filling rate 100% in the warship! Don't cheat the space with cucumbers!

There are plenty of sizzling salmon roe!

Even if I like sea urchin and salmon roe very much, it is a shame that ordering sushi and salmon roe only with this is an ordinary sushi shop, but I am glad that this all-you-can-eat is something you can eat without worrying about that Too!

Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro Toro!

In the main rower in the toro, large toro, taro salmon, engawa, octopus, small skin, hachimachi

Then, the order of nigiri sushi arrives!

Sweet shrimp, botanical shrimp, raw snow crab, one conger, etc.

Among the tuna, large toro, taro salmon, eel salmon, octopus, small skin, green grass, sweet shrimp, spiny lobster, raw snow crab, one conger on parade of luxury neta! ! The story is big!

Bon, New Year, Christmas, GW, Halloween and Premium Friday (for 1) came at the same time (laughs)

Sashi of Otoro (usually 400 yen tax exception) is not commonplace

Large Toro (Normal to 400 yen tax) Sashi is unusual. !

Among Toro and large Toro which I ate so far, the quality is quite high.

Great Toro is just Toro level

The red meat is medium toro level, the middle toro is large toro level, and the large toro is just toro level, so Shari and the neta unite and melt in the mouth (^ ^)

Light skin

Shiny small skin. How to tighten the vinegar was also soft and very delicious!

It is proof that "Tsukiji Japan Sea" has all the skillful sushi chefs.

There is also a rich lineup of grilled sushi such as grilled salmon and grilled salmon

There is also an extensive lineup of grilled sushi such as grilled salmon and salmon.

Oh! I forgot to eat the great Toro of the roasted Honjo! !

Chopsticks with scroll

Rolls (Ume Sesame, Shrimp Wasabi, Shrimp and Cucumber XNUM X Books) and Eggs

The final round of the game is a roll of ume (plum sashimi, stem wasabi, prawn rice xnum x each) and egg.

From the beginning to the end, it was all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat luxury sushi!

Camera roll is filled with premium sushi

Camera roll is filled with premium sushi

All-you-can-eat all 90 minutes have a chance to shoot.

After checking the camera roll on the way back, "happiness" continued there ♪

Let's use wallpaper ^^

Happy to eat as much favorite sushi material as you like

In the second half, Shari and the tempura at the beginning were effective and slowed down, but as a result, 25 penetration to 30 penetration was complete, and this all-you-can-eat is at its finale.

"You can eat as much sushi as you like"

It is a rather luxurious dream, but it may not be possible to fulfill that dream in this event. Please make sure to order your favorite sushi from a consistent point of view (Be careful if you order too much!)

This all-you-can-eat is already filled with reservations, but according to the store,If this plan is popular, we plan to carry out it regularly at the same storeAnd furtherConsider expansion to each store in TokyoYou are doing!

In the future, if there is any movement, I would like to inform you again!

Personally, I really admired the quality of sushi made by Mr. Tsukiji Nihonkai, so I would like to go there again if there are shops nearby!

Sushi Tsukiji Nihonkai Gyotoku Ekimae store

AccessSubway Tozai Line Gyotoku Station walk 1 minutes
Nearest stationSubway Tozai Line Gyotoku Station
Business hours
Regular holidayYear-round
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