[Odaiba Team Lab Borderless] I have explored the Digital Art Museum without a map to enjoy it

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

This time, a digital art museum jointly operated by Mori Building and Team Lab, which was opened in Odaiba's Palette Town on XNUM X Year XNUM X Month XNUM X Day (Thursday)MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless (Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson Team Lab Borderless)"I went to.

We will tell about the design of the opening first day!

To Odaiba Palette Town

“MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless (Epson Team Lab Borderless)” (hereinafter referred to as “Team Lab Borderless”) came to Odaiba Palette Town.

Adjacent to Venus Fort, Yurikamome's Aomi Station is directly connected, and Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line is near, this is a building where a large ferris wheel is a mark. Before, there was a big game center called "Tokyo Leisure Land", but it was closed last year. What's new there is this digital museum that TeamLab is working on.

Advance tickets are sold out on the first day! Admission was waiting for about 1 hours

This time, we bought an advance ticket online and went to the opening first day.

There are no pre-sale tickets, day tickets, or any designated time for admission, so you can go any time you like.

However, when arriving around noon, tickets for the day are already sold out, and the entrance line is a long line! When I asked the person in charge, I waited for about 1 hours until admission.

As I will mention later, it seems that there is a lot of crowding right after the opening.

[Buy on the day] Click here for the Odaiba “Team Lab Borderless” admission ticket (no printing required) >>

Here is the entrance. I was able to enter in about 1 time.

There is a refundable locker

At Team Lab Borderless, we recommended that you go hand in hand as much as possible.

There were a lot of lockers and umbrella stands for putting luggage on the left hand immediately after entering.

Lockers are 100 refundable, so put in your way luggage or umbrellas here!

If you leave the luggage in this queue.

At the time of admission, if you hold the QR code you received at the time of internet purchase, enter for the number of purchasers. (Tickets can also be split)

Admission will be in groups of around 20 to 30 (you can act freely after admission).

Also, taking photos with a camera (moving images) will not bother other customers, and flash shooting, shooting with a tripod, shooting with a selfie stick will be totally OK! Sharing with SNS was also OK.

At the entrance there is the word "Wander, Explore and Discover".

It is finally admission (^ ^)

Explore the Digital Art Museum without a map!

The first thing I was surprised to see was that it was very dark inside, and there was neither a route nor a map (^^)

When you enter, the entrance will be divided into 3 locations and you will see from any point you like.

The reason we arrived at the beginning wasBorderless worldIt was a very large space called

The colorful projection mapping was projected over the entire space, and a scene that I had never seen before spread out.

The image is always moving, and it is an illusion that you entered the world of the image. it's amazing!

It is also tempting to take photos if the video is so wide and beautiful. Everybody, I took a photo in my mind.

Popular "Rockwater Falls for People / Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather"

Popular "Rockwater Falls for People / Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather"

Images flow seamlessly to the corridor surrounding the large space.

Light Shell (Sculpted space of light)

A space that has finally arrived.

When I went inside, I was producing various lights in conjunction with the music that a lot of spotlights flowed around the room.

Here is a room called the Light Shell.

The spotlights that move endlessly are like living things.

The girl held her hand at the light.

The floor is mirror-finished, and it is a mysterious space where light and light cross.

Crystal world Wander through the Crystal World

Crystal world Wander through the Crystal World

When I lost sight of where I was already, I came to a room with a small row at the entrance to the room.

I waited for about 5 minutes and entered here "Crystal world Wander through the Crystal World. "

A long stick-like object with many LEDs embedded is hung from the ceiling innumerably from the ceiling, like a light curtain world.

Crystal world Wander through the Crystal World

When I looked up at the top, it seemed as if an infinite number of stars had fallen from the sky.

I had a breath of breathless feeling like the first time I first saw the movie "2001 Space Travel".

Crystal world Wander through the Crystal World

The floor is mirror finished here. You can take a strange picture!

Resonant lamp forest

By the way, the most popular room in this facility is this "Fortune Lamp Forest".

I think I waited for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes from the side by side.

By the way, in this room, the inside is surrounded by a mirror, but as it can be seen in the photograph, it is a magic mirror on only one side, and I was able to see the inside view from the outside.

Resonant lamp forest

If you look inside, you can literally take a picture with countless lamps floating in the air.

By the way, the number of people to put in XNUM times is fixed (about 1 people), and the time in is also short, about 15 minutes.

If you want to take a picture, check in advance where to shoot, angles, equipment, etc. and enter! (If it is not, it will end in a moment (laughs)

Resonant lamp forest

The lamp turned orange when it was inside!

You can take fantastic pictures comparable to the Vietnam Lantern Festival (^^)

Well, let's go up the stairs and go to the 1 upstairs.

Digital art continues on the stairs.

Team Lab Athletics Movement Forest

Multi-jumping universe

As the name suggests, this “Team Lab Athletics Movement Forest” is an area with athletic and experience-based works that allow you to move your body.

This "multi-jumping universe" is a trampoline activity that seems to float in space.

Graffiti Nature Mountains and deep valleys

In this “Graffiti Nature Mountain and Deep Valley”, the floor is uneven, and the projection mapping of the creatures passing through it is a force as if it were really alive!

A forest of life reminiscent of gravity

At the back of the "gravity-inspired forest of life" is an area where large balloons are crowded.

The balloon changes color from red to blue to green.

Married to the balloon at the couple

Married to the balloon at the couple

Light Forest Three-dimensional Bouldering / XNUM X D bouldering of light forests

Here is "XNUM X D bouldering of the forest of light". It is an activity that lights and sounds according to the number of times when you put on the armband with LED on the arm and touch only the LED of the same color.

It was quite difficult to have a camera! I want to try again next time.

Aerial Climbing through a Flock of Colored Birds / Aerial Climbing in a Flock of Coloring Birds

"Arial climbing in a flock of colored birds" is a rocking tree athletic!

As the images around you move, be careful if you are intoxicated.

The giant of the flipped world! Town of block to lead

"The huge, connected block town of the inverted world" is an activity that automatically moves the projection mapping of roads and tracks that run between the blocks of houses and stations.

It is for children, but this is interesting!

learn! Amusement Park Future Park

By the way, this is the "painting aquarium" area. There are a lot of strange creatures swimming.

Actually Kore, the picture that you drew appears as it is as a work.

My daughter-in-law, "Manab"

My daughter-in-law, "Manab"

I will draw with colored pencils on the provided paper. Immediately, create a "Manab 蛸" with the motif of my wife as a motif ^ ^;

When I get a scan from my sister,

Instantly reflect on the video.

It's too funny (laughs)

You can also do an instant collaboration with Team Lab!

By the way, this activity was very well received by foreign visitors!

Glide to grow! Fruit field

"Grow up! Fruit field" is a slide that slides in the picture. I also slipped into the children w

In addition, there is a fun area for smaller children, so it can be enjoyed by all generations.



Well, the last thing to introduce is "EN TEA HOUSE" where you can enjoy tea.


You can enjoy 4 kinds of tea from "Wake out tea", "Yuzu green tea", "Green tea", and "Chamomile hojicha latte" for a few doses at 500 yen (Au 200 yen).

When I ordered it at the entrance and paid the price, I got a sign like a food voucher.

In front of the entrance there is a lighted out tea dripper and it is very beautiful.

Inside, there are about XNUM X U-shaped counters, each XNUM X people can sit.

The table is made of tatami and has a good touch.

As soon as I gave the sign to the person in charge, I brought a bowl and poured tea at the table.

Then, no wonder. You can see a pretty flower picture on the tea site.

When I moved the bowl, Hana shattered and scattered, and a small flower bloomed in the tea again.

What a pleasure. Healed.

It was so hot on this day that the cold water tea moistened my throat.

I can forget the time and explore

Exit is a bit confusing

There was no clock in the facility and the display was minimal, so I enjoyed it forgot the time.

By the way, there is a place where you can buy drinks with vending machines other than "EN TEA HOUSE" introduced earlier, but there is no place where you can eat. If you want to enjoy for a long time, it is recommended to go after eating well.

In addition, admission is the most crowded around noon. It didn't line up at all around 16 when we came out. The facility is open until 19 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 21), so it may be a good idea to take a little more time (it may take better photos with fewer people!)

We ended up playing for about 4 hours, but in the end we didn't come up with every piece (all 50 types). I want to go there again soon.

The vast venue (why XNUM x m2) that can be deeply immersed in the world of team labs is just a labyrinth of digital work that represents "Wander, Explore and Discover".

This summer is a recommended spot!

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↑ The video is about 1 minutes long, so please watch it!

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MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless

Location: Koto Ward Aomi XNUM-XNUM-1 Odaiba Palette Town

Closed day: no rest
Price: General X NUM X Yen X NUM X Ages-Junior High School X NUM X Yen

Access: Yurikamome Aomi Station direct connection, walking distance from Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station for XNUM minutes
Official site:https://borderless.teamlab.art/jp/

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