[Review] Just put on important things! MAMORIO FUDA (Mamorio Fuda) is a modern security card

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

In recent years, various kinds of lost prevention tags for lost items and lost items. This time, the company's largest manufacturer "MAMORIO Inc."MAMORIO FUDA (Mamorio Fuda)As we received "sampling, we will review immediately!

"MAMORIO FUDA" which can be stuck on important thing


Before, even this blog "Wistiki (Wistiki)"MAMORIO (Mamorio)" is very popular as a tag made in Japan.

Recently, we have cooperated with companies such as Tokyo Metro and Japan Post to contribute to the eradication of lost items.

Such as MAMORIO 2018 6 New products released in XNUMX month can be attached to the loss prevention tag "sticker type"MAMORIO FUDA (Mamorio Fuda)Is ".

Specifications of MAMORIO FUDA


Specifications of MAMORIO FUDA are here!

Product NameMAMORIO FUDA Black
Model numberMAMF-001 BK
PriceXNUM X yen (excluding tax)
Expansion colorBlack and White XNUM X Color Development
Communication methodBluetooth X NUM X (BLE)
sizeLongitudinal 24mm x Lateral 36.2mm x Thickness 3.4mm
Battery typeLithium battery
Battery lifeAbout 1 (may vary depending on usage)

MAMORIO FUDA back side

The back side is like this. At the time of purchase, an insulation sheet is attached, so remove it and attach it.

MAMORIO FUDA is 3.4 mm

The thinness is extremely thin with 3.4 mm!

The body is soft and can be bent a little, but the thing to be attached should be as flat as possible.

I put it on MacBookPro!

Well, I wondered what to put on this MAMORIO FUDA,

I purchased my job last yearMacbookproIt was so important that it would not be possible without it, so I tried to paste it into my body!

I put it on the left corner.

I feel good because it is textured.

Register with the MAMORIO app

Once you paste it, let's register in the app of MAMORIO immediately.


Developer:MAMORIO, Inc.
Free download
posted withApply

Tap the upper right corner of the screen to bring your smartphone and MAMORIO FUDA closer and wait for detection.

If successful, go to the next.

You will be asked what categories to watch. There are wallets, bags, keys, bicycles, pets and so on, but this time it is a laptop computer, so tap "Electronics".

You can add a name and a photo.

Since "Send PUSH notification" is OFF, change it as appropriate.

If you decide, registration is complete. From now on, you will watch over your 24 time inventory!

You can change the timing of the loss notification from 0 seconds to 900 seconds (15 minutes) in 1 seconds.

Tell me where on the map

If you launch the MAMORIO app, it will tell you in a map where and where the things with the MAMORIO FUDA were.

Also, if there are other MAMORIO users nearby, we will use a cloud tracking function to tell us where we left behind, or let us know what's missing from the dedicated antenna (MAMORIO Spot) installed in public transportation. You can also get it!

We can confirm from LINE and Google Home & Alexa

MAMORIO also supports LINE apps, chat applications such as Facebook messenger, Google Home (Google assistant), Alexa (powered by AI AI Assistant location engine)

I tried to cooperate with LINE immediately. It is convenient to tell me the location of all the MAMORIO that is linked with "roll call" or voice input (^ ^)

I would like to do it before the check out or travel destination.

Perfect after-sales MAMORIO

MAMORIO FUDA is a modern security tag

So I introduced the lost tag-MAMORIO FUDA.

By the way, the origin of the name seems to be taken from the first letter of the meaning and "FUture DAys (future days)" as the name implies.

"MAMORIO FUDA" is a modern tag made to eliminate the daily tragedy of "lost things" one day.

As it is easy to stick to various things with seal type, it is good to try to put on troubled thing if you lose notebook other than notebook PC!

MAMORIO FUDA / Seal Type Loss Prevention Device (Black)

MAMORIO FUDA / Seal Type Loss Prevention Device (Black)

2,979 yen(10 / 04 19: as of 40)
We publish information of Amazon
MAMORIO Lost Things Prevention Tag MAMORIO S Black MAMORIOSB & B

MAMORIO Lost Things Prevention Tag MAMORIO S Black MAMORIOSB & B

3,284 yen(10 / 04 19: as of 40)
We publish information of Amazon

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