Kappa badge is back! Admission free at Tokyo 21 facilities, lottery Ueno Zoo reserved tickets and tours of construction sites at Tokyo 2020 venues

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

Do you all know "Kappa badge"? Once upon a time, this was a badge sold by Tokyo, and there were benefits such as free entry of facilities in Tokyo on XNUM X Moon X NUM X Day (Tomin's Day).

This time, "Kappa badge" which had been sold until Heisei 9 seems to be restored.

Old meets New Tokyo XNUM X

This year (Heisei 30 (2018) year) was renamed from Edo to Tokyo, and it was resurrected as part of Tokyo 150 year business "Old meets New Tokyo 150 year" to commemorate the establishment of Tokyo Prefecture and being a milestone of 150 year something like.

The Kappa badge sold on 7 Mon XNUM X (Tuesday) was designed by Ange who is famous as a former work (XNUM type) designed by designer Kojima Kojima and a solamymist of Tamaryo Club's "Ear-ear hour". New work (10 type).

In the over-the-counter sales, 2 pieces set with plastic case (600 yen including tax), capsule toy sales are new 3 types, single items of old work 1 types
Sold at (XNUM X yen incl. Tax).

Over-the-counter sales are available at XNUM locations, such as “Buster Shinjuku THE Souvenir SHOP,” and Capsule Toys are available at XNUM locations, such as the Chuo-ku Tourist Information Center.

Facilities that will be free for Kappa Badge (9 / 29,9 / 30 only)

  1. Grace Ueno Zoo
  2. Tama Animal Park
  3. Inokashira Natural Culture Garden
  4. Shaanxi Ocean Sea Garden
  5. Dream Island Tropical Plant Museum
  6. Kamishiro botanical park
  7. Hamarikyu Garden
  8. Old Shiba Rikyu Garden
  9. Koishikawa Korakuen
  10. Rikugien
  11. Mukaijima Hyakuhoen
  12. Kiyosumi Garden
  13. Old Furukawa Garden
  14. Former Iwasaki House Garden
  15. Togagaya Garden
  16. Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum
  17. Garden of Edo-Tokyo
  18. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography * The free exhibitions are "TOP Collection Fun, Manabu, and Dream Pieces" and "Magic Lantern, Image History of Light and Shadow".
  19. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum ※ The free target exhibition is a planning exhibition "BENTO exhibition-eating, gathering and connecting design".
  20. Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Art Museum * Period in which only the garden is open.
  21. Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park

9 Mon XNUM X Day (Sun) free transportation for children (XNUM X transportation)

In addition, 9 Mon XNUM X (Sun), the following transportation will be free for children.

  1. Metropolitan transportation
    (Toei Subway, Toei Bus, Tokyo Sakura Tram (Tododen Arakawa Line), Nippori, Kento Liner)

    ・ Distribution is 1 pieces per badge 1.
    ・ We present Kappa badges and the Toho Marunouchi ticket that we distributed at the time of boarding together.
    ・ About the details of the distribution place etc., it will be separately announced by HP etc.
    (Regular fee: Children XNUM X)
  2. Ueno Zoo Monorail
    ・ 9 Mon 30, at Ueno Zoo Monorail platform, distributes exclusive tickets to children who presented Kappa badges.
    (Regular fee: Children XNUM X)
  3. New Traffic Yurikamome

In addition, wards and cities, private museums and museums (25 facilities) are discounted, and observation decks, aquariums and leisure facilities (12 facilities) are free or discounted.

Ueno Zoo rental ticket premium ticket & Tokyo government building, Tokyo 2020 meeting place tour tour wins by lottery

From among the buyers of Kappa badges, you can participate in the following events by lottery!

Course A "Peace Ueno Zoo Premium Ticket"

● We invited XNUM X names to Ueno Zoo (Azumaen) by lottery at the 1st anniversary of Shanshan naming. Because it is a day off, it is a reserved admission for the winners only! You can meet many times you don't usually meet “shanshan” many times! If you can discover a new side of Shanshan!

● Xshan Xiang 1 year old commemorative plan and menu implemented on the month also revives only on this day!

● As a special project in Tokyo 150, valuable materials on pandas "Kankan" and "Lanlan", who first came to Japan, will also be released.

● A moving aquarium car is a special business trip from Kasai Rinkai Marine Park. You can see colorful fish while staying at the zoo.

[Place] Grace Ueno Zoo (Higashien)
【Number of Winners】 X NUM X persons (per representative X NUM X persons may accompany up to X NUM X persons)
【Registration Fee】 Free

B course "Tokyo government building special tour"

● Invitation to a special floor of the Tokyo government office, which usually has no staff

● Simulate experience by standing on the podium actually used in the press conference room or main conference hall

● Are there special "surprises" for this day?

【Process】 Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building XNUM floor set ⇒ 【1 Metropolitan Capitol Building (Budget Committee Committee Room)】 【【2 Metropolitan Assembly Main Conference Hall】 【【3 Primary Government Building (Press Conference Hall)】 解 Dissolution
[Number of winners] XNUM X set of X NUM X persons (A companion can have up to X NUM X persons per representative)
【Registration Fee】 Free

C course "Experience the technology of Tokyo! Infrastructure tour in Tokyo, Tokyo 2020 venue tour"

● A special tour where you can visit the infrastructure facilities essential to Tokyo's safety and security and the Tokyo 2020 venue at one time. Underground tunnels that protect people from flood damage and vehicle bases that support safe operation of "Yukakamome" by specially inspecting and maintaining vehicles.

Invited to the venue for the canoe and slalom competitions, which are the events of the Tokyo XNUM Games. The country's first canoe-slalom course that can artificially create streams in waterways and conduct competitions. This time, you can enter the construction site in particular, and experience the power of the construction right away.

[Date and time] Heisei XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon) * Day of Tominmin

※ It will be the same process in the morning and afternoon
【Progress】 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building ⇒ Bus Movement 【[1 Furukawa Underground Reservoir (Minato Ward Mita) 40 minutes] バ ス Bus Movement 【[2 Yurikamome Car Base (Koto Ward Ariake) 45 minutes] バ ス Bus Movement 【[3 Canoe · Slalom venue (Edogawa-ku Kasai) 30 minutes バ ス Bus movement 葛 Kasai Rinkai Park Station (dissolve) ※ Applicants will be transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
[Number of winners] XNUM X set of X NUM X names (per representative X NUM X names can be accompanied by up to X NUM X names)
【Registration Fee】 Free

Personally, it is nice to have a rental premium ticket from Ueno Park, but it is also fun to see the canoe / slalom competition venue in Tokyo 2020!

It was an announcement of Cappaddi revival in that!

Kotorippu Tokyo

Kotorippu Tokyo

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