【Tokyo toy show XNUM advance report】 From nostalgic toys to the latest toys, adults and children can enjoy free admission!

I love toys, it is a Tokyo stroller!
Toy Fair "Tokyo Toy Show 2018Will be publicly available on Tokyo Big Sight for 2018 days, 6 month 9 day (Saturday) and 10 day (Sunday). This time we have covered the business day of the previous day, so I will tell you about it!


"Tokyo Toy Show 1" is held divided into 4 floor and 2018 floor in the West Hall of Tokyo Big Sight.

At first from 1 floor meeting place. Selling the Silvania Family, baseball boards, etc. that will celebrate its 60 anniversary this yearEpoch"To the booth of Mr.

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families "Baby Concert Series"

Sylvanian Families "Baby Concert Series"

Sylvanian family loved by a wide generation. From parent to child It seems that there are also many fans who enjoy in parent-child 2 generation.

The Sylvanianian familyBaby concert series series"A cute series of instruments and a baby.

Among the exhibits was the world of the Sylvanian Family created by Kazuyo Kudo, a dollhouse miniature artist.

Even if you look at Kudo's work with detailed details, you will never get bored at all!

There is a story in the scene one by one. I hope this box garden feeling.

"Sylvania Park" opens in Ibaraki prefecture

A box garden inspired by Sylvania Park

A box garden inspired by Sylvania Park

From XNUM X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 6 6 6 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XSilvania Park"I will open in" Imoland of Komorebi Forest "in Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture!

It is said that there is also a building of the Sylvanian family that children can enter in the park.


This "whip up" is a real whipped cream for pastry chefs and can make sweets just like real.

If you make it well, you will have Yume cute sweet accessories (^ ^)

The sweets house produced by the sweets artist KUNIKA whipped is a photo spot!

Aqua beads

When I tried it, it was a toy called "Aqua beads" that came to be "it's surprisingly interesting!"

Arrange the colored beads exactly on the sketch and pour water from the top! The beads are fixed and you can make small accessories.

At the booth, we will also display "Ohana's Dress" made with 85,000 particles of this aquabead.

This is also a photo spot. Depending on how you make it, it will use quite a head, and as an educational toy, it was a toy that I want to recommend to seniors.

Epoch baseball board

This is the epoch baseball board that I interviewed the other day!

This year also marked the 60 anniversary this year, and successive baseball boards were on display. I miss the baseball board with spud gun!

Japan Toy Award 2018 Boys Toy Category Award "Monster Control"

This year, the latest model baseball game "Monster Control" by Epoch, which won the grand prize in the Japan Toy Award XNUM X Boy's Division, will be on display. I was also able to play.

What is "Monster Control"? It is amazing that the ball thrown by the pitcher flies in the air properly and can be thrown to the strike zone 9 location.

The position of the batter could also be raised slightly to hit higher, making it a more enjoyable baseball game. If you do this seriously, adults will be addicted (^ ^)

Lock on striker

The Russian World Cup is about to open soon, but the football game “Lock-on-triker” has also undergone dramatic evolution.

It approaches centering to pinpoint when it approaches the player to the ball near the corner! Uh-this is cool! It's quite hard to match the cross, but it will be fun if this is decided!

Epoch One

The other full-order trading card I mentioned earlierEpoch One"Is also selling the official trading card of soccer Japan representative! There is also a card with an autographed sign in it!


The largest booth in the West Hall is this "BANDAI / BANDAI SPIRITS".

Kamen Rider Build (C) XNUM X Ishimori Pro TV Asahi ADK Toei

Kamen Rider Build (C) XNUM X Ishimori Pro TV Asahi ADK Toei

A large number of character toys were exhibited, such as "Kamen Rider Build" and "Crimson Sentai Lupine Ranger vs Police Squadron Patranger".

It's slime! DX Gegege House

It's slime! DX Gegege House (C) Mizuki Pro, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

It's slime! DX Gegege House (C) Mizuki Pro, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

It was a bit of fun being the Onitaro House playing with slime on sale in 8 MonIt's slime! DX Gegege House". From the roof, stuff the slime and character figures such as Kitaro and the cat girl and push it with the roof.

Appeared riding slime (C) Mizuki pro · Fuji TV · Toei animation

Appeared riding slime (C) Mizuki pro · Fuji TV · Toei animation

In a surreal situation where slime and demons are slowly pushed out in the room (laughs)

Eyeball father (C) Mizuki pro, Fuji TV, Toei animation to be soaked in slime hot water

Eyeball father (C) Mizuki pro, Fuji TV, Toei animation to be soaked in slime hot water

The mainstay father who is immersed in the slime water in the bowl was also a surreal!

I like this kind of playful toy I love (^ ^)

Gansurge Haro

Communication Robot "Gunsurge Haro" (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

Communication Robot "Gunsurge Haro" (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

Expected to be released later in 7 "Gansurge HaroIs a communication robot shaped like "Hello" that has appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam. It seems that IBM and VAIO are involved in development!

6 Moon 29 Day of the Star Wars series showing upsurge in the movie "Horn Solo / Star Wars Story" released by the robot soldier and Musca Figures also go up! Eyes eyes eyes!

Premium Bandai

At Saint Seiya's booth, there are lots of exhibits that show off to the men around 40, such as the golden sanctuary of the huge sagitarias (Sagittarius)! Oh my small universe!

タ カ ラ ト ミ ー

ZOIDS (Zoids) (C) TOMY

ZOIDS (Zoids) (C) TOMY

Well, many toy makers are exhibiting on the West Hall 4 floor.

The large "Tokara Takami's booth"ZOIDS (Zoids)"Will meet you.

Tomica XNUM X D

Tomica 4D (C) TOMY

Tomica 4D (C) TOMY

Speaking of mini cars "Tomica"! The latest typeTomica XNUM X D"If you push the body from above, you will hear engine noise and idling noise, and if you let it run you will get a running noise!


Rika (C) TOMY

Rika (C) TOMY

There was also a real "Rika-chan" sister in Rika-chan corner!

© Universal Studios

© Universal Studios

There were a lot of toys related to the movie “Jurassic World / Kingdom of Fire” released on 7 Mon 13.

The last is with the big roulette coming out in the "life game" that celebrates the 50 anniversary.

There are a lot of photo spots in the venue, so it was fun to just take a photo while playing 1 days!

Admission free "Tokyo toy show 2018"

The Tokyo Toy Show, which I told at a glance about it, is free admission!

From a little nostalgic toy to the latest toy, it is recommended because adults and children can enjoy it!

"Tokyo Toy Show 2018" is being held at Tokyo Big Sight for 6 days on 9 month 10 day (Saturday) and 2 day (Sunday)!

Tokyo Toy Show 2018

Date and time: 【Negative Trade Fair (Buyers Day)】
2018 year 6 month 7 day (Thu) 10: 00 to 17: 30
2018 year 6 month 8 day (Friday) 10: 00 to 17: 00
【General Public (Public Day)】
2018 Year 6 Month 9 Saturday (Sat) 9: 00 to 17: 00
2018 year 6 month 10 day (Sun) 9: 00 to 16: 00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West 1-4 Hall Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 3-11-1
Official site:http://www.toys.or.jp/toyshow/

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