The stage of the Ghibli movie "The Sea is Sounding", the city of the city of Kochi has been a holy place pilgrimage # Kochi Sanpo

I'm a Ghibli child, I'm Tokyo walker.

The other day I went to interview in Kochi Prefecture, but actually I had another pleasure. It is to walk where it became the stage of the Ghibli movie "The Sea is Sounding" aired on TV in 1993. It is a so-called holy place pilgrimage. We were able to go around several places in this coverage and introduce it.

Ghibli movie "The sea sounds"?

Before that, a brief introduction to the Ghibli movie "The Sea is Sounding".

This work is an animation that was broadcast on Nippon Telegraph in 1993 years (TV broadcast on 2011 years only in 1 years), and produced only by a young production group not involved with the director Ginza Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, who had been pulling Studio Ghibli at that time. It is a done work.

Kochi Prefecture has become the main stage. Among the works, there are many sights in Kochi city.

At that time, I was 17 years old, but the beautiful sea area in Kochi Prefecture and the cityscape centering on Kochi Castle were very impressive, and I liked it so much that I could get into the fingers of 5 in Ghibli movies.

“I want to go to Kochi someday,” thinking about such things, time went by, and I was finally able to go to Kochi after 25 years from publication.

Kochi Prefectural Kochi Oji High School

Kochi Prefectural Kochi Oji High School

At first, the high school where Taku Shinozaki, the main character, attends. The entrance of the school building is shaped like a bowl, and the film is impressive. Here, "Prefectural Kochi Ojie Senior High School" is a model.

To Kochi's streetcar "I'm sorry"

Many Kochi streetcars appear in the play, but now there are also many full-size advertising cars.

The picture goes to "I'm sorry".

Obiya Town Arcade Town

Obiya Town Arcade Town

"Obiya Town Arcade Town", which appears many times in the play, is a traditional arcade town.

Hirome market

Above all, Hirome Market is a food stand village where you can enjoy various foods in Kochi Prefecture.

In the Hirome market

Sushi at the Hirome Market

There is also a place where you can hold sushi on the fly or “on the bonito” and it's fun to bring it to the free table in the middle. It is a spot I want you to stop by if you come to Obiya Town arcade town.

帯 "Obiya-cho arcade town" at night walking with tipsy.

The scene after the reunion in the play is impressive.

Kochi Castle light up

Kochi Castle light up

Kochi Castle, which appears in the retrospective of the climax in the play, could be reached in a few minutes walk from the Hirome Market.

It seems that light up is being carried out after sunset until 22, and on this day Kochi Castle lighted up in the dark popped up and I could see the wonderful collaboration with the crescent moon.

"Girls of the Sea" created by a young group of Ghiblis is a well-known work that will later trigger Director Miyazaki Hayao, who was inspired by the same song, to produce "If I Listen" (Kimumi Kondo).

It has passed 25 years since the release, but the cityscape of Kochi city, where its appearance as it was at the time of the release of the work, is still intense, it was very fun even while walking.

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