【AYANA Resort & Bali Spa Sanpo】 It's too big! It has been healed by the heaven pool of the rock bar and XNUM places of the best view in the world

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

I will tell you about travel in Bali, Indonesia. The last night's tourism EXPO won a pair accommodation ticket (2 night).Ayana Resort & Bali Spa Deluxe Ocean View RoomI will tell you the pattern of this time, but this time I will sample the site that is so large that I can not go around on XNUM day.

Anyway wide! Ayana Resort & Bali Spa inside

Ayana Resort & Bali Spa Main Lobby

First, start Sanpo from the main lobby of Ayana Resort & Bali Spa.

Ayana Resort Map / From Ayana Resort Official Site

Ayana Resort Map / From Ayana Resort Official Site

First of all, check the map that you can see the inside of the Ayana Resort that you introduced in the last time.

Ayana Resort with XNUM X hectares. As a result, everything could not go around even with XNUM night and XNUM day ^ ^;

I will walk around as much as possible this time, so I will introduce the pattern!

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Located on the west coast of southern Bali, AYANA Resort & Bali Spa offers views of Jimbaran Bay and the Indian Ocean.

At first let's go to the one where the sea can be seen.

XNUM X pool

When I got down to the sea, I first saw a large pool.

There are 90 swimming pools in the huge site of 5 hectares!

Infinity Edge Pool

Here is the "infinity edge pool" which will be the main pool.

It is a typical resort pool that looks as if it were united with the Indian Ocean in front of you!

The lower floor had a cool pool with waterfalls flowing from the infinity edge pool.

After this pool will come out, so I will introduce a little bit.


As you pass under a tree that overhangs like a roof,

Big Komodo Dragon! !

Of course this is a fake. This year's 9 Moon 15 Day to the Ayana Group's 5 Resort on Flores Island near BaliAyana Commodore Resort Waichichu BeachWill open.

You may see a real Komodo Dragon there (^ ^)

The best view of the world "Rock Bar"

Say goodbye to the Komodo Dragon and go further towards the sea!

Here is the most famous spot at Ayana Resort & Bali SpaRock bar"I saw!

Take a dedicated gondola to the "Rock bar" for about 1 minutes.

I will get off with a good view.

Rock bar

Located just below the cliffs, Rock Bar is a well-known spot in Bali, receiving numerous awards such as the Forbes Travel Guide's 'Best Bar with a View'.

Opening is from afternoon 4, but it seems to be quite crowded every day, so we only visited during the day.

Sofa seat in the rock bar

There is a large number of sofa seats on the deck that can be released into the sea, and you can enjoy the sunset in the Indian Ocean in the evening!

Rock bar counter seat

The view from the counter seat is just superb view (^ ^)

The lock bar will give priority information to the guests of AYANA, but you can be sure to book in advance!

Rock bar opening hours

Dinner 19: 00 to 23: 00
Book a rock bar in Gulyak >>

Ocean beach pool

Next to that lock barOcean beach pool"Is very popular as the pool closest to the sea among the Ayana resort.

It is also an infinity pool and you can take photogenic photos!

Get on the gondola again and head for the west area next time.

There are many alleys in Ayana with a little sense of ruins like Laputa, so it's fun to take pictures (^^)

Above the hill there was a large grass area with a view of the sea!

Kids Pool / Water Slider

Kids Pool / Water Slider

Here is a kids pool for kids.

There is also a water slider so it can be enjoyed by the family.

I will walk while watching the flowers and blue sky of the southern country.

Go to The Villas at Ayana Resort Area

The villa type on the west side of the Ayana Resort & Bali SpaThe Villas at Ayana ResortThere is an XNUM X Building.

This villa of the highest grade in Ayana last year, "M-N's Studio" 's Asuka's stay last night, so please take a look at this article if you are interested!

Wedding chapel

Ayana Resort Wedding Chapel

There were about XNUM X bridal related facilities such as wedding chapels in the expansive Ayana Resort & Bali Spa.

If you give a wedding at such a resort, it will be a lifetime memory.

The villa area was also ups and downs, and it was the best location in the morning Sanpo.

Photogenic river pool

Ayana Resort's River Pool

The pool accessible from the villa area is surrounded by this greenRiver pool. "

I ordered a non-al cocktail under the umbrella and took a break.

Photogenic river pool

One of the best photo spots in the Ayana resort, large letters (^ ^)

Take a Balinese sunshine and charge power!

To Thermumaran Bali Spa Area

Then we will guide you to the spa area.

Thermumalan Bali SpaIs one of the popular spa facilities at AYANA Resort & Bali Spa. This tour was also free.

When you walk sideways you look at a statue of Ganesha or a cute monkey with your head and eyes in your hands.

I'm seeing Toya, a small stream where the rivers swim.

Your heart is healed.

Pasari to commemorate in the Toya surrounded by a small stream.

In this spa, you can receive thalassotherapy (marine therapy) in the Aquatonic Pool, which carries Indian Ocean seawater, and receive treatments such as detox body treatments and massages.

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