I can not give it without eating! We have participated in a meeting where you can try eating and drinking "Ovenue" in Omotesando!

Collaboration project event "of the Omotesando information site" Omote sand "and the town information site" 30 min. (Sanzero Minutes) "within 30 minutesI can not give it without eating! Let's compare the "hand souvenir" of OmotesandoParticipated in the

I have tasted a lot of sweets I'm interested in ^ ^

2012-12-09 12.58.07

This time, we plan to try to pick No. 1 sweets by eating and comparing all 8 souvenir sweets from the Omotesando area. About 20 people participated.

I'm bothered by the office of XNUM X min. In Aoyama, Shibuya-ku!

2012-12-09 13.15.04

Sweets of 8 dishes arranged at the table. 8 items that you can enjoy just by looking.

We will try each one and score it with 25 full marks, such as taste and cospafo ~ ^ ^

Then we will introduce in order!

2012-12-09 13.40.43

Cake o Maron (Omotesando Ukai Udon)

This cake, which is famous as a luxury gift cake, is a seasonal limited edition from the autumn to the end of January (one 3780 yen).

The smell of brandy and the presence of chestnuts of the moment I put in my mouth are amazing! Chestnuts are chestnuts that can be taken at the "Hakokaien" in Mita, Hyogo Prefecture. After all chestnut is a seasonal thing, so it is sure to be appreciated as a special gift.

2012-12-09 13.40.55

Luxury goods already from the box ^ ^

An outer box of a class that can not be abandoned without doubt if you receive it ^ ^

2012-12-09 13.41.02

As seen from the cut surface, it has a chestnut shape and is cute ^ ^

Harajuku Roll (Columban Harajuku Main Store)

Mrs. Columban's roll cake (1,050 yen each) that is convinced of a roll cake-like daughter-in-law.

The texture of the roll dough baked with carefully selected ingredients is light, and the fresh cream whip is delicious. It was likely to eat with one perry ^ ^

2012-12-09 13.39.45

Takeaway sweets standard roll cake. It seems that the "Harajuku Honey Roll", which is a beekeeper on the rooftop of the Harajuku Main Store and infused with freshly harvested honey, is also very popular ^ ^

Mini Dorayaki (Kotani)

[Wife's comment]This mini-dora (1 piece ¥ 157) was the first time I saw it.It's not because I'm a Doraemon fan, but I think this is pretty good for women as it's a bit heavy at times when it's normal size.

2012-12-09 13.37.53

There are several kinds of original branding, and this mini-durayaki. It is perfect for gifts regardless of the season.

2012-12-09 13.44.43

It was likely that two or more normal grilled one or more minutes.

2012-12-09 14.01.31

Now that Christmas is near, Santa's mark was cute ^ 0 ^

Strawberry butter (HIGASHIYA man)

One of our best dishes at this tasting party is here HIGASHIYA man's bowl of butter (1 box 6 pieces, 1,680 yen).

This "butterfly butter" which put fermented unsalted butter and walnuts between sweet potato (jujube) was an article going a few steps ahead of our imagination ^ ^ A person who thought about this, a genius!

2012-12-09 13.43.49

Taste is hard to explain, but the closest thing is "Raisin butter". However, much thicker than the raisins and the richness of fermented unsalted butter are perfectly compatible, and the rich flavor and texture are enhanced by combining the astringency and oil content of the walnut there ^ ^ this you Sweets are delicious!

2012-12-09 16.01.31

I went to "HIGASHIYA man" at the end of this event as soon as this event ^ ^ This shop of about 4 tsubo is a small shop that is filled with about 4 customers.

2012-12-09 16.12.09

It's not sweets and you write "Gyokko" ^ ^ Yes, already a fan of this shop ^ ^

2012-12-09 16.13.58

Even if you don't enter the shop from the small window on the left side of the shop, you can also buy a wharf ^ ^ My wife was here and bought vegetable chips for people at work. You can also buy most sweet treats such as sweet potato butter at HIGASHIYA's online shop ^ ^

Well, back to the introduction ^ ^

NEXT: We introduce the souvenirs of Omotesando, which looks delicious on the next page!


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