[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya XNUM X Aerial Garden] The night view from Park View Garden is overwhelming! Coworking space is also available at BASE Q, a business collaboration base

Park view garden

2018 Yearly 3 Month We went to the preliminary preview of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, which will be grand-opened on 29 (Thursday).

On the 6 floor, there is Parkview Garden, an aerial garden with panoramic views of Hibiya Park, as well as BASE Q, a restaurant, café, and a business collaboration base for venture companies and NPOs.

Aerial garden "Park view garden" view from the recommended

Park view garden

The 6 floor area can be found in the open-air area of ​​the open garden "Park View Garden".

As the name implies, you can see the views of Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace Gai from here!

There are benches in places in the garden, so it's good to be calm here in the coming season (^ ^)

From the window, you can see the beautiful night view of the Marunouchi buildings that appear in the Imperial Palace Exterior and the temple.

Evening is recommended from the evening!

Park view garden

Good location for a sense of openness, soak in the afterglow here after shopping and watching movies at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya!


Adjacent to Park View GardenDRAWING HOUSE OF HIBIYA"Is a restaurant and tea room offering seasonal food based on an Italian spanish with approximately 150 seats.

A big cherry blossom was used across from the terrace seat of the shop!

Business cooperation base "BASE Q"

A business collaboration base that gathers people aiming to create new value and solve social issues, such as venture companies, NPOs, new business owners of major companies, and creators on the 6 floor.BASE Q"there is.



In addition to general use cafe space in this "Q CAFE",

There is also a work space available for booking (XNUM X seats: hourly charging system).

The fee is a single space from XNUM X hours X NUM X yen. It can be used as a coworking space!



In addition, it supports "Q HALL" with maximum 450 capacity, live broadcasting with full-scale kitchen facilities and hand-held cameras, and supports multipurpose use such as exchange and transmission space "Q KITCHEN" starting from food and exhibition use There was also "Q STUDIO".

The park view garden on the 6 floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is overwhelmingly beautiful at night.

In the business cooperation base "BASE Q", it seems that it can be used in business, such as various co-working use and events!

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