【Ebisu】 Eat the maple pan with “Nakamura Gen”! The medicine ring Sangria does not stop!

I love Tokyo, I love delicious food!
This time, good food lovers gatherWalk from Ebisu Station West Exit for XNUM minutesNakamura Gen"to.

Shop goes up the stairs which entered from side of storehouse of 1 floor!

Store entrance?

Go up the stairs forcefully ... Ah! ?

In this ordinary private house. .

Certainly the nameplate says "Nakamura Gen" but ...

Oh, that's it.

In fact, when you enter at a shop office, it is a guy who is warned by the staff that "It's not a shop here"-with a low tension, right?

But I'm going to get in because I'm not sure!

If you try to get in, you will never be afraid.

Oh, oh!

Aren't you a shop!

The atmosphere of the shop is like this.

There is a gap between the staff with high tension and the entrance, but this gap is not disgusting!

The seat is a counter and a round table.

Well, what are you looking for today?

Gen Nakamura's menu

The menu of Mr. Gen Nakamura is here! (Click to enlarge)

The specialty of this shop is "Mako Kaname (Marah Shan Guo)The soup pot without the so-called juice. We ate a lot today mainly on this.

You will see a platter of dried peppers and nuts, and a platter of pakuti in the back of it.

I am unbearable to me who like Pakuti (^ ^)

Pakuchimo heat sour

Pakuchimo heat sour

Toast with Mochito Sour with Pakchi!



There are feathered dumplings with cauterizing forceps (XNUM x pieces X NUM x circles) that warp.

Drunk man button shrimp

Drunk man button shrimp

'Drunk man button shrimp"(One fish x NUM x yen) is an item that pickled button shrimp in old liquor.

Even if you don't put anything, the taste of shrimp is delicious as it is! Let's get well to Ebi Miso.

Hainan style golden mapo tofu

Hainan style golden mapo tofu

'Hainan style golden mapo tofu"(XNUM X) for a moment, if you think that it is sweet and eat, it's hard for me!

Maple panYou will receive

WaitingMao Kanabe (Marah Shan Guo) arrives!

It has a very sweet smell. The pan is a soupless pan made of steamed meat and seafood, mainly vegetables and root vegetables such as red paprika, yellow paprika, radish, turnip, carrots, machiko mochi, lotus root, okra, celery, zucchini, burdock, etc. !

Maple pan

Maple pan

You can put chicken, pork, beef, sheep, shrimp, salmon, scallops, hormones, vegetables, mushrooms and tofu separately in the topping!

There are so-called medicinal flavors as they use chili pepper, flower buds and 20 varieties of Chinese medicine and spices, but the hotness can be controlled and the hot taste is not so strong. Just eating it will make you healthy!

The medicine ring Sangria is too good

Medicine ring sangria

Medicine ring sangria

There are a lot of drinks that you can not drink quite well elsewhere, but we recommend you toMedicine ring sangria"(800 yen).

Pickled red wine with jujube, wolfberry, cinnamon, floriculture, chichihu and chili pepper, this sangria was delicious and unstoppable.

Apricot tofu

Seasonal fruited apricot kernel tofu

Seasonal fruit-filled ginseng tofu (500 yen), this day was strawberry-containing ginseng tofu.

The meal party of this day is finished with sweetness modest sweet potato tofu. was delicious~!

In saying "Mr. Nakamura"I received a maple pan.

This time I received it a la carte, but there is also a course of Mako Kanabe (XNUM time system XNUM X name ~ XNUM X yen), so please check it by all means. I also want to drink a medicine sangria!

Nakamura Gen Ebisu Minami

AddressEbisu Minami 1-18-11 Nishida Building 201 in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
AccessFrom JR Ebisu Station West Exit on foot XNUM / min Hibiya Subway Line From Ebisu Station on foot XNUM
Nearest stationEbisu
Business hoursMon-Fri, BEF: 18: 00-Next 0: 00 (Cooking LO 23: 00 Drink LO 23: 00) Sat, Public Holiday: 18: 00-23: 00 (Cooking LO 22: 00 Drink LO 22: 00)
Regular holidayDay
The total number of seats40
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