[10 Mon 11 (Thursday) opening] We have participated in the Toyosu market attraction discovery tour & curiosity workshop and have watched the Toyosu market now [PR] #toyosumarket1011

Toyosu market

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

The Tsukiji market, which has been popular for the year 80, has moved to the Toyosu market. 2018 Year 10 Month Open on 11 Day (Thursday).

This time, I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the tour for “Toyo market attraction attraction tour & curiosity workshop” for bloggers / media held on 2 / Month 13.

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Toyosu market attraction discovery tour

This tour visits each area after hearing about the efforts to enhance the attractiveness and safety of the facilities in the first half with a briefing on the Toyosu market, and the second half is a distinguished professional working in the Tsukiji market and Koiko Yuriko Tokyo It was an 2 organization called "Superior Workshop" that welcomed the Governor of Tokyo.

First, an introduction video of the Toyosu market for XNUM minutes was shown at the beginning, and then an overview of the Toyosu market was introduced.

Outline of Toyosu market

Yutaka Kato, Manager of Adjustment for New Market Development Division, Central Wholesale Market, Tokyo

Yutaka Kato, Manager of Adjustment for New Market Development Division, Central Wholesale Market, Tokyo

Next, Mr. Yudai Kato, head of coordination for the Central Wholesale Market and New Market Development Department in Tokyo, introduced the overview and safety of the Toyosu market.

Size of Toyosu market

Outline of Toyosu market

The area of ​​the Toyosu market is approximately 1.7ha, which is approximately 40.7 the size of the Tsukiji market. This is an expansive site that can accommodate the main area of ​​Ginza with approximately X number of Tokyo Dome.

Concept of 5 in Toyosu Market

The Toyosu market has the following 5 concepts as its concept.

  • Food safety and security (temperature control in the building)
  • Realization of efficient distribution (we secure wide parking lot and passage)
  • Responding to diverse needs (Establish processing package facilities etc. in the market)
  • Environmental Consideration (Maintaining large-scale solar power that can supply electricity for ordinary XNUM households per year)
  • Contributing to town development through the creation of bustling (maintenance of a thousand customers and facilities, Toyosu tour park)

The Toyosu market is divided into XNUM X areas

Toyosu market MAP

The Toyosu market is divided into the XNUM X block (Aohana Building), XNUM X block (Aquaculture wholesale area, etc.), XNUM X block (Managed Facility Building, Fisheries wholesale area, etc.) and XNUM X areas.

The XNUM X block has a management facility building with restaurants, a waterproof center, an auditorium, etc., and a fishery wholesale area where fish are transported from the production area and sold to fishery wholesalers who have shops in the market through seri. The fish purchased there is then transported by the wholesaler to the Fisheries Wholesale Store located in the XNUM block and sold to restaurants and vendors in the city.

The Vegetable and Fruit Building located in the XNUM X Block is an area that handles vegetables and fruits. In this ward, it will be the area where wholesale and wholesale are completed.

About measures of underground pit

Underground pit (2017 year 12 month shooting)

Underground pit (2017 year 12 month shooting)

There was an explanation about the current situation of the underground pit (space where the plumbing pipes for water supply and drainage are laid) in the basement of the main building, which was also taken up in the press.

In the past, water had been collected, but now it is said that it has not been drained and collected.

Further safety measures have been taken in the underground pits at the Fisheries Wholesale Hall building, the Akauka Building, and the processing package building, and concrete is now placed on the floor of the underground pit to reduce the risk of rising volatile substances. It is said that they are undertaking work to introduce ventilation equipment and work to enhance the function of the groundwater management system.

About air measurement result of Toyosu market ground part

There was also talk about benzene concentration in the air around the Toyosu market.

The orange color in the line graph represents the average value outside the Toyosu market, the blue color in the Toyosu market building, and the green color in Tokyo 23.

Looking at this graph, it can be seen that although it slightly exceeds the average value of the 23 district, it falls below the environmental standard value (3 μg / m3).

Market tour starts from Fisheries Wholesale Hall Building 2F Tour Gallery

After the briefing, the tour will start with Kato as a guide.

First, we will visit the Fisheries Wholesale Building in XNUM X Block. After the opening, we will visit the open gallery to the public!

Until now, the general public could enter the wholesale area in the Tsukiji market, but in the Toyosu market, a tour gallery of the fish wholesale area building 2F can be freely visited by the general public, from which the wholesale area can be overlooked ,

The fishery wholesale building on the 5 floor is a facility where marine products are collected from within and outside Japan, where trade and other transactions are conducted. On the 1 floor, there are large-scale sales areas where large-scale fish such as tuna are sold, fresh fish sales areas and shrimp sales areas.

The fishery products transported by truck from the production area are not limited to those in the Toyosu market, but facilities for transshipment and delivery of fish traded in other markets such as Yokohama and Funabashi are also provided. This seems to be a facility that was not found in the Tsukiji market.

The largest-scale domestic bluefin tuna model traded in the Tsukiji market was exhibited here.

1986 Year 4 This domestic bluefin tuna captured off Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture was said to be 496 kg in length and XNUM Xm in length! This is big!

You can look over the sales floor from this visit gallery. The gallery displayed the history of fish banks in Edo-Tokyo so far.

There is a tour open space beyond the tour gallery. Since the top of the window glass is empty, it seems that the roaring noise and the bustle of the market are felt at the wholesale area.

This time I was able to get off to a large shop floor where the general public can not enter. In this way, it is really wide.

By the way, the reason why the floor of the Fisheries Wholesale Building Building is green is that the color that tuna leans most is green.

This building can be cooled down to about 10.5 ° C, and the room temperature of the tour gallery has a temperature difference with 25 ° C, so the window glass uses double glazing.

The base of the pillar is curved, and the shutter box for storing the shutters is slanted so that dust does not accumulate, so that the inside of the hall is clean and easy to keep clean.

In addition, the walls had tended to be slaughtering when visitors saw them, and Edo patterns that let you feel the four seasons of Japan were given.

1 floor fresh fish market

1 floor fresh fish market

This is the area where there are fresh fish and shrimp shops. Then, let's go to the communication passage that leads to the fishery wholesale area of ​​XNUM block.

Communication passage to the fishery wholesale area

Communication passage connecting the fishery wholesale area of ​​XNUM block and the fishery wholesale area of ​​XNUM blockThere is a sheet shutter, and the shutter opens automatically when the turret (Turley) approaches.

There is a temperature difference between the fisheries wholesale hall's room temperature and the fishery wholesale hall, so when the shutter is open, an air curtain is jetted to keep the room temperature of each room.

Right above the connecting passage is the urban auxiliary 315, which is a roadway. There were 4 communication channels, and the turleys were maintained so that they could travel back and forth without inconvenience.

Fisheries wholesale hall ridge

I came to the fishery wholesale hall of XNUM X block through the communication passage.

The wholesaler transports the fish that has been drained in the fishery wholesale building in the XNUM block to here, and sells it to all the retailers such as the fish shop and the sushi shop.

Fisheries wholesaler's store space

Fisheries wholesaler's store space

This is the minimum store space for fisheries wholesalers. This space is about 1,600 in the whole facility, but the middle wholesalers who are relocating from Tsukiji are about 490, so some businesses may rent more than one space.

There is a report that the partition between the store and the store gets in the way due to the news reports that it would be difficult to cut tuna, but this partition seems to be positioned as a necessary item under the Food Sanitation Law.

The reason is that it is necessary to identify the store from which a food poisoning or other food damage has occurred.

However, exceptionally, operators of about 60 dealing with the same fish species such as tuna, even if food poisoning damage occurs, will only take this partition if they agree that they will take responsibility. It doesn't matter, and as a result of consultation with the department in charge of hygiene, it seems that a company like 30 has taken a partition.

It is said that there are rooms in the fisheries wholesale hall and the fishery wholesale hall, which are equipped with machines for dismantling tuna that can be used jointly by the remaining 30 companies.

Here is a passage for transportation through turley and so on.

Here is an aisle for the buyers.

In recent years, the Tsukiji market has received global attention, and it seems that there are situations where work and transportation have become stagnant due to an increase in tourists, but the distribution of luggage and people in this way makes logistics more efficient. Become. This is an arrangement that was not in the Tsukiji market.

There is a hand-washing place and a shoe sole disinfecting mat at the entrance through which the purchaser passes, and it was possible to enter after cleaning and disinfecting hands and shoes.

Fisheries brokerage hall 3 floor visit gallery

An exhibition gallery where you can study fish types and cooking methods at the visiting gallery on the 3 floor of the Fisheries Wholesale Building.

There was also an area where you could take a picture with a turret (does not move).

This is likely to be a popular photo spot for small children and foreign tourists.

Although I could not visit this day due to time, the "Rooftop Greening Square" is being maintained on the roof, and the general public is also welcome. (Open only during the day)

There is a park around the Toyosu market, and it is possible to enter directly from that park by elevator or bridge.

Toyosu market is easy to go back and forth on the sidewalk deck

After the fishery wholesale market of 6 block, we move to the fruits and vegetables of 5 block.

The Toyosu market has sidewalk decks from the nearest station, Yurikamome Line "Market Front Station", and since it does not get down on the lower sidewalk, it was easy to go to each building.

Planned site for the tourist facility "One Thousand Customers"

Planned construction site for the tourist facility "One Thousand Customers"

This is the planned construction site for the "Seven Customers" of the tourist facility.

Because it is close to the market station, it will be a base for visiting Toyosu market after completion. Behind this is the Toyosu Head, on the other side of which the athletes village of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in 2020, is under construction.

This is the "Tondo Auxiliary XNUM X" which runs between the XNUM X block and the XNUM X block. The connection passage 6 will run under the overpass in this depth.

To the greenery ridge

I walked on the sidewalk deck and came to the greenery in XNUM X block.

From the sidewalk deck, you can see the truck landing and loading areas, and more.

Visit to the gallery on the XNUM XF floor

Walk to the sidewalk deck and you will find the entrance to the Aika Building Tour Gallery.

Rest space too

Rest space too

Greenhouse 2 floor has a visitor deck and benches for the general public.

There are 12 windows on the tour deck, and they are color-coded for seasonal vegetables and fruits from 1 to 12 (Shunchiku, rape blossoms, peach blossoms, and chestnuts).

From the tour deck, you can overlook the wholesale area of ​​the Aika Building.

There was also an exhibition on the vegetables that gather in the Toyosu market at the tour square.

I came down to the wholesale area on the 1 floor of the Aoka Building. This is also an area where ordinary people can not usually go in.

As for the Aaga ridge, wholesales and middlemen are included in one building.

Here is the “Auto three-dimensional low-temperature storage” that can store packages of 1000 pallets,

There was "Fresh Labo" where product development and PR were possible.

The wholesaler's store is operated by an 100 company, and the 1 floor area is the same as the sale of goods, and the 2 floor is the same as the creation of offices and shops in the Tsukiji market.

The tour of about 1 hours is over. After this, we will participate in the second half of the workshop.

Smart workshop

In the second half, it became a workshop that welcomes a distinguished professional who works in the Tsukiji market in the cooking room of the management facility building in XNUM block, and Yuiko Koike, Tokyo governor.

As a connoisseurs, Tsukiji Market Marine Products Division Nakanoya, Kametani Corporation Naohide Kametani and Tsukiji Market Greens and Agriculture Division Nakanoya Co., Ltd. Nishita Co., Ltd. participated.

Compared to eat Kagoshima-made salmon

First of all, I had a sashimi processed from Kagoshima's splendid salmon with XNUM method.

Sashimi of salmon which we tasted here. The red one on the left is aged for XNUM days, and the right one is a sashimi of salmon that has been freshly picked up this morning.

Immediately after eating, the lively salmon that is on the right has a tight body and taste. The left XNUM X-aged mats become softer. Taste also came out of the taste and flavor of salmon. As you can see, the taste changes considerably in the way of processing even in the same bowl.

Naohide Kameya of Kameya Co., Ltd.

Naohide Kameya of Kameya Co., Ltd.

Kametani-san told me how to choose delicious chopsticks, saying, "It is good to choose a thing that is bright in the eyes, full of plumpness, and firm around the buttocks."

As for the eye-catching, "selecting a good thing is an important factor that looks, tastes, smells, burning sound, umami, and texture. It is an eye-opening job to offer something as delicious as possible taking into account the price etc." Did.

New Takanashi aged in a snow room from Niigata

The vegetables tasted new Takanashi ripened in a snow room in Niigata Prefecture.

It's a big size pear that is a little bigger than a normal pear!

Speaking of pears, it is an autumn taste, but New Takanashi from Niigata is a pear that is stored in the snow room in the building and ripened only by the cold air of the pears harvested in 10 month.

I immediately tasted it, and it was so crisp and delicious that I would like Tsukko to think "That's hot!"

I can eat such a delicious pear in winter!

Mitsuo Okamoto of Seita Co., Ltd.

Mitsuo Okamoto of Seita Co., Ltd.

Mr. Okamoto of Seita Co., Ltd. said, "The restaurant with good freshness of spinach and lettuce has good turnover, so it has good freshness. Vegetables are all alive, so it is best to have them eat soon" Taught me the points of

Governor Koike at the end of the event said, "I enjoyed both fresh and ripe salmon. Pears also have various ideas to get pears in this season. I think it will reach you from the market. "

The Toyosu market finally opens on Thursday, XNUM X Mon XNUM!

With that "Toyosu market attraction discovery tour & discerning workshop"I told you the pattern of".

If you work in the Tsukiji market with a history of 80 years, you will all be proud of your work. The source of that power isI want to deliver safe and delicious foodIt is one's mind. This time, I visited the Toyosu market in advance, but seeing various coordination and safety measures, people working at Tsukiji can work with peace of mind, and there is an environment where tourists can safely tour I felt it was not.

You need considerable power to move or move. At first, I think there are some difficult scenes due to the difference in selfishness, but I would like to support everyone working in the Toyosu market.

By the way, in the Toyosu marketTokyo Metropolitan Tourism Association implemented monthlyPlease check it out if you are worried about it!

The Toyosu market is finally open on 2018, 10, and 11 days (Thursday)!

I want to read it together

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