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"A garden party in love with strawberries"-Strawberry dessert buffet

I love sweets, it is a Tokyo walk!
2nd Strawberry Sweets Buffet "Garden party in love with strawberry'We participated in the media leading tasting party of
The theme this time is Garden Party! We will tell you about 30 photogenic sweets buffet!

This strawberry buffet No. 2 bullet can enjoy about 30 kinds of desserts on the theme of "Fuwai cute" incorporating elements of "garden" full of green.

A large set of strawberry sweets that feel the spring season of fresh green on the display! This time I've been tasting 17 among them!

James Murphy, General Manager of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

James Murphy, General Manager of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba General Manager James Murphy said, “The Hilton Tokyo Odaiba will complete the theme of one dessert buffet over 4 to 5 months. This theme is a garden party. "I made a dessert buffet that used a lot of strawberries."

Kiyoshi Utsumi, pastry chef at Hilton Odaiba

Pastry chef Kiyoshi Utsumi of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Recommended by Mr. Kiyoshi Utsumi, who became the pastry chef of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba in 12 last month, gave XNUM X products of "Mushroom Cupcake", "Bunny Bunny Rabbit Mousse Litchi & Strawberry", and "Honey Honey & Mitsubachi Lollipop" .

Then we introduce strawberry sweets which we tasted this time (^ ^)

About 30 kinds of "soft and cute" desserts

Strawberry Montblanc Roll Cake

Strawberry Montblanc Roll Cake

The roll cake at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is always delicious and I am looking forward to it, but this "strawberry Montblanc cake" is also lighter than it looks and is sweet and modest and delicious (^ ^)

Strawberry garden basket cake

Strawberry garden basket cake

"Stretch garden basket cake" is a chocolate mousse on a sponge, and a photogenic sweet with no more colorful strawberries!

Catch in the flower garden Flower Fruit Shortcake

Catch in the flower garden Flower Fruit Shortcake

In addition to strawberries, "flower fruit short cakes" with colorful fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, oranges, and pineapples can also be eaten with a hint of sweetness!

Bunny Bunny Rabbit Mousse Litchi & Strawberry

Bunny Bunny Rabbit Mousse Litchi & Strawberry

My recommendation is "Bunny Bunny Rabbit Mousse Lychee & Strawberry". It is based on lychee and strawberry mousse, but it feels soft like a rare cheese. The texture is good as there is plenty of coconut sprinkled.

"Lady Ladybug Strawberry Cake" and "Mushroom Habitat Chocolate Cupcake" are cakes coated with gloss called mirror cake. This seems to be secret of Utsumi chef.

There are a lot of bite-sized sweets!

"Love to ~" series of "Heart pie for a strawberry in love" and "Pink Shoe Cream for a strawberry in love" is perfectly compatible with cute coffee!

Everyplace is full of strawberry sweets!

Strawberries vary depending on the season, but mainly"Amaou" "Sagahonoka" "Toyonooka" "Kirapika"It seems that you are using

Photogenic wherever you cut

Not only eating but also taking pictures is one of the pleasures of the dessert buffet. You can take photogenic and instagenic photos no matter where you cut this time!

Honey, honey, and honey bees lollipops are finished with acacia honey ganache in a honeybee type, so the taste is also well-documented.

Mini roll sandwich

The buffet at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is also full of savory snacks.

There is also a mini roll sandwich with egg chicken curry and quesadilla, so let's take a lunch after lunch (^ ^)

Strawberry sparkling wine is a gift for animals and flowers!

If you wear animal and flower items during the period, you will be rewarded with "Ichigo Sparkling Wine"! (Photo shows non-alcoholic drink)

In that regard"A garden party in love with strawberries" ~ Strawberry dessert buffet ~We had the design of the media leading tasting party.

A dessert buffet for Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, perfect for spring, with a variety of creatures starting activities from a long winter. If you eat, you will want to take a walk in Odaiba!

Reservation starts from today. If you are interested please check it out!

The reservation site of "the garden party in love with strawberry" is here

"A garden party in love with strawberries"-Strawberry dessert buffet-overview

VenueHilton Odaiba Tokyo XNUM XF Seascape Terrace Dining
Business hours
PricesXNUM part: weekdays one person 1 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays a person 3,600 yen
XNUM part: weekdays one person XNUM X yen Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays a person XNUM X yen
※ tax and service charge separately

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