[Shibuya, strange cafe] Full-fledged coffee that barista robot drowns

Funny cafe

I love coffee, it is a Tokyo walk.

'Strange hotel"The robot will make a cup of coffee in the HIS Shibuya main store located on the underground 1 floor of Shibuya Mody"Funny cafe

Funny cafe menu

Menu of "weird cafe" is here!

  • Full drip coffee 320 yen
  • Americano XNUM X yen
  • Cafe latte XNUM X yen
  • Cappuccino 380 yen
  • Cocoa XNUM X yen
  • Cafe Mocha XNUM X yen
  • Matcha latte XNUM X yen

At first we purchase ticket with ticket vending machine. Besides drip coffee, there are also cafe latte, cappuccino and cafe mocha.

We order "full-scale drip coffee" to standard this time. You can get a receipt by pressing the receipt button (thank you)

Set the paper cup and scan the QR code to complete your order.

After that, the robot will make coffee automatically!

The robot will hand drip

This is a barista robot.

Take advantage of the movable arms in various directions, coffee grinder, dripper settings, drips, coffee offer, and clean up with 1 people!

Set the paper cup and freshly dripped dripper,

Hot water comes out automatically from the exclusive mouth.

You will be drawn to draw a small circle properly.

When you're done, lift the paper cup,

Placed at the delivery port, work completed.

By the way, latte and cappuccino can be served by operating this coffee machine.

After the work, it is cute to clean up the dripper while saying "clean up after cleaning up, clean up after cleaning up" (^ ^)

Authentic drip coffee (320 yen)

That's why, "full drip coffee" that I got scolded is here. (Happiness is good luck)

The drip coffee blended with coffee beans from designated farms in Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala was a full-blown coffee with a refreshing acidity. Depending on the menu, it will take about 1 to 3 minutes to put in the 4 cup, so the number of people multiplied by it will be the approximate waiting time.

Sugar and milk are your choice.

I could also drink while sitting in this space. Since a strange cafe is attached to the store of HIS Shibuya main store, it may be possible to enjoy the cafe while watching the travel brochure of HIS.

HIS which opened a cafe using a robot following a "weird hotel". We will continue to increase the number of facilities that use robots. I would like to pay attention in the future.

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