[Sayonara day drama last show] Last chance to see the masterpiece which colored Japanese films such as Godzilla and Ghibli works in daily drama

Goodbye day drama last show

I love movies, it's a Tokyo walk!

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sunday) will be closedTOHO Cinemas daily play"In the special screening meeting with patronage and gratitude of 85Goodbye day drama last show"It will be held. It is the last chance to see the masterpiece that colors Japanese films in daily play!

Screening work

[Japanese movie]
Red Beard / Living / Water Boys / Floating Clouds / Dancing Daisakusen The MOVIE / When the Woman Goes Up the Stairs / The Three Evil of the Hidden Armed Forces / Shadow Armor / King Kong vs. Godzilla / Godzilla (1954) / Godzilla's Counterattack / Godzilla vs. Hedra / Godzilla (1984) / Godzilla VS Biolante / Godzilla VS Mosla / Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla / Godzilla VS Space Godzilla / Godzilla VS Destroyed / Godzilla 2000 Millennium / Godzilla · Mosla · King Gidra Large Monsters Total Attack / Godzilla × Mechagodzilla / Godzilla / FINAL Blue Sneakers / Sin Godzilla / The Seven Wolf / Shall we dance? / In the center of the world, I love you / Akasanjuro (1962) / Heaven and Hell (1963) / Marsa's Woman / Turbulence Cloud / Mosla vs. Godzilla / Bouncer / Time of Rajio / Sleep as bad as possible

【Western film】
Avatar XNUMD / Untouchable / Star Wars: Force Awakening / Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Titanic / Terminator / Terminator 3 2D / Top Gun / Back to the Future / Back to the Future PART3 / Rogue・ One: Star Wars ・ Story

AKIRA / Anna and the Snow Queen / Crimson Pig / STAND BY ME Doraemon / Toy Story XNUMD / Toy Story 3 / Toy Story 2 / Tower Rapunzel / My Neighbor Totoro / Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur / Movie Doraemon Nobita Japan's Birth / Five Star Story / Princess Mononoke / Lion King XNUM X D / Lupine III Cariostro Castle and others

【All Night Event】
"Doraemon Knight" XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
Doraemon Nobita and the Iron People Corps / Movie Doraemon Nobita's Japan Birth / Movie Doraemon Nobita and Animal Planet / Doraemon Nobita's Minor Minor War

"The Dancing Daisakusen Knight" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Fri) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
Dancing Daisakusen THE MOVIE: Dancing Daisakusen The MOVIE 2 Block the Rainbow Bridge! : Release the Great Investigation Line THE MOVIE 3 Release the guys! : Dancing Daisakusen The FINAL New Hope

"Crayon Shin-chan Night" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Fri) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
Movie Crayon Shin-chan Action Masked VS Haigre Demon King / Movie Crayon Shin-chan Dengeki! Pig's Himeme Daisaku / Movie Crayon Shin-chan A Storm Calls Mauretz! Otona's Counterattack: Movie Crayon Shin-chan Calls Arashi Appalé! Sengoku Great Battle

"Toy Story Night" XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
Toy Story / Toy Story XNUM / Toy Story XNUM * All 3D Screening

"Mecha Godzilla Knight" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Sat) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla / Mechagodzilla's Counterattack / Godzilla x Mechagodzilla / Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS

"Back to the Future Night" 2 Mon 3 Day (Sat) 22: 00 ~
Back to the Future / Back to the Future PART2 / Back to the Future PART3

"Nippon Anime Night [NEW]" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Sat) X NUM X: X NUM X ~
AKIRA / The Five Star Story / Innocence / Lupine The 3rd Castle of Cagliostro

Guest screenings

Implementation date作品Implementation timeGuest (title abbreviation omitted)
1 month 27 day (Saturday)Bouncer13: 00 ~ (after the end of the screening)Yoko Tsuji
1 month 28 (day)Marsa's Woman12: 20 ~ (after the end of the screening)Nobuko Miyamoto
1 month 28 (day)Youth Graffiti Sneakers116: 20 ~ (after the end of screening) 219: 00 ~ (before the start of screening)Masahiko Kondo
2 month 3 day (Saturday)Shall we dance?12: 20 ~ (after the end of the screening)Masayuki Suo
2 month 3 day (Saturday)Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla18: times of 00 (before the start of screening)Masahiro Tsuji, director Takao Ogawara, producer Toya Toho
2 month 3 day (Saturday)Mechagodzilla night21: times of 00 (before the start of screening)Takao Ogawara, Masaaki Tezuka, Akiyoshi Nakano, Special Producer at Toyama
2 month 4 (day)Godzilla (1954)15: 20 ~ (after the end of the screening) Akira Takada

※ Guest and contents are subject to change without notice.

TOHO Cinemas Hibiya opens on XNUM X Moon X X

Recently, IMAX and other large screens have increased, but in the old days the screen of the daily theater 1 (Japanese theater) was large and I used to go to see a lot of seats. The Studio Ghibli work "Mononoke", released in 1997 year, was said to have been retired by Miyazaki Hayao at the time, so I remember that I went to see it on the first day. I would like to see the "Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro" and "Back to the Future" series on the big screen again.

The historical day theater is unfortunately closed with 2 Mon XNUM X days, but XNUM X Mon XNUM X DaysTokyo Midtown HibiyaTo "TOHO Cinemas HibiyaWill open. The spirit of the daily drama seems to be passed on here!

Goodbye day drama last show

Period: 2018 year 1 month 27 day (Saturday) to 2 month 4 day (Sunday)

Venue: TOHO Cinemas Daily Play

Price: Special fee X NUM X uniform
※ "Adolescent Graffiti Sneakers-" is 1,500 yen, "Star Wars / Last Jedi" is the regular fee
All Night X NUM X yen (X NUM X works), X NUM X yen (X NUM X works)

Sales: PC / Smartphone 2018 Year 1 Month 22 Day (Monday) 0: 00 ~ (1 Month 21 Day (Sunday) 24: 00 ~)
Theater Window XNUM X Year XNUM X Month XNUM X Day (Month) Theater opening time ...

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