[Tsukiji ground gourmet] Eat thick "fried prawn set meal" with pork cutlet Yachiyo!

A new thing is celebrated and old things are thrown away. I think that it is the ultimate creativity, in a way, to create an entirely new thing using old wood. The original original product filled with Mr. Inaba's experience of life made me feel a lot.

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.
Tsukiji market where the transfer to Toyosu was officially decided on 2018, 10, and 11.
I have never been to the shops in the hall until now, but since I had lunch at "Tonkatsu Yachiyo" in Tsukiji the other day, I would like to introduce about that time.

Tonkatsu Yachiyo

Tonkatsu Yachiyo

This time, I visited the venue to support the stomach of people who work at Tsukiji for more than 65 years.Tonkatsu YachiyoMr.

We lined up at 11 on weekdays, but the shops are already full. I have been waiting for several pairs outside.

Not only here but also the shops in the line are this crowd. It seemed like it would take at least 30 minutes to go to any store.

Tonkatsu Yachiyo Menu

By the way, since a strip menu was pasted at the entrance of Mr. Tonkatsu Yachiyo, waiting time worries variously seeing it.

This is mainly fried seafood such as shrimp, scallops and oysters.

The fried set meal is from 1,600 yen. Oysters, prawns and fillets are 2,000 yen.

Attractive words such as prawns, conger eel, scallops (1,900 yen) are lined up (^ ^)

I'm hungry~!

Enter the store in about 35 minutes to line up.

It seems that the stamina food "Charles egg egg set meal (XNUM yen including tax)" limited to the fire wood soil is delicious!

Prawn set meal (XNUM X yen including tax)

Fried prawns set meal

Among them, the shrimp frying daughter-in-law is a prawn fried shrimp rides 3 luxuryFried prawns set meal"Order!"

This is amazing! !

Fried prawns set meal

From another angle.

A thick prawn with a head! Let's have plenty of tartar sauce (^ ^)

Shrimp, oysters, scallops set meal (XNUM X yen including tax)

Prawn ・ oyster ・ scallops set meal

IPrawn ・ oyster ・ scallops set mealOrder!

The set meal is accompanied by boiled rice (can be made into half rice), miso soup, and new incense.

Looks delicious~~!

Prawn ・ oyster ・ scallops set meal

Fried shrimp with 1, Scallop fried with 1, oyster fried with 3 is a luxurious fly set meal!

The oyster fry is large and juicy!

The scallops are large and cut into XNUM X pieces, but thick! ! !

After all, what comes out in front of the market is a little different. The fry was not too greasy and crispy and delicious.

The Tsukiji market for which Toyosu relocation was officially decided next year. The restaurants in Tsukiji will be relocated to Toyosu, and the 400 stores lined up outside the market will remain in Tsukiji and operate even after the market relocation!

Mr. Tonkatsu Yachiyo was also scheduled to move to Toyosu. I want to go eat again!

Tonkatsu Yachiyo

AddressChuo-ku, Tokyo Tsukiji XNUM-5-2 Tsukiji Market Inside XNUM X Building
AccessFrom Tsukiji Station on foot 5 minutes / From Tsukiji Market on foot 3 minutes
Nearest stationTsukiji
Business hoursMon-Sat, pre-convention day: 05: 00 to 13: 00
Regular holidayDay, a public holiday
The total number of seats12
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