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At Sendai Station Photo by Genie

Hello Tokyo walk po! I came to Sendai for the first time in 2.
This time, a local blogger from Fukushima, sponsored by junThe 5 Tohoku Blogger AssociationSince I participated as a guest lecturer of "", I will tell about the pattern this time!

The 5 Tohoku Blogger Association

"Tohoku Blogger Association", which will be the 5 this time, is a regional blog from FukushimaSukumaOperate "JuneThis is a blog community sponsored by. This time I'm working on regional blogs as a representative of regional bloggers and regional blogger networks I work onLocketsTalked about

On this day, everyone from Miyagi prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Hokkaido local blog "Sho Radio."ofLet's goAlso came and talked about about 13 minutes to all 45 participants.

Importance of regional blogs that Sanpo bloggers convey

You can see the slides of the day from here.

In the first half, for those who have just started blogging, or want to do blogging from now on, why we started blogging and talking about the transition from free blogging to Wordpress, and in the second half we will do regional blogging from now on I've talked to everyone who wants to

All of you who participated this time were all who sent on blogs, but there were not many people who sent out regional blogs, so I think that they should be helpful for future blog management .

At the post-session question corner, I was able to consult with you about blogs that are more difficult than others, and it was a quite fulfilling time. I also want to change my blog theme soon.

↑ Exchange after the session. Rock-and-shrimp competitions where local oysters are lined up (^ ^)

懇 It was fun to have a talk about a fairly deep blog after the 2 meeting. While in 3 years agoEdge dRunkIf you came to the event of "", I feel heartache.

Most of the members of the Tohoku Blogger Association were new to this off-line association. It is easy to feel loneliness when you have just started a blog. The same was true when I started blogging. However, after the appearance of these off-party events, the world has expanded and the number of blogs has gradually increased.

Even if I'm troubled alone, if I can't find the answer even if I'm guggly, I think that one way would be to try to face off such meetings and listen to the opinions of people around me.

However, there are many situations where it is difficult to go to events outside the area where you live. Jun's Tohoku blogger association is a very meaningful community for bloggers in the Tohoku area, so I thought I would like you to check it in the future.

Thank you, Mr. jun of Fukushima, everyone who participated!

Here is the report of everyone who participated in the X NUM X Tohoku Blogger Association!

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