Tokyo Olympics / Paralympic Games XNUM X days ago! My name appears in the commemorative video! #1000DaystoGo #my1000

Metropolitan Government XNUM X days ago light up

My favorite athlete is Mike Powell, a long jump. It is a Tokyo stroller!
XNUM X Year XNUM X Month X NUM X Day, Tokyo Olympics / Paralympic Games The video commemorating the day before X NUM X is released.
The end credit of the video shows me the name of Manuka Nakagawa for a moment.
This, happy ~ ~ ('``)

This time, I applied for 12 month 4 days are open for recruitment "My participation declaration campaign" With “#1000DaystoGo” and “#my2020”, you can tweet how you want to participate and how you want to participate. I uploaded an image that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has lit up in Olympic colors in commemoration of the 10 day before the 28 month.

When Tokyo held in 2013 is decidedI thought that it was quite a long time after 7 years, but the Olympics will come to Tokyo in just a few 2 years later! too fast!

My name is the end roll of the commemorative video!

Meanwhile, my tweet won the "Everybody's End Roll Award" (max 1,000 name)!
My name "MANABU NAKAGAWA" is reflected in the end credit of the video released the other day!
Just for a moment, it feels like I already participated in the Tokyo Olympics ('▽ `)

↑ X NUM X minutes of video per X NUM X seconds. My name is on the left of the 1 section from the bottom of the end credit 29 sheet!

New National Stadium

New National Stadium under construction

The other day when I saw the new National Stadium, which is the main venue, the construction was quite advanced. We look forward to the completion of the XNUM X Month. The Tokyo Olympics Paralympic Games, which has been held 2019 days ago. My dream is to see the opening ceremony with my wife at the New National Stadium!

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