[Autumn leaves are hunted at Nikko Chuzenji Lake Tour Course! Hato bus tour car repo] Lunch at Kagon Falls and Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

Autumn leaves in front of the Nakasu Kanatani Hotel

The autumn leaves season is coming soon! This time a major tour busHato bus"of"Nikko / Chuzenji lake tour courseWe have been enjoying the fall sunshine and autumn leaves (^^) divided into XNUM times in the first part and the second part, and we will report the car report!

AM7: Departure from 30 Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit

Hato bus tour

I participated this timeNikko / Chuzenji lake tour course"Is a joint operation of Hato Bus and Tobu Bus. This time I went to Nikko by Tobu bus. This day is a weekday from the beginning of 10 Mon, XNUM at 7 in the morning and departs from the Hatoh Bus Terminal on the south side of the JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi.

When I got on the train, I showed the ticket and got the ticket and "Hato bus patch". Since the bus seat is already fixed, I will sit in the designated seat. Wappen is to indicate "Hato bus tour guests" at Nikko Toshogu entrance visit. Let's put it in the position that can be shown immediately, such as chest and backpack!

This time, the Tobu bus I took was a so-called 4 row seat sightseeing bus.

There is no toilet, so take a rest break in the parking area when moving.

You can see the distance between the seats. There was a green tea service from the guide on the way back and forth.

Hato bus

The tour participants on this day were almost full with 40 people. Aim for Nikko on the Tohoku Expressway with a humorous guide's attendant.

Well, let's take a look at the schedule of the "Nikko and Chuzenji lake tour course" here.

[Nikko, Lake Chuzenji Lake tour course]

Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit (7: from 30 * from 3 / 10: 8: from 20) → Iroha Slope → Chukanji Kanaya Hotel “Dining Room Mizuna” (Western lunch at a resort hotel representing Nikko, XNUM minutes) → Kagon no Taki (Free walk · 50 minutes) Bus R 王 o-ji, Toshogu Shrine, Futarayama Shrine (with guidance of expert guide to Nissha Idera temple · 30 minutes) → Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit (120: Expected to arrive at 18)

It is a day trip bus tour where you can go around sightseeing spots representing Iroha Saka, Kegon Falls, Nikko Toshogu and Nikko.(The charge includes lunch at Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel and the admission fee for Rinnoji, Toshogu Shrine and Futarasan Shrine)

As it is a bus tour, depending on the road conditions, such as traffic congestion, time may be significantly delayed. Especially during the fall season, traffic on hills increases during this season, and it is likely that the return schedule will be delayed.

By the way, on this day, the guide was also surprisingly surprised that there was no traffic jam on the northeast road, and at the beginning, I planned to head for the waterfall of Kegun after having lunch at Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel, but it will arrive too early Because of this, I changed the order and visited Kagoshima Falls before having lunch at the Chuzenji Lake Kanaya Hotel.

AMXNUM: 9 Otani PA

It took less than XNUM hours from departure to restroom (XNUM minutes) at Otani PA in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

You will receive "Lemon Milk", a specialty of Tochigi, at the store (^ ^)

Autumn leaves of Iroha slope

Autumn leaves of Iroha slope

After a break, climb up the slope and proceed to Oku Nikko.

Iroha Slope is the second Iroha Slope for exclusive use and the 1st Iroha Slope for exclusive use for Descent. Since there are 48 curves in total, it is also known as "Iroha 48 Characters" and is also selected as the Japanese road XNUM X It is one of Japan's most famous spots for autumn leaves.

It is quite hard with the continuation of the hairpin curve, but I could see the colored leaves well from the window (^ ^)

AM10: 15 Great Waterfall

I arrived near Lake Chuzenji in Oku Nikko. It was cloudy in the morning and the weather was not so good on this day, but the moment I got to Lake Chuzenji, the weather suddenly recovered so that I could see the blue sky!

Soon, we will arrive at Kegon Falls.

I came to Kagoshima Falls for the first time in 29 years since I came to school when I was in sixth grade.

The tour time for Kegon Falls is usually 30 minutes, but it arrived for quite early, so it was around 1 time for tour.

Kegon Falls can be viewed at the free observation deck where the waterfall is viewed from the top and at the 100 site of the paid boarding platform where you can get to the basement XNUMm by an elevator. The elevator charges were round trip adults (more than junior high school students) 2, elementary school students (preschool children free) 550 yen. This fee is not included in the Hato Bus Tour fee, so you pay only for yourself.

If you buy tickets and go to the elevator, you already have a lot of school students on school trips (^^;). There are 2 elevators, but the capacity is 30 people, so I waited about 15 minutes to 20 minutes until I got down to put the group customers on top. I will wait more on the weekends of the tourist season.

Great powerful viewing platform!

Kegon Falls

Get off the elevator of height XNUMxm, go through the underpass, with the sound of a great waterfall, a hugely powerful "Kagen waterfall" appeared in front of your eyes! it's amazing!

Commemorative photo taken in front of Kegon Falls

Commemorative photo taken in front of Kegon Falls

"Kagen Falls" where a huge amount of water flows from the Chuzenji Lake, which was seen from the inside of the bus just before. There is a fall of 3 meters, and there is Nachi Falls in Nara Prefecture.Waterfall of Fukuroda in Ibaraki PrefectureAlongside, it is counted as one of Japan's three best names.

The point where the observation platform is located is just a geographical depression and it is recommended because you can look up this dynamic Kegon waterfall from the bottom (^ ^)

Autumn leaves from Kegon Falls

Autumn leaves from Kegon Falls

At this time, the autumn leaves were just beginning, and I could see the colored mountains, but the tour time was decided, so I could not see it slowly, and the viewing platform was a stay of about 5 minutes. The

Wait for about 15 minutes for the elevator on the way back to the last minute of the bus. In this area, it is difficult to make a tour with a fixed time.

Bus movement while looking at Lake Chuzenji

Lake Chuzenji

It takes a few minutes by bus to the next destination "Jonjujiko Kanaya Hotel" from Kegon Falls. It is moving while looking at a nice view of Chuzenji Lakeside.

AMXNUM: 11 Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

Autumn leaves in front of the Nakasu Kanatani Hotel

Located on the shores of Lake ChuzenjiChuzenji Kanaya Hotel"It is lunch.

This is a long-established resort hotel designed by the Canadian architect J. Sturges as the XNUM Hotel of the Nikko Kanaya Hotel, the oldest classic resort hotel in Japan, built in 2 (Showa 1940). is.

Lobby of the Nakasu Kanatani Hotel

When you enter the lobby, it looks like a breath of breath. There is an old wall clock on the side of the fireplace.

Chuoari Kanatani Hotel

Lobby of the Nakasu Kanatani Hotel

A number of retro sofas and tables that seem to be created in one scene of the Ghibli movie "Windless" creates a high-quality space. It is a Western-style classic hotel!

Lunch in the dining room "Mizuna"

Dining "Mizuara" of the Nakasu Yuka Kanaya Hotel

At lunchtime, you will have a lunch course in the dining room "Mizuna" located in the hotel!

Drink menu

Lunch is included in the bus tour, but only drinks need to be settled separately.

Both beer and wine hotel prices!

Vegetable soup

The first is potage-style "vegetable soup". It is delicious with a gentle salty taste.

2 types of bread

Bread is XNUM type of grape bread and plain bread. Both tasteful (^ ^)

Cutlery is also simple but well polished.

Nasu chicken saute and salad

Main is sauteed brand chicken "Nasudori" from Tochigi prefecture.

Nasutori, which is served with tomato sauce, was succulent but juicy. The salad is served with French dressing.

Vanilla ice cream

The dessert is vanilla ice cream (^ ^) where the wafers got on

A cup of coffee

You will have coffee or tea after your meal!

From the window I could see Lake Chuzenji, which has begun to be colored.

The souvenir is "Hundred-year rice curry" which is a specialty of Nikko Kanaya Hotel. Beef curry and chicken curry were both popular.

In front of Chuoari Kanatani Hotel

After lunch, walk around the hotel until bus time.

The temperature at this time of year usually seems to be modest at 10 ° C, but this day was a warm 20 day near 1 ° C.

Autumn leaves in front of the Nakasu Kanatani Hotel

The autumn leaves were beautifully colored near the hotel, and I enjoyed hunting for autumn leaves for a while

Everybody who participated in the bus tour also had a commemorative photo taken!

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

By the way, in the afternoon, we will return to Nikko city and visit Nikko Yamauchi such as Rinno-ji, Nikko Toshogu, Futarasan Shrine!

Continue to the second part.

The reservation site of Nikko Chuzenji Onsen Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel is here!

LocationTochigi Prefecture Nikko-shi Nakamiya Pass 2482
ACCESSNikko Utsunomiya Toll Road Kiyotaki IC-About 35 minutes by car (via Iroha Saka) Tobu Nikko Station-Free pick-up bus available (operation time fluctuation included) Nikko Toshogu Shrine wheel 40 minutes
Telephone number0288-51-0001
Parking lot informationYes (outdoor) 50 units Free reservation not required
Lowest price8,338~
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