[Shimokitazawa Curry Festival XNUM X] Eating curry octopus grilled from curry and walking!

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2017

I love curry, I'm Tokyo walk!

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2017"I went to. I went to the festival of Shimokita's curry, which is held every year in 10.

Speaking of Shimokitazawa, Okuno

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2017

Speaking of Shimokitazawa, we will guide you each timeOkuno large childI was also invited to attend this time.

For some reason Okuno-san (^ ^) who is putting out a face from a curry-man's novel appearance panel that is upside down

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2017

This time there is a reception booth of "Shimokitazawa curry festival 2017" right near Shimokitazawa Station North Exit, so get the event map here first!

This year, 145 stores will participate, mainly at Shimokitazawa Station!

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival XNUM X Menu

This year's participating stores are 145 stores!

Since the holding period is 10 days, it is an extremely large scale curry festival that you can not go all the way unless you go more than 14 stores daily. Of course, it is impossible to go around all at the same time unless you are prepared for most things, so in the form of having Mr. Okuno choose the recommended shop this year, Shimokita kara fest will start from night 7!

XNUM X eaves, "Tokyo Deep-fried chicken.Bar"

First of all, there is a walk 4 from Shimokita Station North ExitTokyo fried pole chicken .BarMr.

A cheerful master from Kansai and arm muscles are smiling and welcoming female staff of Mukkimuki (^ ^)

The store name is written as "polar chicken" and read as "very cute". This is a fried chicken specialty store.

Tokyo fried polar chicken .Bar curry festival menu

Each store has a curry festival limited menu! The curry fest limited menu of "polar chicken" is here.

I recommend curry-fed and 1 liter highballs. Moreover, if you post photos on SNS, you will get more 1 pieces!

Curry chicken and pirate set

Fried from curry

We order curry from the curry (one plate 700 yen) and order the pirate set (1 yen) from the curry from the curry and the XNUM L liter high ball set! Immediately, I shared a photo with Instagram and got 1500 extras (^ ^)

Mr. Kokushi Muso Okuno

Uncle Kojishi

First of all, toast!

XNUM X Liter Highball Deca (lol)

Fried from curry

The curry is crispy and juicy!

Of course it has a curry taste, but the pungent taste is not so strong. I have eaten in vain. I also want to eat this, an ordinary fried chicken.

Private room × chicken cooking pole chicken. Bar Shimokitazawa

AccessKeio Inokashira Line Shimokitazawa Station North Exit walking 2
Nearest stationKeio Inokashira Line Shimokitazawa Station
Business hours
Regular holidayYear-round
Gourmet information search site

Make reservations with Gurunavi

2 "Beer Bar Ushitora No. 2 Store"

Next, I've been to this blog before at a drinking event.Beer Bar Ushitora No. Store. "

In fact, it moved to 12 month last year and the location changed to a few minutes walk from the west exit.

The Shinjo No. shop offers more relaxed craft beer at counter and table seats than before.

The curry festival limited menu of such "Beaver Bar Ushitora No. shop" is "Rum barley liquor curry"! This is fun!

Speaking of sushi, craft beer.

On that day, Oktober / Merzen's "Longer Merzen" (260 ml: 650 yen) in Shimono, Tochigi Prefecture.

Rum barley liquor curry

Rum barley liquor curry (half X NUM X yen)As the name suggests, curry cooked with lamb and craft beer.

It was quite a sale this day, and it was made five times with a big pot. The ram sour curry, which had a slight sour taste, was spiced and delicious!

Kokoichi Shimokitazawa Limited Curry too

This is an extra edition. Curry chain majorCoCo Ichibanya Shimokitazawa Station south exit store"And you can only eat here in the whole country"Sweet and spicy beef curry(630 incl. Tax) is on sale.

I do not know well whether it is sweet or hot anymore (※ is written that it can not be sweet (^ ^;)) I saw the enthusiasm to put on this curry fess even with a major chain.

XNUM X eaves "TACOYAcoco"

XNUM X gate is Takoyaki and iron plate tavern located on the south side of Shimokitazawa Station.TAKOYAcoco (Takoya Coco)"Mr. In fact, the master of the first house "pole chicken" is pushing.

Thick and sour butter chicken curry Takoyaki (410 yen)

Thick and sour butter chicken curry Takoyaki

Thick and sour butter chicken curry Takoyaki

Curry festival limited menu "Thick and sour butter chicken curry Takoyaki"!

Miso and curry? This looks delicious (^ ^)

Let's eat it! ! Ummm!

A soft, soft Takoyaki like Akashiyaki is soaked in a thick miso-butter ramen like Toro-Toro soup. Of course, the flavors of curry and miso were compatible and it was so delicious that I had eaten like this. I want to eat ramen with this soup.

Takoya Coco TACOYAcoco

AddressSetagaya Ward Tokyo 5th Street 33-3 Boat Daizawa A101
AccessOdakyu Line / Keio Inokashira Line "Shimokitazawa" Station → South Exit Ticket Turn right on foot 4 minutes ■ Home-made Takoyaki ■ Surprise presentation with iron plate ♪
Nearest stationShimokitazawa
Business hoursMon, Wed-Fri, The day before holiday: 15: 00-Next 0: 00 (Cooking LO 23: 00 Drink LO 23: 30) Sat, Sun, Public Holiday: 12: 00-Next 0: 00 (Cooking LO 23: 00 Drink LO 23: 30)
Regular holidayTue
The total number of seats35
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→ Check map and coupon information with Hot Pepper
※ There may be no coupon.

That's why I went to 3 on this day. I am indebted to Okuno-san again this year (^ ^)

"Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2017" is being held until 10 Mon 15 (Sun). If you enter the stamp rally at the reception desk and eat curry, you will be able to get a curry fess limited T-shirt and curry burnt barrel jug!

This Sanpo root is here!

Okuno and Shimokita Sanpo Series

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