"Aruku Insurance" will support walking + 10 every day [PR]

Blogger event of "Ark Insurance"

Every day I walk in 9,000 steps.

We participated in the new insurance "Takusu Insurance" blogger event of Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life, which began sales this year from 8 and 2.

This article is a project requested by "reviews".

Walking course by body worker Mr. Takuro Mori

Body worker Takuro Mori

Body worker Takuro Mori

1 daily average 8,000 walk more than 2 years and there is a cashback in this "life insurance". At the event there was a course about walking and health by body worker Takuro Mori so that he could walk correctly.

It is necessary for modern people to walk many 1 days + 1,000 steps (about 10 minutes) on average

The average number of steps in 1 days for modern people

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Health Japan XNUM (secondary)", the average number of steps for 21 days for modern people is that men have 1 steps and women have 7970 steps.

This seems to be less than the target value (male 9000 steps, female 8500 steps) by about 1000 steps = 10 minutes respectively.

How to walk more + 1000 steps every day

So how can you walk more + 1000 steps everyday?

Mr. Mori can use the stairs by reducing the use of escalators and elevators, even if he does not go to the gym by force, or supplements it by walking at the station in front of the station and intentionally walking 1 (about XNUM X km) when returning home. I told you I could. With this, it seems that anyone can stack + 2 steps without unreasonableness.

In addition, according to the National Institutes of Health, the risk of developing cancer is reduced by 20% compared to those who do not walk daily.

Walking in the correct posture! Let's train the lumbar muscles

Posture improvement by walking

Posture improvement by walking

If you do not walk with the correct posture, it will not lead to dieting and health promotion.

When I walk, I go from the spine through the pelvis and inside the groinGreat Spine MuscleThe muscle is said to be forged. The great lumbar muscles are the foundations that connect the spine, pelvis, and legs.

Psoas muscle

This large lumbar muscle will become thinner as we age, and if the large lumbar muscle weakens, the posture will also deteriorate. If the lumbar muscles are forged, the spine and internal organs will be in the correct position and the stomach will be depressed. After all it is important to walk.

The correct way to walk is to walk the pelvis straight with an image that carries the legs back

Mr. Takuro Mori's Walking Tips

Mr. Takuro Mori's Walking Tips

Mr. Takuro Mori has the following 2 points,

  • Do not twist your hips, make the pelvis straight
  • I walk with the image that carries the leg back (at this time, the psoas muscle is pulled)

When I was conscious of it, I was taught that the psoas muscle was trained and it would be the improvement of the posture and the prevention of back pain.

As I had not consciously walked until now until now, the walking course of Mr. Mori was a story that would be a great study from the eyes.

"Insurance" that is cashed back if you keep more than 1 8,000 steps


This time, Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life co-developed with NTT DoCoMoInsurance"If you continue to walk more than 1 daily average 8000 steps,Cash back after 2 yearsIt is a revolutionary insurance product.


In the past, the term “insurance” is the image of many products corresponding to the anxiety that falls on one's own body, such as the last event “death” in life, illness or injury, etc. However, cashback can be received if you walk a lot with this “insurance”. Or, wearable devices are lent free of charge and it is an insurance that is full of tricks and thoughts that it will support + 1000 steps every day (and promote health promotion).

If you are an 30 old man (example) 2 years later, total 7,400 yen cash back!

Total XNUM X yen is cash back

Looking at an example of an 30 year-old man, if the monthly insurance premium is 3,100 yen (daily hospitalization benefit amount 1 10,000 yen, surgical benefit, radiation treatment benefit), 1 daily average 8,000 steps or more Later, if you are healthy without using insurance, if you add 2 yen as a health promotion refund, and further with an accident-free benefit (2,400 yen)Total XNUM X yen is cash backWill be

Of course this is an example, so the amount of insurance and cashback will change depending on the age, but the results we walked every day areCome back in the form of cashbackI'm glad that (^ ^)

The number of steps is measured with wearable terminal "MISFITFLAME" of free loan!

MISFITFLAME (Misfit Flame)

The number of daily steps is "InsuranceWearable terminal will lend for free if you sign upMISFITFLAME (Misfit Flame)It measures with ".

The official app of "Raku Insurance"

This MISFITFALMEThe official app of "Raku Insurance"By linking with (iOS · Android), you can measure and manage your daily steps carefully! By the way, this app requires NTT DoCoMo's common ID "d account", but anyone other than NTT DoCoMo can create a smartphone contract for free, so it can be used by anyone.

It is fun just like playing a game as if cashing back with just 8,000 steps every day (^ ^)

Let's walk!

Let's walking

After having Mr. Mori taught us the walking tips and the outline of "Takuku Insurance", we actually tried walking with all the event participants!

The "Shinagawa Season Terrace" is a great location for a night walk with the view of Tokyo Tower, which is often used as a location for TV dramas. It is fun to walk with everyone (^ ^) The number of steps will be measured by MISFITFLAME firmly!

Walking is to extend a healthy life
"Aruku Insurance" is an insurance that encourages you to walk + 10 every day

Pacili in commemoration with Anshin Seimei

Paciri in commemoration with Anshin Semee

It is generally said that the period without health problems in daily life (healthy life) is shorter than the average life span by about 12 to 14. In other words, if you don't exercise, you can not live a normal life without some kind of care in the last years 12 to 14.

I want to walk with my legs until the end of my life!

Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life's new insurance "Taku Insurance" works in conjunction with the wearable terminal"Walk every day + 10 minutes"It was an insurance that would support you. From now on, people who want to prevent diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases or want to extend the period of good health may be considered as one of the opportunities to start walking!

"Ark Insurance" is being sold in limited fashion at NTT DOCOMO's "DOCOMO Consultation" from 8 / Month 2.

11 Month From 2 day, it will also be sold to distributors nationwide. If you are concerned about it, please check the special site of "Laku Insurance"!

"Ark Insurance" official app is here! (IOS / Andoroid)

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