[Nipponbashi Ningyo-cho] Enjoy the full course of "TOKYOKI" Tonkatsu → The salmon is a delicious cutlet curry.

Hello! It is a Tokyo walk.
I heard that there is a delicious pork cutlet this time and I went to Nihonbashi Doll Town.
2016 year opened in 11 monthTonkatsu specialty store "Tsukiyoshi"We participated in a tasting party for bloggers.

Nihonbashi Doll Town "Tsukiyo"

Walk from Tokyo Metro Ningyocho Station for XNUM minutes. In the unobtrusive alley which entered from downtown areaAnd good"There is.

The house was renovated and opened in XNUM X Month.

The restaurant has a calm Japanese atmosphere.

There are counter seats on the 1 floor (6 seats) and table seats on the 2 floor (12 seats).

This time at the counter seat on the 1 floor.

This is a tasteful counter using sake barrel trees.

Menu of good taste

Mr. Tsukuyoshi's menu is here. Loin and lined up like pork cutlet specialties shops.

Lunch is also open with this menu.

Course is 3 type

Click here for the drink and course menu.

This time I received a course (XNUM X product) of XNUM X yen from this!


You can see the craftsmen are fried in front of you

The taste of the counter seat is good to be seen by the craftsmen in front of the eyes, in front of the eyes, a series of streams fried and cut from the preparation of the pork cutlet ~!

It is a style that is often used in tempura shops, but it is unusual for tonkatsu shops.

First of all toast! "Umeno hotel Aragoshi plum wine" is a plum wine that can fully enjoy the flesh of Yoshino plum.

It is good before meals (^ ^) Well, what will come out first?

How much

First of all, fried fish. Please wear Japanese mustard!

It's not a chicken, but a "pork nankotsu". The pork's pickles are totally softer than the chicken.

It is said that the fish are using the streak part in the gap between meat and bone.

Actually when I was shown the meat, it looks like a soft meat seems to have appeared and I can not but expect future development (^ ^ ^)

Onion salad

Next is "Onion Salad".

Boiled bonito with crispy onion crispy and delicious (^ ^)

By the way, I'm going to get some fried food from here ~!

Shrimp and salt croquette

At first, fried prawns and salt croquettes appear!

You will be served with specially made sauce and plum salt!

It may be the first time such a big prawn fly! You will be served with plum salt!

The prawns are thick! ! !

Both bread crumbs and clothes are thin to the limit, and the crispy feeling of crispy is unbearable! delicious!

This is salt croquette. There are many places to mogo mogo with potatoes, but here the taste of the meat was sucked by the potatoes and used as a trolley. By the way, this croquette is included in the lunch box of the craftsman's child. Too jealous (^ ^)

Shamisen (Sanmi)

This is a dish that tastes like sweet and sour pork, onions, garlic and chili peppers.

This is the best fit for a bottle of sake! It looks good for serving with rice.

Loin meat appearance

Well, finally we will cut loin meat! !

This "Tokyoshi" is a pork cutlet that originally has a head office in Shizuoka Prefecture, and pork is made from Shizuoka pork.

Pretty pink.

Thin meat with little fat. This is also a wonderful red meat!

Bread crumbs are also made using bread crumbs custom-made by a bakery from Shizuoka Prefecture.

It seems that the oil is very good.

How to put egg yolk and bread crumbs is also good. It is quite valuable to be seen in front of this (^ ^)

Oiled with 2 temperature

Frying oil is two kinds of high temperature and low temperature. After raising the clothes at high temperature, light the heat slowly and slowly at low temperature.

The temperature seems to be slightly different depending on the fried food, season, temperature and humidity. This is just a professional job.

Deep-fried pork cut into oil carefully and finally cut!
"Zakutsu, Zakutsu" I can be appetized with visual and hearing! I can not stand anymore (^ ^ ^)

Fillet and loin

That's it, "Hinlet / Loin and Bonito" is ready!

You can choose one or the other in the course. I tasted half by half with my daughter-in-law who went with me.

We will sum and have it with Wasabi from Amagi, Shizuoka Prefecture!


At first, I taste the fillet. It is cut to a size that is easy to eat.

There was no image that the tenderness had ever been soft, and I felt that it was rather fleshy, but Mr. "TOKYOKI" was really soft and bitten out!

This is delicious ('``)

Loin and

The next is loin and!

The carefully cut and shaped pork cut is just an artistic form.

Loin is also soft and sweet fat is melted in my mouth!

Too delicious! !

Shredded cabbage, which is essential for tonkatsu garnish, is also mixed with shredded large leaves, and if it is only with a specially made dressing, the inside of the mouth will be completely reset! You can eat as much as you like (^ ^)

Sweet potato cutlet curry and rice bowl

Be sure to leave the last piece of tonkatsu!

Because "Soppon curry" comes out as chopsticks! !

Put loin in curry,Luxurious "Soppon Cutlet Curry"Is done!

It is also good that the bowl is red miso soup of clam (^ ^)

The strongest collaboration between curry and loin cut and made using whole Sapporo!

There should be no stamina now!

Oshinko is a hot-rolled one. Something calms down.

By the way, it seems that the pork curry will be served at lunchtime by the offer of evening curry in the evening!

It is "Matcha ice cream" to decorate the end of the course.

The course is over with a rich but refreshing matcha ice cream.

We told about design of tasting party of Nihonbashi doll town "Tsukuyoshi" by that. The counter seat was a shop where you could enjoy the live cooking sensation as you could see the craftsmen frying pork bonito in front of you.

It's a hidden and sober atmosphere, so it's perfect for dating courses too!

Of course, the pork cut is definitely delicious! Don't miss the cutlet curry served in the bowl!

And good

Address: Nihonbashi Doll Town, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 3-4-11
Access: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ningyocho Station A5 Exit by foot 1
Business hours: Lunch 11: 30 to 14: 00 (LO)
Dinner 17: 30 to 20: 30 (LO)
Regular holiday: Sunday, monthly second Monday
Telephone number: 03-6231-0641
Official site:http://katuyoshi.com/
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