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Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

Tokyo'sAttractive transmission project of TamaWe interviewed Fussa city as part of "! The previous"Ishikawa ShuzoFollowing the tour of the sake brewery, we had a meal while enjoying the local beer "Tama no Hime" at the Italian restaurant "Fuso's beer shack" attached to the site.

This article is a project requested by "reviews".

crape myrtle

A day when 8 moon is full bloom

At the entrance, the red slide (Saru slip) was just in full bloom (^ ^)

The time for visiting sake brewing is just lunch time. I am hungry. Let's get in right now!

Fussa's beer cabin
Fussa's beer cabin

A calm atmosphere in the store.

There are 40 seats in the store. There are up to 50 seats on the terrace outside the store, so it seems to be very popular with beer beers in the summer.

"Tama no Megumi" Pale Ale

First of all, you will receive a pale ale of the local beer "Tama no Megumi"! (Glass XNUM X yen incl. Tax)

The fruity aroma and pale ale made from the water we introduced earlier is a nice bitter and refreshing throat!

We ordered pasta lunch and pizza lunch (each 1,750 yen including tax) from lunch menu on this day.

A choice of appetizers, salads, after-meal coffees, pasta and pizza, both 3.

Pizza choose Margherita of a combination of dusty dough and tomato sauce and cheese!

Just Simple Is Best!

The pasta was chosen from today's pasta "Pasted minced pork with fresh fennel and fresh tomato pasta".

All lunches while sharing with my wife were delicious (^ ^)

In addition to local beers, wine and sake "Tamakami" are also available, and it is an Italian restaurant that is unbearable for liquor lovers!

Although it was a day off, "Missouri" next to "Fuso's beer shack" has a restaurant where you can enjoy sake, local beer and hand-made soba noodles.

By the way, on this day, there was a cat's "stop" at the sign of the regular holiday (^ ^)

The staff members of Ishikawa Shuzo gave food, so it would be nice to have him hold a "stop" next time ^ ^

It seems that the age is quite old as 12. Stay alive ~!

We introduced Italian restaurant "Fushio's beer hut" in the long-established sake store "Ishikawa Shuzo" ​​site of Fussa city by that.

A little tipsy

After the tour of the sake brewery, you can enjoy the liquor carefully in the restaurant and the stall,Drinking theme parkThe word is perfect.

There are a lot of green areas around the martial arts and shrines, and the scenery changes with each season, so there will be new discoveries each time!

Fussa's beer cabin

Opening hours: 11: 30 to 21: 30 (LO 20: 30), every other Friday from 17: 00
Regular holiday: Mon / Tuesday (except public holidays)
Number of seats: Indoor 50 seats, Outdoor maximum 40 seats
TEL: 042-553-0171
Official site:http://tamajiman.co.jp/koya/

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