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Tokyo'sAttractive transmission project of TamaWe interviewed Fussa city as part of "! The previous"Fussa base side streetThis time, we have been interviewing a long-established sake store "Ishikawa Shuzo" ​​that lasts 154 years in Fussa city!

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Visit to the sake brewer in Ishikawa Shuzo

This time, I visited Ishikawa Shuzo, which is about 15 minutes (about 8 minutes for taxis) on foot from JR Minamijima Station south exit.

This is a long-established sake storehouse with a history of 1863 years, established in the Edo period at the end of the Edo period, Bunkyu 3 years (154 years).

You can tour this sake shop for free if you make a reservation in advance (phone reservation)!

The guide for this day is Mr. Hashimoto of Ishikawa Shuzo.

The tour of sake breweries of around 1 hours is a tour start from the main store designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the country built in Meiji 13 (1880)!

The main storehouse here is a storehouse that stores and stores liquor on the 13 storehouse with a height of 25m, width 31m, and depth 3m.

The highest temperature on this day was extremely hot, as high as 37 ° C, but even if the room is not cooled, 22 ° C and Hinyari (^^)

In large sake breweries, there is an air-conditioning system, so you can drink alcohol throughout the year, but Ishikawa Shuzo says that you can only drink alcohol in the winter, saying "Cold preparation".

When it comes to visit around 1 month of the peak period, it seems that the inside of the store is full of the aroma of liquor, and some people get drunk just with that aroma.

A lot of preparation tanks lined up in the storehouse. The tank shows the date of birth, name and tank volume.

The preparation takes XNUM X days, and XNUM X to X NUM X days for fermentation, and it takes about 1 month to make sake.

At the entrance of the main storehouse, there is a large ball called "Cedar ball".

This is a mark that is often displayed by the liquor store. A new blue cedar ball is supposed to be decorated around 11 moon where new sake can be made. It also seems to be a mark of the aging condition of the liquor in the sense that it has matured when becoming brown gradually.

A stream was flowing in front of Honzo. Kumagawa diversion water that has been used for daily life flows from Tamagawa Josui.

I saw a lot of small fish when I looked around.

Next to it, Ishikawa Shuzo will see the "charged water" used for sake brewing.

This water is underground natural water (medium-hard water) assembled from about X NUM x m underground. It seems that this preparation water comes out from all the faucets in the Ishikawa Shuzo site (^ ^)

Married couple older than XNUM X

Married niece of age 400

I saw large trees lined up with 2. This is a married couple older than 400. This is big!

It is said that if you touch with a couple, you will be blessed with good relationships, and single people will be blessed with good relationships! We have also received the power of the husband and wife together (^ ^)

Here, the god of rice "Daikuro" and the god of water "Benten" are being talked about and pray for good sake to be made every morning and evening.

In the husband and wife of the half shell (^ ^)

On this large pot was a large basket called "Koshiki" for steaming rice.

In the old days, this steamer steamed about XNUM X kg of rice. It would have been difficult ~.

The large gate decorated with cedar balls is the Nagaya Gate of the Ishikawa family that has inherited Ishikawa Shuzo.

This gate, made 250 years ago, is also designated as a tangible cultural property of the country.

The main owner of successive generations is supposed to name the name "Kinhachiro", and the present main owner is said to be the eighteenth generation.

Of course, this is Ishikawa's private land, so I can not go in, but it was a very splendid Japanese garden surrounded by greenery.

Bar of beer brewery

This is the "Wine liquor kettle".

Ishikawa Shuzo manufactured and sold beer under the name of "Japanese beer" since Meiji 20 (1887). However, since there was no refrigeration technology at the time, it seems that production has ended only with production and sales for only 1 years.

There was a wok pot that boiled wort.

In fact, it is so rare that it is the oldest extant brewery that escaped the offering during World War 2.

The reason why he escaped the offering is that after the beer production of 1 year is over, this kettle is more than half by rain, it looks like only a big pond because it is buried in the soil, and it is a valuable substitute for avoiding offering. What

Nowadays, thanks to that, more people are making money.

(It seems that all money is donated.)

Mokuzo Beer Studio to make the local beer "Tama no ue"

This building, located at the far end of the site, is also the "Mukozo Beer Studio".

This is also a tangible cultural property of the country built in Meiji 29 (1896).

Here, the production of the local beer "Tama no Megumi" was at its peak.

"Tama no Megumi" is a beer from Ishikawa Shuzo who revived in 10 years after Heisei 110 years. At this time I was busy producing dark beer.

At the reception of the Mukozo Beer Studio, there is a height of about XNUM x m, a trunk x NUM x m, and a tree of the age X NUM X which is also designated as a natural monument designated by Fussa, "Ishikey's Zelkova".

This is the largest tree in Fussa city. There are too many big trees in the site (^ ^)

A chair is installed around this well on the other side of the sacred tree, and you can enjoy the local beer bought at the store.

Beer seems to be able to drink while watching double cherry blossoms around GW.

Enjoy tasting time!

By the way, the tour of sake brewing is finally over.

Enjoy sake tasting at "Sake Serum", which sells sake and beer from Ishikawa Shuzo on site.

Here you can buy liquor as souvenirs such as "Tamabo" and "Tama no Hime" beer.

Instant tasting time at this shop!

This pure rice wine "Tama's double cherry blossom (Yae Sakura)"Is a reprint of the brand at the time of its founding, made to commemorate the founding 150 anniversary.

You can sample 1 cups per 1 brand! Otototo (^ ^)

The sweet "Tama no Yae Sakura" seems to recommend a luke but it's cold but delicious Junmaishu ('▽ `)

Other"Tokyo Forest""Tama pride Kumakawa Ichibanchi""Tami no Yae plum (umeshu)"I tasted a total of 4 sake."

In particular, "Tamahi no Yae plum", which was prepared with pure rice wine, was a refined and delicious plum wine with a very slow mouth.

Mr. Hashimoto of the guide is fun

Mr. Hashimoto of Ishikawa Shuzo who guided me taught me the history of Ishikawa Shuzo with a wealth of knowledge and humorous guide!

This is the end of the tour of sake brewing about 1 hours. It is necessary to pre-order, but it is fun to visit the sake breweries where you can enjoy free tasting and try tasting sake!


We introduced the long-established sake store "Ishikawa Shuzo" ​​of Fussa city by that.

Many of the buildings on the site were tangible cultural properties of the country built in the Meiji period, so I could enjoy the atmosphere as if time slipped in the Meiji period.

Next time there is an Italian restaurant on the premises.Fussa's beer cabin"I will also tell you the pattern.

Ishikawa Shuzo

Address: Kumagawa 1, Fussa-shi, Tokyo
Business hours: weekdays 8: 30 to 17: 30
[Sake brewery tour]
Date: year-round (even on weekends and holidays)
※ The end of the year, during busy period of preparation
Start time: [1 times] 10: 30 to [2 times] 14: 00 to [3 times] 16: 00 to
※ About visit of group more than approximately XNUM X people on request
Time required: about 1
Implementation number of people: X NUM X people ... (There may be other participants)
Tour fee: Free
Make a reservation by phone
TEL: 042-553-0100 (reception hours weekdays 10: 00 to 17: 00)
Official site:http://tamajiman.co.jp/tour/

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