【Pokemon GO Park】 Barrado, Annone and many other rare Pokemon appearances! Poke GO fans across the country gathered and it was an error!


2017 year 8 month 9 day (Wednesday) to 8 month 15 day (Tuesday)Pikachu mass outbreak Chu"I went to!

This year's real event of Pokemon GOPokemon GO ParkWe went on the second day for "simultaneous holding with", but it was very crowded with great crowds!

To Yokohama red brick warehouse

Pikachu mass outbreak Chu!

Red Brick Warehouse

On this day, when it is 10 in the morning, we will go directly to the red brick warehouse about Yokohama Sakuragicho. There were already many people in this time zone.

Pokemon GO Park

Enter the red brick warehouse, the seaside area is held for the first time this timePokemon GO ParkOne of ""Can To Park. "

Real gym appears

Pokemon GO Park

Real gym appears

A real gym appeared here, and there was a gym actually in the place in Pokemon GO, and it came to be able to do a raid battle.

Europe limited Pokemon "Barardo" appearance!

As soon as you enter the red brick warehouse area, Pokemon will increase! If you look closely, there is a rear module stuck in there and the pink petals are in full bloom! I saw this condition after a long time!

Here you will get a Pokemon "Barardo" for Europe only! This is nice ^ ^

It's not just a barrier, but a Pokemon that has never been seen before will appear from next to next!

Unma to Ringma! It is said that “Y, O, K, H, A, M” and 6 types of Annone will appear after Yokohama (YOKOHAMA).

Yogyrus and Odoshishi to Yokohama World Porters!

There are many people at Real pocket stations!

Pokemon GO Park

Another area of ​​the Pokemon GO Park area “Cupnoodle Museum” The seafront behind the “Coff Noodle Museum” is a great crowd in “Jout Park”!

This is almost all players doing Pokemon GO! Such a scene I saw for the first time in 1!

Real Pokestop Big! #Pokemon go #Pokemon go Park

Tokyo ぽ (@tokyosanpopo) shared a post –

The real pocket stop is installed here. You can also take a commemorative photo (^ ^)

Pokemon GO fun after a long time really already! It seems that various Pokemon general appearances.

Pokemon GO Park

Softbank base station also appeared

Softbank temporary base station carAlthough it was deployed about 2 units and also provided free Wi-Fi in this area, if there were still many people there were times when it could not enter the raid battle, or it would fall on the way several times.

There is no problem with raid battle! Almost 20 people gather!

It is the raid battle that is most helpful when there are many people. Almost always 20 people are aligned, so it can be defeated with high probability.

Lugia and Thunder who are limited to this day also descend!Although I was defeated, capture after that fails and does not get. It was lonely. . .

Pikachu will appear everywhere

Finally, Pikachu appears almost everywhere in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area and is in overfishing!

A little yellowish dark, different colors of Pikachu will appear in it!

Pikachu mass outbreak Chu!

When I noticed from morning to night I walked about 2 ten thousand steps (^ ^)

A heaven event “Pikachu mass outbreak Chu” and “PokePokemon GO ParkIs being held from 8 Mon XNUM X (Wednesday) to XNUM X Mon XUMX (Tuesday). It is a pretty intense event that Pokemon GO fans from all over the country gather!
Make sure to take your mobile battery with you if you are going because it consumes considerable battery!

Outline of "Pokémon GO PARK"

Date: 2017 year 8 month 9 day (Wednesday) to 8 month 15 day (Tuesday) 10: 00-18: 00
Admission: Free
Place: XNUM X meeting place of Red Brick Park / Cup Noodle Museum Park

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