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Hello! It is a Tokyo stroller!

We invited XNUM X night XNUM X day, Nagano prefecture Otani village by invitation this time from "Otori promotion public corporation" of Nagano prefecture "road station Otori"! We will tell about design of press tour of Odani-mura of Nagano over several times from now on!

The stage of this trip is Odanimura, located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture. Whether it takes a train or a car from Shinjuku, it will take 4 time. The picture is Hakuba Station where Odani Village is located. Many of you are familiar with it as a place for ski jumping and alpine skiing at the Nagano Winter Olympics held in 1998.

Odani village

Odani village is a few minutes by car from Hakuba station. This time, I took the microbus of "Otori Promotion Public Corporation" from Shinjuku Station.

Odani village

The letters "Shinshu Odani-mura" are on the bus. The round pot in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture is "Otani Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture".

Let's guide "Nagano Prefecture Odani-mura" located on the prefectural border with Niigata Prefecture exactly when you see it on a map!

Kanto Road Roadside Station Award 2014 "Premium 30" "Michi no Eki Otori"

Road Station Otori

First of all, go to "Michi no Eki Otari" which is about 25 minutes from Hakuba Station.

Road Station Otori

Surrounded by the mountains, this "Michi no Eki Otori" is a popular Michi Eki station that has been selected as a Kanto Road Station Award 2014 "Premium 30".

Daily meal set with rice bowl of demon

Lunch at the Devil's Fort

Dining place immediately after entering Michi-no-eki OtoriOni no Kuriya"You can have Mr.

Even freshly cooked rice cooked over open fire using the traditional feather pot for extravagance!

This looks delicious (^ ^)

We use hand-made soba noodles and raw noodles using buckwheat flour of local Otani village for menu, and it is noodle. You can also eat Shinshu salmon sashimi.

Moreover, pickles of Shinshu (with Nozawana Fubukiyo cabbage pickled on this day) are all-you-can-eat pickles buffet (^ ^)

Daily meal rice set meal (XNUM X yen including tax)

One push is "daily meal rice set meal"!

A voluminous set meal (^ ^) with bandits grilled with pork miso soup and simmered plump rice cooked on a stove

The rice cooked in the oven is too delicious! !

When you eat, the bathing fee for one day hot spring is half!

One day hot spring is attached to this roadside station, but if you eat at this demon's niece, bathing fee 660 yen will usually be added at half price 330 yen! This is a good deal (^ ^) Enter the bath!

Natural hot spring "Miyama-no-yu" with source

Natural hot spring Miyama no Yu of source

One day hot spring "Miyama-no-yu" where this is attached. I will put in from the side of the souvenir corner!

Natural hot spring Miyama no Yu of source

Miyama-no-yu is a natural hot spring with a combination of 2 sources.
The spring quality is said to be "Beautiful skin water" and it is said that the skin becomes smooth with hydrogen carbonate, so it is good for neuralgia and arthralgia and fifty shoulders.

There is also an open-air bath outside!
Feeling to travel slowly (^ ^)
The hot spring sommelier has lukewarm water (37 ° C ~ 39 ° C)板倉San and Wanpagu blogger'sSo muchThe party was filled in (^^)
There are also hot water and sleeping water, so it's good to put in according to your preference.
By the way, this "Miyama-no-yu" can only be bathed many times on the day.
It is possible to go in the morning at 9, go sightseeing at 1 days, and enter for free in the evening!

Of course, as it is a road station, it has a large selection of local products and folk art from Odani Village.

Including the popular Junmai Ginjo "Kotani Aoi" (720 ml 1,629 including tax), the original liquor also sells XNUM X varieties!

"Kotani soy sauce", which is also used in demon bowls, is soy sauce that uses whole soybeans and wheat XNUM% (light and dark mouth)

It may be the best if you put it on egg and rice (^ ^)

Monkey Without Soft Cream (XNUM X)

I have no eyes on soft cream I ate out of the bath made with the original species of kiwifruit called "Salunai"Monkey Without Soft Cream"!

A soft cream with sourness like apple and sweetness like sweet potato. I will go over the blazing body of the bathhouse (^ ^)

In Otani village, Nagano prefecture, I told you that the first installment was Otori Road Station.

Next to the signboard is the dinosaur monument when fossils of dinosaur footprints are excavated! This is great power (^ ^)

One of the most popular Road Stations in North Kanto was the spot of Otani Village's gourmet, hot spring, and well-stocked local products. Look forward to the Otani Village Sanpo series in Nagano Prefecture, which has just begun!

Road Station Otori

Location: Otani Mura Kita Odani, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture 1861-1
Business hours
Opening hours of shops and hot springs: 10: 00 to 21: 00
Hot spring final reception desk: 20: 30

Official site:

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