[To 9 / 10] experience sea fishing hunting in the Futtsu coast! I've been getting a bunch of clams and clams!

Futtsu Coast scout hunting
Hello Tokyo walk po!
This timeTokyo Bay FerryWe participated in the press tour of XNUM X night XNUM day which beats South Boso in early summer with the invitation of Ms.
It is the sea bream hunting ground of Futtsu coast in Chiba that headed on the XNUM X day!

To Chiba Prefecture, Futtsu Coast Shiohi hunting ground

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

This time, I visited for a round trip at the Futtsu Coast Shioi hunting ground in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, which is about 40 minutes by car from the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line Kaihotaru and about XNUM minutes by car from the Tokyo Bay Ferry Kanaya Port.

Sea food hunting fee

Futtsu Coast scoop hunting fare list

Click here for the price list of sea hunts!

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

The entrance shows tickets and enters.

When it comes out, we ask the fishermen's cooperative to measure the weight of the shellfish taken last, and if it exceeds XNUM X kg, it is a system that it costs an excess fee of X NUM X yen.

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

This time we have experienced the sea hunt with a special admission ticket for a press tour.

Have a net for X-NUMX kg for small people and a rental rake (usually 1 yen) and start off in the hunt for sea bream!

Let's scoop hunting!

Futtsu Coast

Many people are already there when going from the entrance to the beach and the beach!

It was a great success last year on the Futtsu coast scouts visited by 12 10,000 people!

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

By the way, it is the first time for me to hunt the clams after they've been eaten.

At first I was worried about how long I could take it for about 30 minutes, but when I scratched the sand on the beach with my rake, I hit a big clam as early as I can catch it with Zack Zaku. This fun (^ ^)

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

Hermit crabs and sawagani are as many as clams.

My daughter-in-law, I love her so much!

Futtsu Beach where clams are also caught!

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

I thought I was able to get only clams, but I can catch clams with 10 pieces with a probability of about 1 pieces!

Clams were also surprised at the large shellfish!

Get 30 kg in just 1 minutes

Futtsu Coast scout hunting

It was an experience of about 30 minutes, but I dug out the shellfish and make a 1kg net bag fill up in a matter of seconds!

Even so, 2kg is likely to be able to catch in the spare if there is 1 time.

Clams and clams were brought home, drained from the sand, desalted, and then deliciously served with pescatore or butter-baked (^ ^).

Parking is free at Futtsu Coast. It is a leisure spot of iron plate at Minami Boso in summer!

Futtsu Coast Shio hunting ground

Location: Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture Futtsu 2307-2

Business hours vary greatly depending on the tide. Please check from the official site.

Parking lot: Yes (1200 free)
Official site:http://www.jf-futtsu.com/index.html

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