[Open Review] I bought MacBook Pro XNUM X inch (XNUM X) for the first time in X NUM X years, so I tried to compare with the size!

MacBook Pro13inch2017
It is Tokyo walk of MacBook Pro users!
The movement of MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) that I'm using mainly from the end of last year is getting worse, and I was collecting various information that I wanted to buy it soon.

Meanwhile, the new MacBookPro is announced at Apple's Developer Conference (WWDC) held the other day!

It is this timing! Since I ordered immediately and finally arrived yesterday, I would like to compare it with the MacbookPro I've opened immediately and used so far!

Open MacBook ProXNUM!

MacBook Pro13inch2017

I purchased this time a model without TouchBar of MacBook Pro13 inch (256GB).

The color is space gray. Reversal from conventional silver, cool and cool color (^ ^)

MacBook Pro13inch2017

Bundled items are USB-C charging unit and cable.

MacBook Pro13inch2017

Open it up and open your book! The touch pad is wide!

I tried to use it as a US keyboard from this time. The keyboard position is slightly different from the JIS standard keyboard. The position of the Enter key is also slightly different, and it takes time to get used to.

MacBook Pro13inch2017

The external input has two USB-C ports on the left side and an earphone jack at 1 on the right side.

You will need another hub to load the old USB or SD card. I purchased this hub connected with Type-C.

I am moved by the lightness and thinness!

MacBook Pro13inch2017

The first impression I tried was "Slightly! Thin!" (^ ^)

Recently, I have been out for coverage and interviewed outside, but when I carry a single-lens reflex camera and MacBookPro on the back, it is quite heavy. This volume down is really appreciated.

MacBook Pro13inch2017

I compared it with the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) I used so far.The height is as thin as about 1 cm from 2.41cm to 1.49cm.Is this the evolution of this 5 year?

MacBook Pro13inch2017

The weight is reduced from 2.06kg to 1.37kg.

It is the same XNUM X inch model, but both width and depth have become smaller and smarter.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017)
高 さ2.41 cm1.49 cm
Width32.5 cm30.41 cm
depth22.7 cm21.24 cm
重 さ0.83 lbs0.83 lbs

MacBook Pro13inch2017

MacBook Pro13inch2017

The processor is equipped with the latest Kaby Lake, XNUM X GHz dual core Intel Core iX NUM (up to X NUM X GHz when using Turbo Boost). The memory was 2.5GB until now, but since it became heavy as soon as I launched the software, I made it 7GB.

Actually, I was worried about trying to use MacBookPro or a slightly thinner MacBook this time. When I consulted with a good blogger of my close relationship and heard a lot, I heard that development (modification) of photos such as Lightroom and editing work of videos are very heavy (it takes time) in the specifications of Macbook, and this time also MacBookPro It is to buy!

I tried using it immediately! Everything is fast!

MacBook Pro13inch2017

I tried to migrate data from the previous model immediately, but everything from the launch of the software to the development of the photo is fast! ! The work so far is likely to be faster. (The rest is typing (^ ^;))

Buy a new model for the first time in 5 and feel completely renewed. I will do my best to make this blog even more powerful!

I want to read it together

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