[Ashiya Yachimun Street Walk] Okinawa Ice Zenzai at "Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku"

Yachimun street

It is a Tokyo walk that I like Okinawa.
When I first came to Okinawa XNUM X years ago,Naha's Yachimun StreetThe atmosphere of the old-fashioned Okinawan-style tea shop in the back of the alley was very good.

Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

The name of the shop was a shop called "Uchina Chaya Bukubuku", but when I was taking a walk on Yachimun Street the other day, I went to another place.Uchina Tea House & Gallery BukubukuI found a shop named " Is it the same shop?

Of course, a lot of great antique dishes and glasses such as grilled rice and Ryukyu glass were sold in the store.

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

Pictures and furniture are also on display, and as the name suggests, they are also galleries.

There are counter and table seats in the shop, and you can enjoy tea while taking a break.


Menu of Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

The menu for "Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku" is here!

"Bukubuku tea", which is the origin of the store name, is a tea that was enjoyed at the celebration of the Ryukyu Dynasty, when it blew up in a large bowl.

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

Outside the store, the character "Okinawa good luck" is! !

I like this because I like shaved ice (^ ^)

Okinawa ice allen (600 yen)

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

First of all, "Okinawa Ice Zenzai" has arrived!

The vessel is of course "Yachimun" (^ ^)

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

A lot of Hokkaido-made gold tofu beans, which are boiled down with brown sugar, are abundantly served, and three white balls are added.

It is delicious and wrapped in taste and the smell of brown sugar with the plump thickness of a thick golden bean with a strong presence (^ ^)

Ginmo Sanpin tea (XNUM X yen)

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

Next, silver haired pink tea. It is with Chinese sweets.

Ginge Sanpincha is a high-class sanpin tea made by repeating the scent of jasmine tea over the green tea sprouts (silver hair) many times.

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

Ginge sanpin tea is more delicious and delicious than ordinary sanpin tea. It is good to have ice tea in summer!

While having a home-made meal, I thought it would be overwhelmed.

Uchina Chaya & Gallery "Bukubuku"

When I asked the shop, it seems that the same owner who used to come with "Uchiana Chaya Bukubuku" just moved the shop here and opened it last month on 10. "Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku"The staff is also very polite. Because it is a quiet atmosphere, it was a perfect cafe for a break while taking a walk on Yachimun.

By the way, the place where there was a shop before now is now Ryukyu restaurant of the sisters shop "Nuchigafu (Fulfillment Report)It seems to be "!"

Uchina Tea House & Gallery Bukubuku

Address: Ashiya, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 1-22-35
Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
Closed: Wednesday
Store Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/bukubuku.okinawa/

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