How to issue cinema discount coupons using U-NEXT points

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Video distribution service "from beforeU-NEXTI will tell you how to use the points to issue discount coupons for movie theaters this time.

U-NEXT points are awarded for 1000 yen every month

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT
Flat-rate video service with monthly usage fee of 1,990 yen (excluding tax)U-NEXT"Is given U-NEXT points for 1,000 yen every month.

U-NEXT point is rental of the latest work,NHK on demandIt is used when watching terrestrial broadcast videos, etc., but often it takes too much time to accumulate points.

What's convenient is that you can use the U-NEXT points for movie coupon discount coupons!

First, click the menu button on the upper left of the "U-NEXT" site, andCoupon, gift code"Click.

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ From this page "Movie ticket discountClick on

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ PresentIon cinema","Shochiku multiplex theaters","United cinema", Can be used in Shinjuku Balt 9 etc."Online ticket reservation KINEZOSelect the desired cinema from XNUM X's. The exchange coupons for each theater are as follows.

  • Ion cinema(Replace U-NEXT points with 500 yen, 1,000 yen, 1,100 yen, 1,800 yen discount coupons)
  • Shochiku multiplex theaters(Replace U-NEXT points 1,300 points with movie coupons)
  • United cinema(Replace U-NEXT points 1,400 points with movie coupons)
  • Online ticket reservation KINEZO(Can purchase movie tickets with a discount for U-NEXT points)

This time we are developing nationwideIon cinemaWe will tell you how to exchange movie discount coupons that can be used in

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ Ion CinemaMovie discount coupon and exchangeClick on

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ Select the Aeon Cinema theater you want to view.

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ You can exchange your U-NEXT points for Ion Cinema coupons (500, 1,000, 1,100, 1,800). Select the desired coupon "IssueClick on

How to issue a movie discount coupon with U-NEXT

↑ Check point usage and send coupon screen to your email address.

Enter your email addressSENDClick on

Show it to the staff when ticketing at the theater OK

URL Since the URL to the coupon screen is described in the e-mail that arrived, access there.

Display the screen at the corresponding Aeon cinema ticket office and make it to the staffStaff confirmationThe coupon code will be discounted if you tap the button.

Unexpectedly easy (^ ^)

Free trial of XNUM X days!

"U-NEXT" is the number of deliveries 120,000 or more, and new works of 2,000 or more are updated every month. "Harry Potter" new series of 1 "Fantastic Beast and the Wizard's Journey"And from 7 Mon XNUM X (Wednesday) was a big hit last year"What is your name?"The latest works such as" are also thrilled. It is also nice to be able to use up to 1 accounts with 4 contracts without additional charge!

The monthly amount is 1,990 yen (excluding tax), but if you use it as a cinema ticket without a loss like this time, you can see movies and animations of "All-you-can-use works" with a real monthly amount of 990 yen (excluding tax).

Currently, you can receive U-NEXT points for 600 yen that can be used for the latest product rental and electronic book rental etc.XNUM X Day Free Trial"Is underway!

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