[UNIQLO UTGP2017] I bought Super Mario and Pikachu graphic T-shirts for this summer outing


It is fast retailing from the top to the bottom, and it is Tokyo walk po!
Uniqlo's "UTGP" is held every year. This is the 12 collaboration with Nintendo (Nintendo)!

T-shirts designed with all 16,000 Nintendo characters from among the number of applications 31 points with each UNIQLO storeUNIQLO Online2017 5 Mon 19 Day (Friday) is now on sale!

When I went to UNIQLO near the launch day on the first day of the release, UTs lined up with ZARU were lined up in the store!

Princess Peach's T-shirt is also cute (^ ^)

Get Super Mario and Pokemon UT!

UTGP2017 Pikachu Super Mario

So we introduce Super Mario and Pokemon UT immediately because we got it!

UTGP (Nintendo) graphic T (super mario · short sleeve) XNUM X yen + tax

UTGP2017 Super Mario

What I chose was a face on the right chest of a white T-shirt with a face outSuper mario brosIs cute here UT. Designed by Masakazu Osawa. (Men's only, size M)

UTGP (Nintendo) graphic T (super mario · short sleeve) XNUM X yen (excluding tax)

UTGP2017 Super Mario

Mario and Luigi are cute with only their face out of the pocket with a look at the earth pipe (^ ^)

UTGP2017 Super Mario

When I turn over my pocket, my brothers step on well (^ ^)

UTGP (Nintendo) Graphic T (Pokemon · short sleeve) XNUM X yen (excluding tax)

UTGP2017 Pikachu

WifeChose UT, which was decorated with the first Pokemon Pikachu dot drawings.

Designed by Benjamin Morse of America. (Ladies only, photo size S)

UTGP2017 Pikachu

It is a UT where you can enjoy cute Pikachu figures in all directions!

UTGP2017 Pikachu

At the bottom right of the T-shirt, the "Nintendo" tag and the "UTGP'17" tag were on the back.

In addition, popular characters of “The Legend of Zelda”, “Splatoon”, “Karby of the Stars”, “Star Fox”, “Pikmin”, “Metroid”, “Donkey Kong” and popular characters from Nintendo are sold as T-shirts of various designs. ! How about looking for this summer outing?

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