[With video delivery] Directed by Naomi Kawabata new movie "Light" Impressions "Going forward will be the light that creates tomorrow's self"

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2017 Year 5 Month 27 Day (Saturday) I have watched the latest work "Light" directed by Naomi Kawase, which will be released nationwide from the previous screening meeting.The film, which has been officially exhibited in the competition section of the XNUM X Cannes International Film Festival, is a beautiful love story.

Misako (Mizusaki Otome), who has been living monotonous days, meets with a weak-vision genius photographer, Masatoshi Nagase (Masato Nagase) after a certain job. Misako is frustrated by Yasumi's unfriendly attitude, but she is moved by the pictures of the sunset he has taken in the past, and hopes to take him to this place someday. A man who loses his eyesight gradually while facing a camera that is more important than his life. As I stared at his struggle, something in Misako began to change.

Masatoshi Nagase enthusiastically shows a photographer who loses sight

Misako (Ms. Mizuki Mizuki, who is working on creating a voice guide for movies for the visually impaired, in which the narrative aims to make the text a specific scene or action of the scene for the visually impaired. ) And a low visioned genius photographer Masatoshi (Masatoshi Nagase).

A little bit easier to understand, contrary to the desire to convey the contents of the movie specifically, the production of the audio guide of the role as an aid to the movie is a world without a correct meaning in a sense. Misako (Mizusaki Otome-san), who has her dementia mother in her relatives and struggles to produce a voice guide, was the most sympathetic character of this film.

Masatoshi Nagase is Kawase's previous work "An'Follow the tag. The previous work is Nagase who performed well with the shadow hero, Chitaro, but even in this work, he plays a terrifying fear of believing in himself and gradually losing sight of what has lived in the world of photography. At first the thought for Misako, who is gradually attracted while she collides. In addition, 1 photos taken by Yatai greatly move the fate of the two.

Light of hope

Before"TAMA Film AwardMr. Nagase also said at the time of coverage of "", but the big feature of Kawase-gumi is that the call to start the play "Good start" is not performed at all. It seems that the actors have to be alive before entering the scene. Many people with visual impairments have appeared in this film, but there is no screeching, and a place to bring out a documentary-like natural performance by turning the film all the way is said to be the true essence of director Kawase who pursues reality. You

Various shapes of light are projected, such as the light that enters the room through the work, the light of the sunset from the summit, and the light that is losing. No matter what circumstances you put in, believing in yourself and moving forward will not be the “light of hope” that will create you tomorrow. Such a message is put in this work.

By the way, Mr. Kiki, who played with Nagase in the previous work "An", has appeared in an unexpected form, but this is a fun to see.

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