[Sorachika Card] ANA miles are accumulated in Tokyo walk! Land Mylar's Required Credit Card

Sorachika card

Hidden Land Mylar, Tokyo Walkpo!
The credit card that I have used for many years to introduce it today "ANA ToMe CARD PASMO JCB"is. Commonly called "Sorachika cardThis card, which is called "", is used not only for convenient Tokyo Metro during Tokyo walk, but also for various usage scenes.ANA milesIs accumulated,It is a JCB card of ANA Mylar's special hand.

Basic Information of Sorachika Card

  • Annual fee: 1st year fee free of charge. 2 yen (excluding tax) and family members 2,000 yen (excluding tax) from the year 1,000
  • Points: ANA Miles / Metro Points / JCB Oki Doki Points
  • Mileage transfer fee: 10 Mileage Course Yearly 5,000 yen (excluding tax), 5 Mileage course free
  • PASMO function: With
  • PASMO auto charge function: Yes
  • Pass: Available (Tokyo Metro, Tokyu Railway, Tobu Railway, Keikyu Railway, Sagami Railway, commuter ticket released by Keio Electric Railway)
  • ETC card / QUIC Pay / PiTaPa / plus EX can be added
  • Boarding point: Weekday XNUM X Metro Point / Holiday XNUM X Metro Point
  • Electronic money point: Vending machine 100 yen = 1 metro point / store 200 yen = XNUM X metro point
  • Overseas travel accident insurance: Maximum 1,000 10,000 yen / Domestic aviation injury insurance highest 1,000 yen / Shopping Guard Insurance (overseas) maximum 100 10,000 yen

Annual fee for Sola Chica card

The Solarica Card is free for the first year's annual fee.
After the 2 year, you will be a member 2,160 (tax included) and a family member 1,080 (tax included).

The Solarica Card will receive ANA miles 1,000 miles each year from the time of first enrollment.

Point of sorakika card

Solarica card point exchange

JCB's "per shop X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XXOki Doki pointWill earn 1 points. Because Oki Doki points are equivalent to 1 points = 5 yen,Redemption rate is 0.5%is. Oki Doki points are available as Mile Automatic Migration Course 10 Miles and 5 Miles, and can be converted into 5,000 miles by paying an annual fee of 10 yen (excluding tax).

Metro Points, described later, can exchange XNUM X Metro Points at a high rate called XNUM X miles.

Course nameTransition rateMileage transfer fee
Miles Automatic Migration Course 10 MilesOkiDoki points 1 points = 10 milesAnnual XNUM X yen (excluding tax)
Miles Automatic Migration Course 5 MilesOkiDoki points 1 points = 5 miles Free download
Mile Point Course 10 MilesOkiDoki points 1 points = 10 milesAnnual XNUM X yen (excluding tax)
Mile Point Course 5 MilesOkiDoki points 1 points = 5 miles Free download

The difference between the automatic migration course and the multipoint course,The automatic migration course is OkiDoki points transferred to ANA miles every monthAndMulti-Point Course Transfers to ANA Miles at Your Own TimingYou can do it.

I have a main cardANA wide gold cardBecause this Sorachika card is often used as a relay point for PASMO and point exchange, whichMultipoint course 5 milesIt is set to


Auto charge PASMO and commuter pass

The Solarica card is equipped with PASMO and can be auto-charged. Many outings often get autocharged with this card and get on the train. Auto Charge X NUM X Yen earns Oki Doki points X NUM X Points (equivalent to X NUM X Yen).

As we carry commuter pass, those who commute to work in Tokyo Metro can do double taking of Metro point (1,000 point) and OkiDoki point per XNUM X yen when we purchase commuter pass with sorakka cardRedemption rate is 1%It becomes. This is pretty big, isn't it? If the commuter pass is monthly 1 10,000 yen, the annual 120 points, if monthly 2 10,000 yen, the annual 240 points alone can be taken away from the card annual fee.

Metro points are accumulated by taking the Tokyo Metro

Metropoint Plus
The Solarica Card "Metropoint PlusThere is a system thatMember-only site

Metro point

It is good that you earn ANA miles just by taking the Tokyo Metro (^ ^)

But you can save more ANA miles on this Sorachika card!

Get up to 3,000 miles with My Friends program

Currently with Sola Chica card

  • Bonus Miles 1,000 miles at enrollment
  • When set to 10 miles course, Oki Doki points 500 points (equivalent to 1,500 miles)

And earn 2,500 miles with your campaign.

My friends program

Furthermore, if you do not have an ANA card yetANA My Friends ProgramIn the case of the ANA General Card (Sorachica Card), 500 miles will be included as "introducers" and "inviters".

So you can earn up to 3,000 miles!

My friends program

↑ "ANA My Friends ProgramHow to apply forApplicant Information Registration URLPage of ""Registration pageIn the screen that will appear when you click the button "Referrer information"ToMy nameIntroductory numberEnter "andApplicant InformationEnter your name (Kana) and date of birth in "" and register.

※ Your personal information will not be known to me.

  • Referrer Name "Nakagawa Manabu'
  • Introductory number "00012669'

Applicant Information Registration URL

My friends program

↑ Registration is complete,Preferred ANA CardIf you apply for membership, it is complete.

I earn ANA miles with the Solarica Card and go to Okinawa every year

ANA miles

Recently I also use low cost air (LCC), but from there Narita Airport is a considerable road. ANA, which can be used from Haneda Airport, is still very convenient.

The Solarica Card is a must-have card for saving ANA Miles. Even though I started using the Sorachika card, ANA miles will be accumulated dramatically,For the past several years, I am going to Okinawa with my wife and 2 every year using ANA Mileage.As there are nearly 10 million miles even now, it seems that after the couple of 2 to 3 times, couples can reciprocate Okinawa (^^)

I want to read it together

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