We comment on entrance and charge, sightseeing bus platform of parking lot of GINZA SIX (Ginza Six)


New complex type commercial facility "Ginza 6-chome / Matsuzakaya Ginza store ruins"GINZA SIX (Ginza Six)"The grand opening of XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X (Thursday)!

This time it will open soonGINZA SIXLet's show you the parking lot and sightseeing bus stop!

Parking lot of GINZA SIX (Ginza Six)

Parking lot of GINZA SIX

GINZA SIXGeneral car parking lot enters from "Azuma-dori" passing through the middle of the building.

Parking lot of GINZA SIX

Azuma-dori is divided into a sidewalk and a driveway like this.


Parking lot fee for GINZA SIX

There is a parking lot operated by Times here.

The capacity is 445 units (mechanical) and 43 units (self-propelled). The charge is 30 for 300. (Business hours are 6: 00 to 26: 00)

As a discount service, purchases at GINZA SIX are 3,000 yen or more, 1 hours free, 10,000 yen or more, 2 hours, 30,000 yen or more, 4 hours free (tax included, can be combined).

Also, 2017 Year 5 From the middle of the monthValet parking serviceStarted. It seems that the staff will carry the car at 1 times 2,000 tax incl. (※ Parking fee is separate)

In "Times B" where you can make reservations in advance on the webNext to GINZA SIXParking lot from 1 day 1,300 yenWhen,1 day 1,400 yen parking lotIs available!

Tourist bus connection directly to GINZA SIX

Sightseeing bus platform for GINZA SIX

So far, the tourist bus arriving in Ginza has stopped temporarily at the shoulder of Ginza Chuo Dori, etc. From now on, this "on the back of GINZA SIX"Tourist bus platformA large bus such as a group bus arrives at "," and drops tourists.

Sightseeing bus platform for GINZA SIX

The terminal is directly connected to GINZA SIX by stairs and deck, and there is a tourist service center on the 1 floor, and you can use tourist services such as tourist information, currency exchange, tax exemption and temporary storage of baggage in Ginza. !

The tenants of XNUM stores, and GINZA SIX, which will be the bus terminal and a new shopping base for Ginza, will be grandly opened on XNUM X X X X month XNUM X days (Thursday)!

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Address: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 6-10
Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Hibiya Line "Ginza Station" A3 Exit Walk 2 minutes
Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line / Hibiya Line "Higashi Ginza Station" A1 Exit Walk 3 minutes
Business hours: Shop 10: 30 to 20: 30
Restaurant 11: 00 to 23: 30 ※ It varies according to some stores
Official site:https://ginza6.tokyo/