World's first wearable speech translation device "ili (Ily)" product launch

I like English but I am not good at speaking English.
This is the world's first wearable speech translation device, opened in Tokyo on 2017, 1, and 31 (Tuesday)ili (iri)We will tell about the design of the product launch meeting.
If you have this, you can enjoy the trip abroad very much!

Wearable speech translation device "ili (iri)'

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement
When you travel abroad, the wall you must overcome is the language.
We are also new to 3 years agoHawaiiWhen I went there I went in a state where I could not even speak English, so I remember that I could only say "Yes" or "Thank you" (^ ^;)
This time, announced by Log Bar Co., Ltd. "ili (iri)"Is the world's first wearable speech translation device tuned for overseas travel.

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement

Mr. Takuro Yoshida, CEO of Logbar Corporation, loved to travel abroad.
But every time I went to various places, I felt the language barrier.

Even if you take an electronic dictionary and translate it, it may not be that many people have experience that it takes a long time. Now that smartphones have become popular, it does not necessarily mean that there is a WiFi environment, and radio waves can not be used outside the service area.

Wearable speech translation device "ili (iri)"Because we want to enjoy traveling simply by traveling abroad, we can translate it into a foreign language with a very simple operation.

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement

This is a wearable speech translation device completed after 2 years of development.ili (iri)Is ".

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement
Actually, I was allowed to touch with touch and try, but it is rounded with a white case and very light in palm size.

The operation method is very easy."Ili (iri)"Press and hold the round main button on the hook and release the buttonEnglish voice starts in the fastest 0.2 seconds.

Please look at the video shot by touch and try.
The translation was too natural, and at last I thought in English “Thank you” (sweat), but I felt that the translation was very accurate. Of course there were times when long sentences and complicated wordings were wrong, but I felt that if the sentences were shortened and heard, the conversation would not be established.

There is nothing squeaky in conversations outside of Japan that you can not get a word without a word.
With "ili (iri)", without connecting to the Internet, the voice translated at one touch flows, so it will fill in the gap immediately, and it will make traveling abroad more comfortable.

By the way, the origin of the name of "ili (iri)" is written in the alphabet as if it is between people.ili (iri)It is said that it was named because it appeared to be in a certain state.

Currently, translation can be done in two languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, English, and Japanese-English, but bilingual translation is not possible, and 1 translation is performed in 1 units in the sense of Japanese → English or English → Japanese. can do. Korean language support is scheduled for 2017 summer, and Thai and Spanish languages ​​will be supported in the future.
For general users, it is scheduled to be released this year, but from the day of this presentation, the application acceptance of services for corporations (monthly 3,980 yen / license) has started.

Rental with overseas WiFi router starts in the middle of 4 month

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement

Initially, travel-related corporate services are being promoted "ili". As an initiative with each company, an initiative with Aeon Mall Co., Ltd., Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. of Tokyo Metro, and Vision Co., Ltd., which develops overseas WiFi routers, has been announced.

This is the most familiar place this year from overseas in the middle of 4 month of XNUMX Vision's overseas WiFi routerGlobal WiFiAt the same time as rental the service, it will be possible to rent "ili" as well. As we also plan to rent to visiting foreigners who come to Japan for sightseeing from overseas when visiting overseas, it is likely that more foreigners will have conversations with this “ili” (^) ^)

Postscript Overseas WiFi router ""Ili (Eli)" rental from "Global WiFi" has started

Wearable speech translation device "ili" product announcement
Mr. Takuro Yoshida, CEO of Log Bar, Inc., said last time he wanted to make all overseas travel more enjoyable. Wearable speech translation device "ili (iri)" that anyone can make travel conversation level conversations in an instant. I hope this translator will spread in various scenes in the future!

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