【Accommodation note】 Breakfast buffet with unlimited amount at Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru!

It is a Tokyo walk that I went to Otaru of Hokkaido in 11 month!
The accommodation on the first day of your stay is located in front of JR Otaru Station.Dormy in Premium OtaruStay at!
Breakfast seems to be Hokkaido, and how much all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet can be enjoyed \ (• ᄇ •) /

JR Otaru Ekimae "Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru"

Dormy in Premium Otaru

Hokkaido Otaru has come! Dormy Inn Premium Otaru on the first day is in front of JR Otaru Station!

It's close to walking XNUM minutes!

Lobby is made with a sense of quality.

Otaru is famous for its glass products, so the lamp lighting creates a warm space.

Dormy Inn PREMIUN Otaru Twin Room

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Guest Room Twin

On this day, check in to a twin room of size 21㎡. In addition to Japanese-style twin rooms, Japanese-Western style rooms (32.4㎡), Japanese-style rooms (36㎡), Dormy Inn PREMUN Otaru offers a variety of rooms, including capsule rooms (2.6㎡) and dedicated rooms where you can stay with pets. It is.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Rooms

There is a sofa and a table, an LCD TV and an air purifier in front of the window. There was also WiFi for hotel guests.

Dormy in Premium Otaru

From the window, I could see the Otaru Tenguyama ski resort with snow on JR Otaru Station.

This is a good view ^ ^

There was a closet next to the bed, there was a refrigerator under the wash basin, and the limited space was effectively used to make the bedroom as wide as possible.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Rooms

The toilet and shower room are opposite the wash basin.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Rooms

As there is a large public bath on the 2 floor, the shower room only.

I also went to the morning bath, so I did not use the shower after all, thank you.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Rooms

There is a small desk area next to the bed. The outlet is 3 at the desk.

Dormy in PREMIUM Otaru Power

Since there is also an outlet on the side of the lighting at the bedside, charging of the smartphone is enough here (^ ^)

I forgot my microUSB cable this trip, but I was saved a great deal by having a dedicated charging cable at my desk. Since the Lightning cable is also attached, the iPhone can be charged.

Natural hot spring "light of hot water"

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Onsen

Speaking of fun at Dormy Inn Hotel, it's a hot spring.

There is a natural hot spring "Lonnoyu" on the 2 floor.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Onsen

Spacious dressing room.

I could not shoot inside, but there was an inner bath, a sauna, and a rock bath outdoors, and the hot spring of alkaline hypotonic mineral spat warmed my body up to my heart and core, and the fatigue of the trip blew away.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

By the way night 21: From 30 to 23: 00 it's also a nice service that night soba buckwheat is served for free!

How much is it by breakfast buffet!

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast How Much

Breakfast buffet is popular in the restaurant of Dormy Inn PREMIUN Otaru 2 floor where you can enjoy the seafood of Hokkaido enough! About 7th place on TripAdvisor's "Good hotel ranking 2016 for good breakfast"!

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

When I go to the breakfast room, a large bowl of sea seafood, including a large amount of it, is on standby (^ ^)

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

The rice is also prepared delicious local rice and vinegar rice!

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

There was also a local dish "Sampei soup" of Hokkaido.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

There are also plenty of seafood grilled in the north sea!

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

It is not only Japanese food. Western food is also abundant variation.

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast

The chef will make fried egg and omelet on the spot (^ ^)

How much rice Tsuya Tsuya

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast How Much

How much will you earn from the morning!

Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru Breakfast How Much

It is the king of the taste of Hokkaido just how much you can squeeze in your mouth.

The sweet shrimp is also fresh and delicious enough to say that it was good to come to Otaru with only this (^ ^)

By the way, it is good that breakfast is also available for non-hotel guests for X NUM X yen for buffet!

Good view, good hot spring, good breakfast "Dormy in PREMIUM Otaru"

By the way, because there is a retail store “Echimorutao” of “Lutao” near the entrance of the hotel, souvenirs can be purchased on the way back!

"Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru" was a well-located hotel with a natural hot spring on a well-placed 1 walk from JR Otaru Station, and the breakfast was worth spending just enough to eat. The Otaru Triangle Market, Otaru Canal and downtown areas can be reached within a few minutes' walk, so it's the perfect hotel for sightseeing!

Click here for the reservation site of natural hot spring light hot water Dormy Inn PREMIUM Otaru!

LocationHokkaido Otaru City Inaho 3 Chome 9-1
AccessFrom JR Otaru Station on foot XNUM minutes ◆ About 7 minutes from Otaru IC ◆ 8 minutes on foot to Otaru canal ◆ 10 minutes on foot to Sushiyadori
Telephone number0134-21-5489
Parking lot information■ 80 cars (height normal car XNUM Xm wagon to XNUM X m) ■ XNUM X night XNUM X yen (first-come-first-served basis) ※ Neighborhood parking lot when full
Lowest price3,000~
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