【Walking from Shibuya Scramble Crossing for 0】 I have visited "Hachiko Pre-blood Donation Room" [PR]

When I say "I'm blood type B," I often say "I thought I was type O."
This time, I visited the "Hachiko Pre-blood Donation Room" in front of Shibuya Station at the PR event of the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Donation Center.
There was such a blood donation room in front of the Shibuya scramble intersection!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

I came to the "Hachi-kodon Blood Donation Room" at XNUMF in the building just after the Shibuya Station Scramble Crossing.

General reception

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Here is the general receptionist. I tried to enter the blood donation room for the first time, but it is very beautiful and looks like a luxury lounge at the airport (^ ^)

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Leave your luggage in this locker.

Of course, it is available free of charge.

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

First of all, I will answer the question for blood donation here.

If you have a blood donation card, you can receive it in a short time.

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

White and beautiful sofa! It looks like a stylish cafe!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Drinks are free in this lounge. There are many comic books and you can rest freely.

After blood donation, ice cream and biscuits were distributed free of charge.

A scrambled intersection is in front of you!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

From the window the Shibuya scramble intersection is in front of you! It may be the first time to see from this angle!

Wi-Fi is also available free of charge.

Doctor interview

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

If your turn comes around, you will be asked about the condition of your body today, and your blood pressure will be measured.

Prior blood collection

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

If there is no problem at the doctor's interview, a small amount of pre-bleed blood is analyzed here to analyze the ingredients. The analysis results will be released immediately, confirmation of the concentration of hemoglobin and predetermination of blood type will be performed, and if there are no problems, blood collection will begin.

Blood sampling

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

You will lie in this bed and have a blood sample.

The blood collection time is about 10 minutes for whole blood donation, and it may take from 30 minutes to 1 hours or more for component blood donation. On holidays, 4 beds for donating whole blood and 16 beds for donating ingredients may fill up. If you donate blood, make a reservation in advance.

There are two types of blood donations: whole blood donation (200ml, 400ml) and component donation. In terms of ratio, 2ml is the smallest with 200%, followed by component blood donation with 4.6% and 27.7ml with 400%. Blood products purified from donated blood have a very short expiry date of whole blood products for 67.7 days after blood collection and platelet products for 21 days after blood collection. That's why regular blood donation from everyone is necessary.

By the way, the blood donation standard is 400ml blood donation is 18 or older (200ml is 16 or older) and anyone under 70 can apply for blood donation. Hachiko's former blood donation room is called Shibuya, and many young people come here!

The Nisshin Original Hello Kitty hits!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Meanwhile, the original Hello Kitty + 2016 character with a red hat in a blood donation room in Tokyo for a limited time from 12 year 1 month 2017 day (Thursday) to 1 year 31 month 3 day (Tuesday). Not) "Color XNUM X Character Set"A campaign that hits 400 people is underway now!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

"Pyokonru" is a type of stuffed animal that rides on the edge of a table or PC.

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Kitty wearing this red hat is original!

You can apply for blood pressure without having to donate blood in the blood donation room in the city (^ ^)

In front of the scramble intersection!

In that case, we introduced the "Hachi-kodon Blood Donation Center". "Hachikoen Blood Donation Center" is the sixth floor of a large vision building that you can see from Shibuya Station!

Blood donation has been done several times before, but after it is over, I feel something very refreshing. However, it seems that it will be the time when the blood donation of 400 ml decreases, especially from winter to spring. In the blood donation promotion activity “Denyu 400” conducted by the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Center, various events are held in addition to Pyokko, including collaboration with escape games. It would be nice if as many people as you are interested in blood donation!

Hachiko pre-blood donation room

Location: Shibuya Ward Dogenzaka XNUM-2-3 Dagai Building 2 Floor
(Tokyo Metro · Tokyu Shibuya Station Exit 5 immediately after)
Phone: 0956-56-2311
Reception hours: [Component blood donation] 10: 00 to 17: 00 (without lunch break)
[400 / 200mL] 10: 00 to 18: 30 (without lunch break)
Regular holiday: 12 month 31 day, 1 month 1 day, 1 month 2 day
The second Sunday of the month 2, 5, 8, 11
Official site:https://www.tokyo.bc.jrc.or.jp/rooms/roomhp/room17.html

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