Sanpo while watching the illumination "Otaru Yuki Monogatari" of Otaru canal

I landed in Hokkaido for the first time, it is a Tokyo walk!
This time, we went to Otaru for XNUM minutes from New Chitose Airport Station on the Rapid Airport Line. Speaking of Otaru is Otaru canal ~!
Illumination "Otaru Yuki Monogatari" is being held at this time.

To Otaru canal


I arrived at the Otaru canal ~! Otaru Canal is one of the most famous tourist spots in Hokkaido, where brick and stone old warehouses are adjacent. On this day, in the middle of 11 month, the temperature was quite low at 0 ° C even though the blue sky was visible, and it was a very cold day due to the weather with small snow flickers.


"Otaru canal" which has become a tourist attraction now. In the past, there were plans to be completely reclaimed, and there were arguments in favor and opposition. In the end, the canal was buried in half by a compromise plan, and now there is a promenade sideways, and it has become a famous tourist attraction now.


A small ship passed during the walk. "Otaru canal cruise"Is operated year-round, and night cruise is also very popular at night. (Fee: adult general 1,500, night cruise adult general 1,800)

Yuki Otaru Story is being held!


In such Otaru Canal, the illumination event “Yuki Otaru Monogatari” is being held from 2016 year 11 month 12 (Saturday) to 2017 year 2 month 12 (Sunday)!

In front of the lighted up Otaru Canal Plaza, a Christmas tree with floating glass 200 pieces will color the winter Otaru canal (^ ^)

At this Otaru Canal Plaza from XNUM X Mon XNUM X (Fri) to X X X Mon X Num X (Saturday), "Candle Bar" is held on Friday and Saturday, and it seems to be able to enjoy beer.

Blue canal


At night, it is colored with blue LED and the color that reflects on Otaru canal is very beautiful.

Snow has not been accumulated yet, but if snow is accumulated and reflected it will be more fantastic scenery.


Otaru canal and illumination that old warehouse reflects. It was good not to reclaim everything ^ ^

Otaru is often thought to be only a canal, but it was a very attractive town with many historic buildings. Otaru sanpo Hen look forward to!

Otaru canal "Otaru Yuki Monogatari"

Period: 2016 year 11 month 12 day (Saturday) to 2017 year 2 month 12 day (Sunday)
Lighting time: From sunset to 22: From 30.
Place: Otaru Canal Asakusa Bridge-Chuo Bridge (※ Chuo Bridge is lighted from the end of 12 for construction work)
Official site:

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