[Sagimi Lake Illumination] Kanto's largest XNUM X sphere of the Irmilion XNUM! Guide to eating places

It is a Tokyo walk that I like illuminations!

The season is finally over this year too. This time, a complex resort facility in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa PrefectureSagami Lake Resort Pleasure ForestThe largest illumination event in Kanto, held from 2016 month 10 day (Saturday) to 22 year 2017 month 4 day (Sunday)Sagami Lake IrmillionWe have participated in the press preview of!

We will tell about the highlight of "Sagami Lake Ilmilion", which is the illumination of Kanto's largest 8 globe that has reached its 600 year, which emits glimmering light!

Kanto largest! Illumination of the XNUM X globe

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest Illumination "Sagami Lake Il Million" is actually the first in 4.When I came last timeWas an 400 sphere, but the number of illuminations has been increasing every year since then,Finally, you can enjoy the illumination of Kanto Max XNUM X World Sphere this year!

First of all, let's go to "Swan's Palace", which uses one of the biggest attractions of the year, illuminations of about 100!

To the palace of the swan

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

At first we enter from entrance gate and go forwardBig snowmanAppears!

If you go to the Big Snowman as a mark,

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Shining brightly "Light tunnel'Will come to see!

When you go through the tunnel that lights up one side,

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

In the back, "Swan Palace" exceeding height 15m appears!

'The lake of swanOr approximately XNUM X minutes of fountains and full-color LED lights of approximately X NUM X spheres tailored to classical musicXNUM X degree illumination show of light and water"A romantic moment flows.

Japan's first XNUM X degree illumination that illuminates not only to the sky but also to the feet with fantastic LED lighting that can express colors of approximately 1,600 colors is one of the highlights of this time ('▽ `)

"The Milky Way of Light" to see in the new lift

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

From this year, the number of operating seats has increased, and a new lift has been introduced that has increased its transport capacity by 2.

When I head to the summit area, I take this lift, but here is the highlight! At the foot of the lift, illumination from the summit to the foot is approximately XNUM x m longMilky Way of lightFlows with the music!

The view from above the galaxy (^ ^) which flows while riding the lift will also have a special view!

Niagara of light

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Well, from here, we introduce the illuminations of various places!

'Niagara of light"The illumination which made the waterfall a motif. When you enter the waterfall of flowing light,

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Inside is a diamond that floats in a fountain! Good as a photo spot!

Sea of ​​light

i Sagami Lake Illumination Il Million

'Sea of ​​light"Blue illumination spreads on one side!"

Sea creatures such as clownfish and sea turtles everywhere!

It is as if swimming in the open sea.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

You can see such dynamic illumination when you look down from the top of the hill!

This view was amazing!

Zoo of light

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

This is where the illumination of the animals is located everywhere on the curving road.Zoo of light. "

You can see animals living in the Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest forest, surrounded by greenery such as lions, gorillas, pandas, butterflies and ducks!

I walked a long distance just by walking around the park. I'm a little hungry, so let's eat at the restaurant!

Roast beef porridge in wild dining

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Restaurant near the entrance gateWild diningIn the restaurant, you can eat while watching the beautiful illuminations such as pizza, hamburg and curry rice.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Inside is a huge restaurant with a large indoor XNUM seat, a terrace 298 seat, and a barbecue garden 108 seat.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

This recommended limited menu isRoast beef bowl (XNUM X yen).

The thick roast beef has a hearty mark (^ ^ ^)

Food market

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

There are 5 stalls lined up outdoorsFood marketIs recommended. Mid-winter is quite cold, but it is Lake Pleasure Forest, but here you can enjoy warm food and drinks while keeping the bonfire warm.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Recommendation is cooked with special spice and vacuum"Soft spicy chicken" (XNUM X yen). This was really soft and amazing! Chicken of the level that I want to eat at Christmas usually and deliciously delicious and crumbled and seasoned. Next to it"Omar shrimp thick cream soup" (XNUM X yen)Shrimp flavor is plentiful (^ ^)

There are other stalls hereStone baked potato"Or"Fish or Chicken & Chips + Beer Set""hot chocolateYou can get a rich menu with freshly made!

English Garden of Light

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

By the way, where the stomach is full, illumination Sanpo resumes.

This is"English Garden of LightYou can enjoy the illuminations and fountains that imitate the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

The fountain seen from Rose Garden is also wonderful.

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Image character of "Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest"PaddingtonThe illumination of "is also cute!

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

It will be romantic if you get on the merry-go-round surrounded by such illuminations ^ ^

Next time, take the lift and go to the summit area to see!

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

In the summit area "Your mountain. "

It is a large ferris wheel that goes around in XNUM minutes! The view from the top looks good too!

Screaming machine too!

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

Screaming machine "Heaven in the skyNew attraction that opened this summerParadise pilot"You can also ride! "Paragrapher pilot" is actually riding, I will write an article later (^ ^)

Light flower field

Lake Sagami illuminations Il milion XNUM

In the summit area "Light flower field. "

Fantastic illumination shaped colorful flowers. You will be able to look at it unintentionally.

Lakeside Flower Garden

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

At the back of the summit areaLakeside Flower Garden". The illumination reflected in the water is so beautiful that I would like to see it all the time.

Il million lighting formula is XNUM X month X NUM X day (Sat)

Lake Sagami illuminations Ilmilion

The central lodge near the entrance gate isSymbolic treeThere isOn the first day of lighting 2016 10 Mon 22 (Saturday) will be a lighting formula that 600 globes will be lit all at once!

I visited for the first time in 4Sagami Lake Irmillion"It was, but considerable scale up than the last time! Facilities such as lifts are strengthened, so there are lots of attractions, so I think that you can spend a wonderful time with friends who are in love with your family and a couple!

On weekends, the surrounding roads are congested, and considerable congestion is expected in the park. It is best if you go on weekdays, but if you go on weekends, be sure to arrive early! It seems that congestion will be alleviated after the new year, so it is good to go and see in 1 and 2 months.

Sagami Lake Irmillion

Business period: 2016 year 10 month 22 day (Saturday) to 2017 year 4 month 9 day (Sunday) * Scheduled
※ Until 1 / 11 (Wednesday) is no rest. Please check the HP after that
Regular holiday
1 month: 12 / 18 / 19 / 25 / 26
2 month: 1 / 2 / 8 / 9 / 15 / 16
3 month: 2 / 9 / 15 / 16
16: 00: 21: 30
※(10/22~11/30 の平日、1/9~4/9 の全日は 21:00 まで)
※ Last admission is until 30 minutes before the business closing time. ※ Lighting time varies according to the season from 1 month after 17 until 2 month. ※ If you enter the Pleasure Forest from daytime, you can view the Il Million as it is.
Address: Wakayanagi, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 1634
TEL: 042-685-1111

About entrance fee and discount coupon, advance ticket of Sagami lake il million

Entrance fee: Adult X NUM X Yen Descent X NUM X Yen Pet (Dog) X NUM X Yen

The night entrance fee will be discounted by 100 at the mail magazine registration "Il Million Special Discount Ticket"there is.

AsoviewNow, coupon tickets are being sold for 6% for adults and 10% for dwarfs.

Ticket PiaSagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest XNUM X Daily Ticket is now available for discounted XNUM X yen.

About bus tour

Club tourismThen there are bus tours from 9 locations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Meguro and Nakano.

Hato busThen, a one-day bus tour from Shinjuku starts from 12 month.

About access

From the car [From Tokyo Saitama area] Central Expressway Sagami Lake East Exit about 7 minutes
【From Yokohama area】 About 15 minutes from Kaohdo Sagamihara IC, about 20 minutes from Houkyo Road Takaosan IC
By train / JR Chuo Main Line Sagamiko Station Get off at Mikigi approx. 8 minutes Get off in front of Pleasure Forest
JR Yokohama Line Hashimoto Station (Mikigi Bus Terminal Transfer) Sagamiko Station for about 50 Get off in front of Pleasure Forest

Official site:http://www.sagamiko-resort.jp/illumillion/

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