[Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival Repo, Part 2] I am moved by the waterfall of Fukuda! Enjoy the A5 Ranked Landed Cattle with an accommodation plan with a passport! 【PR】 #KENPOKU

Invited by the Ibaraki Prefectural Business Association, from 2016 month 9 day (Saturday) to 17 month 11 day (Sunday)KENPOKU ART 2016 Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival"I tell you the pattern of".First partFollowing this, this is the first part. Kushigun Ooko-cho is famous for one of the three famous forts in Japan, "Fushida Falls".

To Daigo Town "Fukuda Falls"


A friendly nostalgic Nyanko welcomes you before the entrance to the “Fushida Falls” entrance. If you have the passport of Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival, the entrance fee will be discounted to 300 yen for adults, 200 yen for children, and 150 yen for children to 100 yen.


A Korean artist is on a pedestrian tunnel that leads to the waterfall of Fukuroda,"Heating Possibilities" by John HelonYou will be overwhelmed by the fantastic world of


A work in which the flow of the waterfall of Fukuroda followed by Takigawa and Kujigawa is covered with acrylic lighting in a tunnel. I come close to the chest with the sound of the waterfall of Fukuroda that you can see in this depth.


You can take a self photo with GoPro on the ground!

Well, let's go through the tunnel and go to see the waterfall of Fukuda!

"The Fukuda Falls" with great power


Dynamic flow of "Fukuda Falls" through the tunnel!

On this day, the amount of water in the waterfall was quite large because the typhoon approached the day before and there was a lot of rainfall, but this is too great! !

Take the elevator from the tunnel to the New Observatory.

I was impressed by the greatness of nature once again when I witnessed the flowing waterfall of Fukuda while splashing. If this waterfall freezes completely in midwinter. I want to see it too.

Daiko Onsen Yamamiso


After seeing "Fushida Falls", I went to the hotel "Daiko Onsen Yamamise" of this day. When I examined what “Yamizo” means, it seems that the name comes from Mt. Yachimizo, which has an elevation of XNUM X meters near here.


We stayed in a twin room on this day.

The rooms are quite spacious and relaxing enough.


Such a paper crane is on the pillow. I'm glad I have a little awareness (^ ^)

To Daiko Onsen


First of all, to the hot spring. One day hot spring seems to be done here. At this time nobody happened to be there and it was completely reserved, but there were lots of apples from Kuji, the local, on the bath bar in the public bath.Apple bathHeal your tired body.

The spring quality of Daiko Onsen is sodium sulfate and chloride spring (Sansui spring). It is effective for rheumatism, neuralgia, wounds and gynecological diseases. The temperature was good and the water was good (^^)


Good morning after the bath. I was able to get a lot of hot spring treatment.

Well, after this dinner ♪ enjoy

To dinner venue


It is a dinner that you are waiting for at "Kiyoryu" at the dinner venue. Delicious feasts line up.

Hitachi beef course dishes


"Oko Onsen Yamamiso" where the food is delicious, too. This time, I enjoyed the all-round 12 product!

  • Pre-Fried Fumari sweet potato and daikon radish with sesame
  • Appetizer three-point serving
  • Sashimi tuna, shrimp, salmon, squid
  • Vinegar-made sushi with sushi and sushi
  • Grilled sea bream with salt
  • Steamed food Hakata Nanjing
  • Deep-fried shrimp, seafood with salmon and maiko
  • Lava-yaki hokkaido beef, vegetables
  • Koshihikari from Daiko Town
  • Pickles Two points
  • Soup stock
  • Sweet Peach Short

It is a considerable volume when it becomes an XNUM X item from a pre-setting to a dessert!

A lava-baked A5 Ranked cattle


As for the main, you can have lava grilled A5 ranked "Honchou". Of course, it is a clean beef sashimi-made landing beef, as well as black beef beef raised in Ibaraki prefecture! I will bake it on a lava plate!


Please put the landland beef which was burnt to good salted plum on Koshihikari from Daiko-cho again!

Fu o o o ~ ~ ~ too soft and delicious! ! !

The quality of the fat was too good, and the rice changed my mind so much (^ ω ^).


Tempura, steamed fish, salmon grilled with salt. Even though the taste is better, you can enjoy it with a very careful arrangement of XNUM X products XNUM X products! Good night!

XNUM X Day is fine!


It was fine weather on the 1 day, but I could see a clear day on the 2 day at dawn!

It will be hot today!


Breakfast is also in the restaurant "Kiyoryu" as well as dinner.

Buffet style breakfast with Japanese food and bread. We eat Koshihikari and natto from Oko-cho in the morning and charge power!

Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival passport with accommodation plan deals!


“Daiko Onsen Yamizo” who stayed this time was 1 overnight with 2 meals (weekdays) and included 2 name 26,708 tax included, but since it was an accommodation plan with a passport to appreciate Ibaraki Kita Art Festival work, 1 yen discount per 5,000 person It becomes 10,000 yen discount,XNUM X yen tax included (+ bath tax XNUM X yen)I was able to go at a very good price to say.

Besides, it's a great deal with the art festival's passport (advanced 2,000 yen) and the official guidebook (1,300 yen), so please check it out if you are going!

Oko Onsen Yamazono hotel reservation site is here!

LocationIbaraki Prefecture Kuji-gun Oko-cho Yada XNUM X-XNUM X
ACCESSAbout 60 minutes from Tokiwado Naka IC About 70 minutes from Tohoku Road Yaita IC About 5 minutes by car from the Mizugori Line Hokuriku Daiko Station About 1 minute by foot high-speed bus Yaizo
Telephone number0295-72-1511
Parking lot informationYes Free
Lowest price6,237~
Rakuten Web Service Center

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To waterfall of moon waiting


The day of 2 starts from "Taki no Taki Falls" about 5 minutes by car from "Oko Onsen Yamadiso". There are no works of Ibaraki Kita Art Festival, but it seems that there is a waterfall that is as characteristic as "Fushida Falls"!

As we walk along the river,


Go through the rest of the shop and go further back.


What we saw there is the "Waiting waterfall"! Normally, it is a couple of waterfalls, and if the amount of water increases, it will become a waterfall of three streaks, but this is also a considerable amount of water by the rain the day before, just like the waterfall of Fukuda.


Originally it seems to be able to get down to the other side of the waterfall without getting wet from here, so it is also called "Urami Falls" or "Kuguri Falls". It is abandoned (^^;) to go down to too much water on this day

"Waiting waterfall" with height 17 meters and width 12 meters. It seems that there will be another attraction in the coming autumn season!

By the way, I would like to visit the area on the sea side on the XNUM X Day in Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival.

Continue to the second part.

KENPOKU ART 2016 Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival

Date: 2016 year 9 month 17 day (Saturday) to 11 month 20 day (Sunday) [65 days]
Holding municipality: Ibaraki prefecture north area six municipalities
Hitachi Takahara Kitaibaraki City Hitachi Ota City Hitachi Omiya City Oko Town
Official site:https://kenpoku-art.jp/
Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival Work Appreciation Passport with accommodation plan:http://www.ibarakiguide.jp/kenpoku-stay/index.html#ticket02

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