[Ome Sanpo XNUM X day] Visit to Sake brewery-day trip hot spring, we visited tourist spots that can be enjoyed even on rainy days [PR]

Tourism PR project in Tokyo "tokyo reporter island trip & mountain tripWe tell about charm of Ome-shi as reporter of ". Oume's journey, the first day followed by the rainy day of 2 day. But there are many tourist spots that can be enjoyed even in the rain in Ome!

We ate breakfast and started XNUM X day!

Confesta Riverside

This time's lodging is "Confestine Kawabe" of 2 minutes on foot from JR Ome Line Kawabe Station. Breakfast is a rare hotel nowadays that carries breakfast to all rooms and rooms. Start your XNUM X day with a solid breakfast with a standard omelet and kamamei!

To Shiofune Kannon Temple


At first, from JR Kawabe Station to Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple for about 20 by local bus. This is a tomb of the azalea when it comes to GW.


On the way to the precinct, you will be overwhelmed by the “large cedar of the salt ship Kannon,” a Tokyo-designated natural monument that is one thousand years old and has a height of XNUM x m.

This article is a project requested by "reviews".


If you go further into the precincts, you can see the Peace Okannon image erected on the hill in 1350 years to commemorate the opening 2010 years. It is a Kannon image of height 15m and the largest height in Tokyo.


Such a superb view from the foot of the Peaceful Kannon image! Every year from late 4 to late 5, the "Shipen Kannon Azalea Festival" is held, and it is believed that azaleas are planted, covering about 20 species such as honeybees, yamatsutsuji, ryukyutsutsuji, etc. I have to go see this next year (^ ^)

A tour of the sake store at Ozawa Shuzo


From Shiofune Kannon Temple, I returned to Kawabe Station and headed on the JR Ome Line to Sawai Station. We came to sake maker "Ozawa Shuzo" ​​of fine sake "Sawanoi" representing Kanto.

The sake sake "Sawanoi" is named after this place name "Sawai" where you can visit the sake storehouse.


Ozawa Shuzo, who has built a "Genshuzo" ​​built during the Genroku period, a "Meijizo" built in the Meiji era, a "Heiseizo" built since the beginning of the Heisei period, and 3 stores. In storage, the 15-year-old Junmai Daiginjo "Kuramori" is sleeping.


After the sake brewing experience, you can sample the sake made by this "Ozawa Shuzo"! A garden run by Mr. "Ozawa Shuzo" ​​near the sake storehouseSeiryu Garden SawanoiIt was a spot that would be unbearable for sake enthusiasts, as they can experience a sake experience.

One-day hot spring at Iwakura Onsenkyo "Kurazori no Yado Kawamura"

Iwakura Onsen, Kura-zukuri Hotel "Kawamura"

After the sake brewing experience, you can go to Iwakura Onsenkyo where you can go by local bus from Higashi Ome Station. In "Kurozuri no Yado Kawamura", you can enjoy a hot spring with a meal.

Iwakura Onsen, Kura-zukuri Hotel "Kawamura"

I am immersed in a hot spring slowly while looking at the green. What a hot spring resort like this was in the city!

Iwakura Onsen, Kura-zukuri Hotel "Kawamura"

After the hot spring, you will be waiting for a luxurious meal!

Iwakura Onsen, Kura-zukuri Hotel "Kawamura"

Chicken miso made with white miso is hardy! I was very happy with the dishes served with seasonal ingredients from the season! It is good to be able to chill in the room after meals.



This is the end of Ome City's journey. Ome City, which can be visited in 1 hours from Shinjuku, offers activities such as mountain climbing and rafting on Mt. Otake, and on rainy days there is also a tour of sake breweries and hot spring resorts, and the tourist spots are concentrated. You can enjoy it even on a day trip!

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