[XNUM X Sun XNUM X limited] "Harajuku premium soft cream" with plenty of Harajuku honey rides in the Columban Harajuku main store salon is delicious too much

It is Tokyo cream that I love soft cream!
This time, we went to Harajuku together with the advertising director of the information site "Omote Sand" in the Shibuya and Harajuku area.
We have been interviewing premium soft cream on sale at the Colomban Harajuku Main Store Salon.

Harajuku premium soft cream

To Columban Harajuku Main Store Salon


Stylish building which appears shortly after Meiji-Jingu intersection. A long-established pastry shop with a history of more than 90 years, Columban has moved its main office here to Harajuku, and it seems to have been about half a century.

Information site "Omotesando · Harajuku" that heard that the Columban Harajuku Main Store Salon has sold Harajuku premium soft cream from this summerFront sand"ofDirector of advertising departmentI was asked to ask, "Well, let's go with me?" I answered in a second, saying, "Well, go!" Let's get in!

Harajuku premium soft cream

When you enter the shop, it's a nostalgic retro atmosphere.

"Columban Harajuku main store salon limited" released this summerHarajuku premium soft creamWe will report a premium soft cream with a fruit sauce from Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture!

What is Harajuku Honey?

Harajuku premium soft cream
Apiary on the rooftop of Columban Harajuku main store salonYes, the honey collected here isHarajuku Honey"I have this time as"Harajuku premium soft creamOr "roll cake"Harajuku Honey RollIt is used for "etc.

The action range of the bee is how radius XNUM X km!Many types of flower honey collected by honeybees from Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi Park as well as Shinjuku Gyoza, Akasaka Imperial Palace, and Jingu Gaien are blended together as one hundred flower honey.Harajuku Honey"It is finished! Action power of honeybees is great!

XNUM X day limited XNUM X! Harajuku premium soft cream Harajuku honey (XNUM X yen including tax · takeout price)


First of all, XNUM X days limited XNUM X Harajuku honey is fullHarajuku premium soft cream"I will give you! Concentrated fresh cream soft with milk fat XNUM%. If you want to take it out, it will be in the corn.

Harajuku premium soft cream
Anyway, it's a thick soft cream, another rich, rich Harajuku honey topped with 1 day 5 pieces of premium soft cream!Harajuku is a honeymoon (^ ω ^)

Harajuku premium soft cream

The soft cream is served with a small corn sauce, so it's good to eat a bite along with it!

Honey is "Harajuku HoneyIn addition to this, it also features a gentle, fruity sour taste, carefully selected by the pastry chef.Hungarian Acacia"(XNUM yen including tax) and the smell of the flower is strongly like the spiceCanadian cloverYou can choose from the 756 types (including 3 yen incl.)!

Harajuku Premium Soft Cream ~ Shine Muscat Sauce ~ (XNUM X yen incl. Tax)


This is a premium soft cream on sale for 10 day limited 7 pieces for a limited time until 1 month 20 (Fri).We use Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture as a sauce and combine it with premium soft cream. This is a product of Eat-in only.


A cone-shaped bowl with muscat sauce and plenty of premium soft cream! A luxury dish with fresh muscat topped on top of it!
As corn comes with a side dish, it is good to eat while dividing it a bit, and it seems that you can eat various things (^. ^)

Harajuku premium soft cream

Shine Muscat is fresh and fresh (^ ω ^)

From now on, according to the season, the fruit sauce of the season seems to appear newly!

Crepe suzette and Harajuku premium soft cream (with coffee or tea included with 1,512 yen incl)

Harajuku premium soft cream

Speaking of Harajuku, it's a crepe, but this crepe suzette is a menu that has just been reprinted recently, and a set with Harajuku premium soft cream is on sale at the Harajuku Main Store Salon Limited. Here are the 2 varieties of Harajuku lemon baked chocolate and Harajuku baked chocolate. I ordered this time with baked chocolate from Harajuku lemon.

According to what I heard, this Krapshusett is a radio program from Ijuin HikaruIjuin Hikaru ToratoFrom the story that the "crepe suzette" that the listener ate at 35 years ago as an item of memories at one corner "My five stars" at one corner of "Crape Suzette" is unforgettable, the columban that crepe was open then It turns out that it was issued at "Salon de Te Colombant" (Antholes Salon) of Mr.'s affiliated store.

At that time, it is a product filled with the memories of the listener that it was decided to talk with the staff at the time of S 柏 gou and reprint was decided. Ijuin-san also came to eat with thanks this summer.

Unlike ordinary crepes, the crepe suzette is so rich in orange and butter and rich in taste (^. ^) It is moderately delicious with the warmth of the crepe if it is loaded with premium soft cream from Harajuku!

Harajuku Premium Soft Cream can be taken out!

Harajuku premium soft cream

Harajuku premium soft cream

Harajuku Premium Soft Cream can be taken home at the counter right after entering the entrance!

Halloween sweets

Harajuku premium soft cream

From now on, we were selling Halloween party baked chocolate assorted 5 pieces (648 yen including tax) for a limited time, and Halloween Merveil Yukon Concorde containing 12 pieces (540 yen including tax) from now on about Halloween season. Good for a little Halloween gift!


Harajuku premium soft cream

We introduced Harajuku premium soft cream and reprinted crepe suzette of Columban Harajuku main store salon. Harajuku-born Harajuku honey is rich in "Harajuku premium soft cream" is an article refined and refined by the historical pastry shop "Columban".

It is new eating walk sweets birth of Harajuku, Omotesando walk!

Columban Harajuku Main Store Salon

Address: Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-31-19
TEL: 03-3400-3838
Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00 10: 00-20: 00 (Sundays and holidays only)
No regular holiday
Official site:http://www.colombin.co.jp/shop/harajuku.php

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